Josh Kelley

Josh Kelley – Ghostwriter

A Reedsy “Top 200 Producer” and traditionally published ghostwriter specializing in memoirs, Christian living, and coaching books.


You have a book you want to write…

…maybe you’re a successful coach and want to turn your program into a book that takes your career to the next level.

…maybe you’re an influential leader or pastor with a powerful message who wants to build your credibility and expand your impact.

…maybe you have an incredible story that can change lives.

Ghostwriting is a partnership. It begins with listening to your concept and seeing if it inspires me as much as it does you. From there, we develop a relationship that allows me to draw out your ideas and stories, then convert them into professional-level writing that captures your “voice.”

About me:

I’m a Reedsy “Top 200 Producer,” traditionally published author, and collaborative/ghostwritter with 20 books under my belt and another two of my own. I was a pastor for fourteen years (followed by five as a bartender—probably don’t hear that often!) and have a degree in biblical studies.

Past clients include a best-selling executive coach, an internationally recognized leadership expert, a ground-breaking educator, entrepreneurs, missionaries, pastors, and TEDx speakers. (Please note, NDA’s prevent me from publicizing most my clients).

Just to let you know up front, I’m not one of the cheaper ghostwriters out there, but you get what you pay for (two of my projects have been rescues of low-cost ghosts). My standard rate is $1.25 a word/$300 a page. Here’s what makes me worth that:

1. Over fifteen years of professional writing experience,

2. Nineteen completed books (including two that were traditionally published and another that was offered representation) with a combined average of 4.8 stars on Amazon,

3. A fast turnaround of two to four months per book,

4. The ability to see the big picture and help you discover your USP (Unique Selling Proposition),

5. Boundless curiosity and probing questions that will draw out your best material,

6. Insightful engagement and invaluable input,

7. Great storytelling skills (stories are the heart of all good books, especially in non-fiction),

8. A back-and-forth relationship that ensures your book represents (and sounds like) you, and

9. Writing that is clear, concise, and engaging.

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Just one of my many LinkedIn reviews:

“As an executive coach, I understand the value of a great ghostwriter that can gain my clients’ trust, understand their unique personalities and abilities, and then write on their behalf, capturing their voice and bringing out their best. Josh does all of that and more. I recommend him to my clients, and you, without reservation!”

Mike Acker, Owner of Advance, Coaching and Consulting

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Christian Non-Fiction Writing & Publishing
English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2013 — Present

• Over fifteen years of professional writing experience.
• Fifteen completed books, with a combined average of 4.8 stars on Amazon, including two that were traditionally published and another that was offered representation,
• Writing coach.
• Faculty member at writing conferences.
• Member of the Association of Ghostwriters.

The Gathering Christian Church

Oct, 2007 — Jun, 2014 (over 6 years)

Pacific Life Bible College

Jan, 2000 — Dec, 2001 (almost 2 years)

Josh has 3 reviews





Alex L.

Alex L.

Apr, 2023

Josh traveled to spend a week with me. His process is interactive. He recorded over 40 hours of conversations, listens well. I highly recommend him if you are considering a ghost writer for telling your life story. He was great to work with and I am very happy with the result.
Josh K.
I loved working with Alex and look forward to seeing his amazing story in print!
Devinn S.

Devinn S.

Sep, 2022

Josh is an incredible help to get you unstuck and motivated in the writing process! He’s a great writing coach - asking questions that help you use your own mind rather than guiding you towards what he may think is a good idea. If you are in the middle of a book and can’t quite move on, he can help point out possible reasons and get you thinking again - which brings the writing alive again. ...
Read more
Josh K.
Devinn was a joy to work with!
Timothy B.

Timothy B.

Nov, 2021

Josh was able to provide additional structure to a vision of how I wanted to get a piece of writing to run for a major publication. I plan to work with him again in the future.
Josh K.
It was an honor to work with Tim and I look forward to our next project!

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