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Boca by Moonlight


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A curious, intelligent and playful reflection of life, loss and the cracks of the past.

Boca by Moonlight introduces the reader to protagonist George and his two friends Benny and Herbie, who embark upon a journey of discovery prompted by the death of their friend Willy. This contemporary detective-esque novel shows the men having to travel physically and emotionally to reach paths and conclusions that they were thrown into without preparation, whilst undertaking a quest of self discovery along the way.

I commend this novel for being excellently paced. The plot is gripping and this is heavily due to the fact that no part of it feels too rushed or too drawn out. The characters are given real, distinguishable and imperfect personalities, and have a friendship dynamic that is so enjoyable to read that even if the plot was less interesting, I would still want to carry on reading. What is particularly refreshing about this novel is that all the characters are older, and the content does not shy away from the normal concerns and troubles that come with aging. Yet also, Graber writes these issues with a humour and brightness that translates to the characters, and in turn shows that these people still make interesting stories and personalities and do not deserve to be written off as uninteresting. The nostalgic quality to the book is influenced by the ages of the three men, and while sometimes this must include more sombre themes such as medical problems and loss, Boca by Moonlight has a playful sort of humour which breaks up the hard-hitting content without taking away from the importance of it.

The story of Eleanor is very well woven into George’s story, the latter arguably being the main focus of the novel. While both stories are rich and whole enough that they don’t need each other to complete one another, there is a sense of togetherness by merging their stories that beautifully reflects the solidarity and companionship that many of the characters of the novel themselves feel. One of the best themes of the novel is the conversation on companionship, whether that is between lovers, friends or family members. Boca by Moonlight highlights men’s mental health and lesser known issues such as the shame of male widowhood and men’s responses to grief in a phenomenally articulate way, and is very open about more taboo topics. The importance of this openness is why I would recommend this novel to anyone, but especially men, who feel that there is shame in vulnerability. This novel proves that there is not. 

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Brad Graber writes novels because he grew up in a family where no one listened to him - so he made up stories about them. An award-winning author, Boca by Moonlight is Brad's third novel. He also writes a humor blog: There, I Said It! view profile

Published on November 15, 2021

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Contains mild explicit content ⚠️

Genre: Contemporary Fiction

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