Jules Hucke

Jules Hucke – Editor

I have 18 years of experience and specialize in YA, MG, lit fic, LGBTQ+, women's fiction, and authenticity reads. Tell me about you!


I'm here to help you polish your prose until it shines! I'm a published author and a seasoned editorial professional with clients at fiction presses, academic and university presses, large companies such as P&G, ConAgra and Kroger, and web publishing platforms such as Forbes and LinkedIn. I combine an in-depth knowledge of Chicago Style and AP Style with a deep love for the cadence, meaning, and musicality of language to help you clarify and express your unique voice.

Offering your work up for editing, especially if you're a first-timer, can feel incredibly daunting. My approach combines humor, compassion, expertise, and insight into the current market and literary landscape. I stay in communication with you throughout the course of your project, asking questions and making suggestions to ensure I'm helping you meet your publishing goals.

I own and operate an editing/proofreading company called Red Pen Refinery. I'm also the author/illustrator of the middle-grade novels BOTH CAN BE TRUE and FIGHT + FLIGHT (under pen name Jules Machias), both published by HarperCollins. As a YA/MG writer and a parent, I'm interested in a wide range of topics that affect today's kids, tweens and teens, ranging from external factors like our ever-changing political climate to internal concerns like first love, personal aspirations, disabilities, and peer and family relationships. If you're writing for kids, you're writing for our future. I'm committed to helping you share your message and voice as clearly and effectively as possible.

I live in Cincinnati with my very excellent family, a pack of rescue dogs and reptiles with varying disabilities, and many, many bookshelves (plus a garage full of art supplies and dirt bikes). I love staying active with trail running, weight training, biking and obstacle course racing (OCR). In 2016, I competed in the OCR World Championships with my brother, who is an American Ninja Warrior (watch for the guy with the big spray-painted beard).
Biographies & Memoirs
Coming of Age Contemporary Fiction LGBTQ Fiction Middle Grade Short Story Women's Fiction Young Adult
English (CAN) English (US)
  • American Library Association Rainbow Booklist Top Ten Title for Young Readers: BOTH CAN BE TRUE
  • Bank Street Children's Best Books of the Year: BOTH CAN BE TRUE
  • Indie Next List Pick: BOTH CAN BE TRUE
  • American Library Association Rainbow Booklist: FIGHT + FLIGHT
  • BA in Creative Writing from Miami University (graduated with honors)

Work experience


Jan, 2004 — Present

I provide editing and proofreading services to clients in book publishing, web publishing, and marketing. I'm current on all AP Style and Chicago Style rules and guidelines.

Barefoot Proximity

Apr, 2019 — Present

I provide part-time editing for a marketing firm that serves clients in healthcare, energy supply and delivery, consumer packaged goods, pet food and wellness, and more. Working in the marketing field keeps me constantly tuned in to cultural and societal trends and changes, and it's a great deal of fun.


Jun, 2014 — Mar, 2019 (over 4 years)

I provided writing, proofreading and editing services for clients in such industries as publishing, healthcare, finance, B2B, nonprofit, restaurants, CPG and more.


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Jeffrey W.

Jeffrey W.

Jul, 2023

Thirty years ago, a famous psychic told me I would write and publish a book. I gave it little thought as my chosen careers had led me down different paths. While meditating, I heard a voice, "Write the book." I used a book writing app and sat down to type and the words flowed, almost as if my guide had been typing them for me. I completed my work last spring and after reading Jules' bio, I w...
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Jules H.
Thank you for the kind words, Jeff, and I'm so glad you found my work helpful! I look forward to working together again on your next draft.
Nancy W.

Nancy W.

Apr, 2023

I absolutely loved working with Jules. She provides honest feedback to help you grow as a writer. She guides where needed and she pushes you to become a stronger writer by pointing out areas that need fine tuning. I would highly recommend her services.
Jules H.
Thank you so much, Nancy! It was lovely to work with you again.
Kit O.

Kit O.

Apr, 2023

Always a great time working with Jules! Really great attention to detail, helpful comments throughout the manuscript, and a great communicator. Can't wait for our next project!
Jules H.
Thanks so much for the review, Kit! Always a joy to work with you.
Allison O.

Allison O.

Mar, 2023

Hire Jules. I have a lot more to add, but that's the important bit - hire Jules. I had a first draft of a project that I knew needed a lot of work, and I came to Reedsy for a developmental edit. Jules gave me an incredibly comprehensive edit and highlighted every aspect that could use tweaking, along with thoughts on how I might create a better story - everything from plot pacing to suggestions...
Read more
Jules H.
Thanks so much for the positive review, Allison! Your book is stellar and I can't wait to see what's next for you.
Erin K.

Erin K.

Oct, 2022

I couldn't recommend Jules enough! She was instrumental in helping me find focus and clarity in my book, through both a developmental edit and a copy edit. She helped me ensure each chapter related back to the book's intent and she helped me ensure my message was clear to my reader. It was as if she knew what I wanted to say, and then she shared suggestions on how to communicate that message pr...
Read more
Jules H.
Thank you so much for the positive review, Erin! Your book will help a lot of families communicate better and grow closer. I can't wait to see it out in the world!

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