Jonathan Verney

Jonathan Verney - Ghostwriter

Cambridge, ON, Canada

Published business author (McGraw-Hill, NY) and biz ghost, I'm passionate about helping business leaders write high-impact books.

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I am an experienced ghostwriter of business books and business memoirs, having spent over a dozen years conceptualizing, strategizing, wordsmithing, and collaborating on a wide variety of business books with corporate executives and entrepreneurs. My process is pretty simple:

1) I ask the right questions,
2) I listen intensely to the answers,
3) I then dig a little deeper to find the beating heart of the story.

I've ghosted everything from business memoirs to inspirational how-tos to books on leadership to the nuances of retirement planning. I have both business and arts degrees as well as years of practical business experience working with a wide variety of entrepreneurs, CEOs and corporate executives. I've worked with, supported and advised business leaders in a variety of sectors and geographies, including:

· a C-Level exec at a major telecom firm

· a TV personality and financial expert at a major bank

· an LA music and entertainment executive

· a consulting leader in NYC

· a west coast financial advisory firm

· a Calgary-based financial services firm

· a CEO/ sales coach in Toronto

· co-authored a business book for entrepreneurs (McGraw Hill, NY)

Writing and collaborating on a book is no easy task -- even for experienced writing professionals at the top of their game. But it can -- and should be -- a fun and satisfying and deeply rewarding process for the author and the writing partner. Generally, it takes 6 to 9 months to write, polish and create a publisher-ready manuscript, although that timeframe can sometimes be accelerated depending on client and writer schedules. Ultimately, producing a great book requires a little magic, and much of the magic depends on the chemistry forged between the author and his or her writing partner. It's similar in many ways to the collaborations formed between movie directors and their screenwriters. They have to be in sync, there has to be a good fit, and there should be a mutual passion for the subject. I'm passionate about helping business leaders find their voice and get their thoughts on paper and ready for publication. If you're ready to start, let's connect.
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  • B. Comm., B.A.

Work experience


March, 2007 – Present (about 14 years)

I started my writing career as (believe it or not) an auditor at PricewaterhouseCoopers. I then worked for several years at an innovative startup called Hypergraphics, a communications & design firm, and also worked as a freelance copywriter for several ad agencies. I founded a graphics design firm (Stratagem Marketing & Design) which I later sold to begin a career as a business ghostwriter. As a result of my present career, I get to work with amazingly talented people on incredibly creative projects (what could be more creative, or collaborative, than building a book together?).
This is my last career, of that I am sure. Why? Because I haven't looked back and won't look back!

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