John Yates

John Yates - Designer

Alameda, CA, USA

Designer for the likes of Chicago Review Press, North Atlantic, PM Press, Steerforth, Haymarket, AK Press, Reaction, Wisdom, and... you?

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I've been a graphic designer within various design fields for about 30 years. I've been a designer of book covers for roughly 25 of those. I have designed covers for various genres: fiction, history, poetry, philosophy, culture, music, politics, and media. I am the last person to brag about my own work, so I'll let my work speak for itself. Some publishers I have worked for include Chicago Review Press, North Atlantic Books, PM Press, Steerforth Press, Haymarket Books, AK Press, Reaction Books, Wisdom Publications, City Lights Books, Verso Books, Pluto Books, and... you? Why not? Get in touch and let's see.

While I certainly function best when I am given somewhat free reign, I am also very aware and considerate of a clients' wants, needs, and goals. I believe in a collaborative relationship, whether that be with an author directly, a project coordinator, or an art director. I'm easy going and flexible to work with, open to input, and always work towards delivering a cover design that satisfies client and designer alike.

I enjoy the research aspect of the design process—be it visual or contextual—as much as the actual design. I work quickly (but not carelessly), managing my time efficiently, and I know how to work with limited resources—a benefit of coming of age within the DIY/independent music and zine scene. It has served me well.

I typically work on physical book covers, being tactile by nature, and never tire of the feeling of a printed book in my hands, or entering a book store simply to browse the covers. That being said, I can certainly provide designs for your e-book covers. For a wider selection of my work, as well as some of my other design work—everything from the music business to advertising agencies, merchandise and apparel to beverage and food packaging—please visit my external website and, you know, linger a little.
Biographies & Memoirs
Political Science & Current Affairs
True Crime
Mystery & Crime
Short Story

Work experience

Freelance graphic designer

September, 1995 – Present (almost 27 years)

Collaborated with the likes of Chicago Review Press, North Atlantic Books, PM Press, Steerforth Press, Haymarket Books, AK Press, Reaction Books, Wisdom Publications, City Lights Books, Verso Book, and more, as well as individual authors, to deliver creative, effective, and visually arresting book covers.

Portfolio (34 selected works)

White Riot: Punk Rock and the Politics of Race

Duncombe, Stephen, Tremblay, Maxwell

Guy Debord

Jappe, Anselm, Nicholson-Smith, Donald, Clark, T.J.

Human Punk

King, John

Memoirs Of an Early Arab Feminist

Khalidi, Anbara Salam

The Glass Factory (A Filomena Buscarsela Mystery)

Wishnia, Kenneth, Coleman, Reed Farrel

Real James Dean

Winkler, Peter

Not One Single Thing: A Commentary on the Platform Sutra

Harada, Shodo, Lago, Jane Shotaku, Storandt, Priscilla Daichi

The Sons of Night: Antoine Gimenez’s Memories of the War in Spain

Gimenez, Antoine, Gimenologues, The, Sharkey, Paul

Everyone Has Their Reasons

Matthews, Joseph

Jewish Noir 2: Tales of Crime and Other Dark Deeds

Osman, Chantelle Aimée, Wishnia, Kenneth, Block, Lawrence

London Peculiar and Other Nonfiction

Moorcock, Michael, Kausch, Allan, Sinclair, Iain

Braided Lives

Piercy, Marge

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