Emily Hajar

Emily Hajar – Web Developer

Passionate book reader and multimedia designer specializing in UX/UI, animation, and web design. Let's craft your story in pixels and pages!



I'm a UX/UI who focuses on enhancing the user experience. Throughout this path, I have been working with amazing brands from different industries, countries, and sizes. My expertise lies in animation and web design.

From concept to execution, my business partner and I are the ones crafting the designs.

As specialists in these two areas, the primary emphasis of our work revolves around the fusion of visual graphics, movement, and interactivity. Because of this, the websites that we create are full of visual elements in movement.

In a digital landscape saturated with websites, we really think animation can bring your site to life and stand out.


We start by talking with the client to understand the project goals. Then, we sketch out the basic structure of the site through wireframes. After that, we create all the sections of the website with UI concepts.

Once the design is ready, we use code to make the website come to life, adding stunning animations. We make sure the website is responsive and works well on all devices, like phones and computers.

Finally, we ensure the website is optimized for search engines (SEO), so more people can find it when they're looking for something similar.


-Web Design




-Lottie Animation




Architecture Business & Management Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Design Health & Wellbeing Weddings
Fantasy Holiday
Works with
Shopify Squarespace Webflow Wix WordPress
  • University Urban Exp Art: Award in the Anahuac University
  • Animation Bootcamp: Certificate in School of Motion

Work experience


Jul, 2022 — Sep, 2022 (3 months)

I worked in the design of a mail marketing campaign. Also I created some screens for the contractors app using the UX/UI concepts to enhance the product.


Jul, 2017 — Present

Together with my partner I work on the design of web pages, animations, branding and among other graphic and multimedia design materials. We focus on the information architecture and the use of visuals to create a great user experience.


Jan, 2015 — Dec, 2016 (almost 2 years)

I taught basic web design. I focused on html and css. I guided the students to create their own web page in Wordpress, and to be able to organize the information and images so that the user can navigate in a more friendly way.


Nov, 2014 — Jun, 2017 (over 2 years)

I started with the world of the design here. I work with some projects that involved graphics, web / apps design and animation.


Web Design and application screens for Fresh Market

Fresh Market is a brand that offers fruits, vegetables and pantry items.
They are distinguished by their quality and customer service.

Service: Design (UX/UI) of graphic elements for the Fresh Market mobile
application (buttons, icons, banners, screens, color palette, etc), as well
as the landing page. We used bright, bold colors to distinguish each
category. We seek to convey freshness, joviality, modernity and

Web Design for Punto Urbano

Punto Urbano is a construction company specializing in residential and commercial projects.

We designed and programmed the website for them.

Web Design for Raquel Lobatón

Raquel Lobatón®, creator of Nutrición Incluyente®, is a nutritionist with an approach based on the philosophy of Health at Every Size and Intuitive Eating that goes against fatphobia and diet culture.

Service: Logotype, branding, custom web design with e-commerce and development, Mailchimp integration, design templates for Mailchimp newsletter, Keynote presentation template, template for social media posts, advertising for online courses.

Through branding we wanted to convey warmth, empathy, compassion, flexibility, diversity and that she is friendly. We were inspired by nature and the diversity of forms we can find in it, making an analogy with body types.

Web Design for Bombon

Bombón is a brand that offers dessert tables for events, as well as a wide range of sweet and sour products. They are distinguished by their creativity and quality in everything they offer. They have a great path and have become known in Mexico and other parts of the world.

Service: Redesign and custom web design with e-commerce in Shopify and development.

For this design we were looking to unify the photos of the products with backgrounds, colors and fonts that would bring the world of Bombón to

Web Design for Ana Cuellar

Ana Cuéllar Eventos is a company dedicated to organize events as unforgettable experiences and fulfilling dreams. They focus on telling each story in an innovative and creative way, taking care of even the smallest detail.

Service: Logotype redesign, visual identity, logo animation, animated email signature, custom web design.

Brand personality: Elegant, creative, modern and original.

When Ana contacted us, she was looking for a redesign of her logotype and website with the purpose of having her events play a leading role in the communication of the brand. Her previous page didn’t convey the essence of the brand.

After the project, her branding shows the personality and unique style that characterize it, at the same time that the user experience is friendly and memorable. Thanks to the redesign of her image and page, Ana has attracted new leads who, falling in love with her work, have become new clients for whom she has created amazing events.

Moon Colonization Program Web Design

MCP is a project that specializes in creating solutions to make life easier for the future inhabitants of the Moon.
The program is developed for young people who want to develop Innovation skills, together with leaders in aerospace science.

For this website, the colors as well as the fonts and icons were made to highlight the theme of space. Also animation of the elements was present to represent the motion of objects in space.

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