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Katharine Bolin – Web Developer

Web designer specializing in building beautiful, modern, and easy-to-use websites for authors.


I'm a full-time website designer who specializes in building beautiful, affordable, modern websites for authors. I want your experience to be as seamless and stress-free as possible—that's why I prefer to work with Squarespace for author websites. It's a great platform that will be easy for you to use and update on your own once built.

With over 10 years of experience in digital marketing and web design for authors, I am a knowledgeable and friendly professional who's here to make your author website stand out and shine.

I work with authors across all genres and at all levels of their careers.

Website Services I Offer:

- Design
- Branding
- Logos
- Mobile optimization
- Responsive design
- 3D book covers
- Blog setup
- Hosting setup
- Domain setup and integration
- Newsletter integration
- Newsletter branding
- Newsletter sign-up with lead magnet
- Social media integration
- Social media branding
- Custom graphics
- Landing pages
- Event and calendar pages
- E-commerce


"I've had nothing but positive responses to the incredible website Katharine built." —Linda Morrison, author of "Dear Heroin: A Memoir of Goodbyes"

"Katie is a wizard. My site is seriously amazing." —Metra Farrari, author of "All the Blues Come Through"

"People like Katie make this world a better place. Thanks again for the most awesome website in the whole world. So far, every one loves the fart!!!!" —Amy Nystrom, author of children's book "Let it Rip: The Art of the Fart
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Technology True Crime
Fantasy Poetry
Works with
Shopify Squarespace

Work experience


Sep, 2016 — Present

Designing easy-to-use, beautiful websites on Squarespace that give you everything you need to launch your author platform the right way.


Valentin per Lind Website for Poetry

To compliment the beautiful and dark mood of his poetry and the composition of his book cover, I pulled in a smoky texture to play with the stark black, white, and rich orange hues that pop throughout the site. Stunning professional photography of the author elevated the look and feel of the website to a serious professional level.

Amanda Lauren's Author Website

Amanda's author website is really a testament to beautiful cover design and professional photography. I requested the cover design file from her designer so I could pull these gorgeous graphic elements—like the gold embellishments and green texture—directly from the book cover.

She also sent me some photos of her handwriting that I transformed into graphics for the site logo and feature sections. Amanda's site is a great example of how little personal design touches can really take your site the extra mile in terms of design and professionalism.

Chelsea M. Carney, Professional Writer Website

Chelsea provided me with excellent brand color and website reference photos that helped me envision exactly what she was looking for in revamping her professional writing website.

The professional photography she provided—shot around NYC—greatly elevated the look and feel of the website. Her website is a wonderful example of how the right photography can communicate so much to web visitors about who she is and what kind of work she creates.

This website focused on sharing Chelsea's work to date—writings from across the web and grad school that she's chosen to feature—and the services she offers.

Matthew Dutton's "Boiler" Website

Matthew's book cover is an exceptional piece of artwork that fit seamlessly in a digital landscape. I used his book cover as a main visual feature on his site, creating parallax images throughout that appear as if the book cover is a living, moving organ of the website. It's truly a joy to work with such beautiful and striking imagery from a book cover.

Website for Memoir: Dear Heroin by Linda Morrison

Author Linda Morrison needed a website to help promote her heartbreaking memoir "Dear Heroin: A Memoir of Goodbyes." I worked with her to create a clean, sophisticated, and professional website that could appropriately convey the gravity of her memoir.

Self-Help Indie Author Tess Hayes Website

Tess Hayes wrote a touching book May You Shine that she wanted to promote with the help of a great website. She wanted something that built upon the creative direction of her book cover, so we collaborated to create that atmosphere in her digital space using the brand colors and fonts from the book itself. With great testimonials, gorgeous photos provided by the author, and a store where she sells her book and merch, Tess's website truly encapsulates the warmth and spirit of her book.

Dara Beevas, Co-CEO of Wise Ink, Author and CEO Website

Dara needed a professional website for her career as an author, speaker, and CEO. We worked together to create a visually interesting and organized website that allows her to share who she is, and her most important work.

Alana Karen, Director of Search Platforms at Google, Author Website

Alana wrote an incredible book about her experience taking a chance on a little known startup named Google. Her book compiles tales of women's experiences working in tech, and the reasons they stay in the field.

Alana already had a website on Wordpress, but it was built years ago and needed some modern updating for her book launch. We worked together to download her site from Wordpress to transfer the content and page URLS to Squarespace. This was an important step for Alana, as she had a wealth of blog posts over the years that she wanted to keep on her new website.

I built a simple yet beautiful author website that features a new blog, all the right information about her book and author bio, where to buy the book, a shop to sell merch, and contact information for reader and media inquiries.

Alana provided beautiful imagery from a photoshoot that truly made the site stand out and look polished and professional, and I pulled design elements from her gorgeous book cover to pepper throughout the site as well.

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Tom P.

Tom P.

Sep, 2023

Katherine was reliable, on time, and professional in her execution of the project. She was very responsive to any kind of question and had useful tips at hand as we came close to publication. Katherine is a pleasure to work with and perfectly translated my vision of my author's website into the online presence it now is.
Katharine B.
Thank you so much Tom, it was great working with you!!
Richard W.

Richard W.

Aug, 2023

Fast, cheap and good! The impossible combination achieved!
Emily M.

Emily M.

May, 2023

Katharine was absolutely amazing from start to finish. I would give her 10 stars if I could. She had great ideas, took feedback and incorporated what I needed in creative, beautiful and intuitive ways. Katharine designed the website that I never knew I wanted but was perfect for me. Would love to work with her again!
Katharine B.
Thank you so much, Emily! It was great to work with you.
Lauren B.

Lauren B.

Apr, 2023

Had a great experience with Katharine. She listened to what I needed and did great work. My site looks amazing and very professional. She is also flexible with her time and had the experience to give guidance on things I wasn't sure about. Thanks!
Katharine B.
Thank you so much, Lauren—always happy to offer guidance. Good luck with your book launch!! —Katie
Femi M.

Femi M.

Apr, 2023

Absolutely great. She’s willing to do anything you want on your site. Very cooperative and at a great budget. I would definitely use her again.
Katharine B.
Thank you so much, Femi! Good luck on your book launch!

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