Julian Beecroft

Julian Beecroft – Editor

Editor/writer of fiction and non-fiction, with more than 20 years' experience in helping authors make their stories the best they can be.


I'm a freelance UK-based editor and writer with more than two decades' experience working for some of the biggest publishers in the industry, such as A&C Black/Bloomsbury and imprints in the Quarto group. As an editor I have worked across the arts and humanities on some fiction but hundreds of non-fiction books, including a number of US titles. I have developed particular specialisms in art history, history and memoir, though I'm comfortable working across a much wider spread of genres in the arts and humanities, as my portfolio of edited titles bears out.

After a short editors' correspondence course, my real editorial training was the two years I spent studying for postgraduate diplomas in translation from the Institute of Linguists in London, first from French into English and then from Spanish into English; there is nothing like trying to render the idioms of another language in those of your own to sharpen your awareness of what clear, idiomatic English prose should look like and sound like. But editing is a two-way process that I see from both sides. As a writer and as a cultural storyteller, over more than a decade I have produced blog series and other materials for museums and galleries in the UK and Europe, and arts or travel journalism (features and reviews) for legacy media brands including the Economist and the Guardian. One highlight: a seven-week journey across Canada in 2011, blogging about Canadian art for Dulwich Picture Gallery in London and the Groninger Museum in the Netherlands, as well as writing travel and culture features on the same subject for the Guardian and the London Magazine, both of whom I have written for since.

Over the past seven years, I have also written 10 narrative non-fiction titles of my own, mostly on art (again, see my portfolio for some of these). In early 2020, I was awarded a PhD in Creative and Critical Writing by the University of Sussex; my thesis examined the place of the nation state in a globalised world and included a novella of my own. All of which means I bring a wealth of experience, subject knowledge, editorial sensitivity, intellectual rigour and instinctual storytelling flair to any text I work on, either as an editor in serving the writer or as a writer in serving the idea. At its best, the editorial process is a conversation between writer and editor, with the editor's role to help the writer articulate that idea in the best way possible; to say exactly what they mean. Any client will find me diligent, punctual and responsive in pursuit of that goal.
Art Biographies & Memoirs History Music Political Science & Current Affairs Travel
Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction
English (UK) English (US)
  • July 1992: Guildhall School of Music and Drama (London, UK) Graduate (degree-equivalent) Diploma in Music: Starred first.
  • December 2000: Institute of Linguists (London, UK) Postgraduate Diploma in Translation from French into English: Letter of Credit for technical translation.
  • December 2001: Institute of Linguists (London, UK) Postgraduate Diploma in Translation from Spanish into English: Letter of Credit for technical translation.
  • December 2019: University of Sussex PhD in Creative and Critical Writing.

Work experience


Sep, 2002 — Present

I have been a full-time editor and writer since 2002. For a decade from 2004, my main client was A&C Black (latterly Bloomsbury) Visual Arts, for whom I copy-edited hundreds of titles on the widest possible range of mediums within the visual arts. During the same period and since, I have edited books in various genres including popular history, memoir and fiction, for numeorus other clients including Sutton Publishing (now The History Press), Ivy Press (and other Quarto imprints), She Writes Press and Summersdale Publishers. I have also written 10 non-fiction titles for Flame Tree Publishing and for Summersdale Publishers, mostly on art and culture.


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WIlliam Y.

WIlliam Y.

Oct, 2022

Julian was punctual, knew his stuff, and went above and beyond.
Julian B.
Thanks William. I hope the project goes from strength to strength.
mark M.

mark M.

Aug, 2022

Thank you for the work you did on getting my book into shape Julian. It's up and running with the publisher as a paperback and a Kindle Launch next month. You had a lot to pare down and it worked out great. You managed to make several thousand words disappear and tightened up the whole manuscript - making it flow more coherently and chronically. The elements are a lot more in order and the clar...
Read more
Julian B.
Thanks Mark. It's nice to hear from you. I'm glad it worked out with the publisher. Good luck with the book.
Fran W.

Fran W.

Apr, 2022

I used Julian's services for an editorial assessment and got a very valuable service. It was exceptionally helpful to have a professional understand and express an interest in my book manuscript. Julian gave me a big picture assessment of elements in the story that needed more development like emotionally engaging characters and scenes along with specific instances of these issues. He refected...
Read more
Julian B.
Thanks Fran. Your novel has the potential to be a really significant piece of work on a subject that couldn't be more important. I'm glad you found my suggestions helpful as you take the manuscript...
Read more
Heidi B.

Heidi B.

Mar, 2022

Julian is the ultimate professional, and more. I learned a great deal from his developmental edits; he helped me realize how often I stray from my main point, raised thought provoking questions, and gave me the necessary editorial nudges to challenge me in the next phase of my editing and writing.
Julian B.
Thanks Heidi. It's been a rewarding challenge to be able to work on such a stimulating book. I wish you the best of luck with it.
S B.

S B.

Feb, 2022

Exceeded my expectations and is a lovely person. Julian B. offered invaluable advise and critique on my book. He is generous with his insights, time and ideas. I expect to continue working with Julian on my writing project.
Julian B.
Thanks Sheri. I'm glad I could help, and I hope I can help you some more in developing this significant story.

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