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Karim Tarek – Web Developer

I'm a veteran web developer with over 10 years of experience. I'm genuine, reliable, and I'll help you sell your work.


Your site is the headquarters for your work so don’t drop the ball with a mediocre website. You work hard on your books, and you deserve a developer who will work just as hard to build your site.

I can help you showcase your work with a Shopify store that is innovative, conversion-driven, and focused on functionality. If you already have a shop that doesn’t look or operate the way you envisioned, I can fix that. And if you can’t find an app that does exactly what you need to it, I can build one. Whether you’re looking for a custom-built application, an original theme, or ongoing tech support, I’m here to help your business thrive.

When I’m not building websites, you can probably find me out on a run, BBQing in the backyard, spending quality time with my family, or building Mega Bloks rocket ships with the kids.
Business & Management Computers & Internet DIY & Crafts Inspirational Self-Help & Self-Improvement Technology
Middle Grade Picture Books
Works with
  • Ruby Programming Nanodegree (Udacity)
  • Comprehensive Project Management (McGill University)

Work experience


Jul, 2016 — Present

I help Shopify merchants turn their stores into conversion powerhouses. From full-on customization to minor tweaks in your theme, I have a solution for you.

✔ Start-from-scratch Shopify theme
✔ Custom-built private application
✔ Theme improvement and/or customization
✔ Shopify migration and/or setup

I offer everything you’ll find in an agency-trained web developer with more than 10 years of experience, along with something missing from most agencies: a personal touch. Whether you already have a vision or need some help sorting out your ideas, look no further. I can help you build your perfect site.


Bike the World

Bike the World is a distributor for high-end bike parts. They’re a Swiss company, and their bikes look pretty badass.

Bike the World approached me with the concept of reworking their store into a platform. They wanted to shift their focus from direct sales targeting end-consumers toward redirecting the majority of their sales to their network of local shops. They reasoned that this new approach would save them both time and increase revenue over the long run.

To achieve this, I created a private Shopify app that functions as the Bike the World hub for receiving orders from their Shopify store.

They can now take orders through a widget, which I also created; it helps their customers identify the specific local store they want to purchase from, as well as how they want their goods delivered.

I conducted testing to ensure that the distributors had full control over their network of shops through the admin area of the app. Moreover, they are able to add, remove, and edit the shops, with full transparency on how the shops are performing as well as status details on all orders.

Daydream Society

Daydream Society is a party goods store that facilitates fun so that its clients can enjoy a “creative, artfully designed celebration”. You can even shop for party goods by artist.

Daydream Society wanted their theme to reflect their brand. Therefore, my role was to provide advice on how they could go about achieving this through the Shopify platform. This involved discussing their overall brand vision as well as the limitations specific to Shopify.

Afterward, Daydream Society requested that I implement the changes, which chiefly involved theme customization, as well as adding custom functions to the theme.

Agency Blueprint

Agency Blueprint is an agency that specializes in helping freelancers achieve freelance success. The agency’s main offering is its mentorship program, which pairs you up with a successful mentor to guide you through the process of becoming a successful freelancer.

Agency Blueprint commissioned me for 2 projects.

The first project required theme customization. We reworked nearly the entire theme. The agency had requested that all the webpages be redesigned, and I was hired to turn those designs and layouts into live Shopify pages, and to include the ability to edit the page contents through the admin area.

For the second project, Agency Blueprint also expressed a desire to add its customers to custom email segments so that they could launch more highly targeted email campaigns. Therefore, I ensured that they could save their customer data directly to their email service provider.

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