John Komurki

John Komurki – Ghostwriter

Established author, ghostwriter and editor, specialized in non-fiction and in particular art, design, visual culture and analog technology.


I have published a variety of books under my own name, and worked on numerous projects as ghostwriter or commissioned author.

I have a strong track record helping public figures find their voice. I am adept at setting aside my own perspective as an author, and finding the right tone and stance for the client.

My work tends to center on questions related to visual culture -- from street art to industrial design, photography, printing and contemporary art. I also work as an editor of books, articles and academic papers, and am a leading translator of contemporary Mexican poetry.
Art Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Design DIY & Crafts Economics ELT
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  • BSc Anthropology

Work experience


Jan, 2008 — Present

I have published a variety of books under my own name, and worked on numerous projects as ghostwriter or commissioned author.

I have a strong track record helping public figures find their voice. I am adept at setting aside my own perspective as an author, and finding the right tone and stance for the client.

James Gray MP – Poles Apart. 2013
Paulsen Editions (EN)
I ghostwrote this book for British politician James Gray. Part memoir and part critical assessment of the situation in the Arctic, I needed to find a voice for the author and also familiarize myself with a range of complex data.

Rylsee - How To Play with Letters. 2017
Moleskine (EN)
Berlin-based street artist Rylsee commissioned me to write all the texts for this monograph. This involved extensive collaboration with the artist, including many hours of interviews, and an in-depth engagement with his work.

I have worked extensively within the business sector, not least as the author of different book projects. These titles show my ability to orientate my writing to a specific, highly profit-driven context, and to demonstrate the client’s status as industry leader.

Cutting Edge Processes in Corporate Translation. 2012
Quicksilver Translations (EN)
I ghostwrote this book-length white paper on the most up-to-date translation technology and processes. I spend a month shadowing the CEO of the company and speaking to its employees to produce this highly technical document.

Multidirections: Where Mexico Meets The World. 2014
Jacaranda Education (EN).
I was invited to write four EFL textbooks, from ‘basic’ to ‘advanced’, tailored to the third sector in Mexico. This required a deep technical engagement with material, structure and content, and a very specific range of authorial voices.

I am adept at research and identifying key trends. For these titles, published under my name, I had to research extensively within a given field, producing books that are the definitive work on the subject.

Stationery Fever: from Paper Clips to Pencils and Everything in Between. 2016
Prestel (EN/DE)
I was commissioned to write this extensive history of stationery, requiring in-depth research and a finely-tuned authorial voice. The book also included features on contemporary designers and stores. A top seller for Prestel.

Risomania: The New Spirit of Printing. 2016
Niggli Verlag (EN), Pyramyd (FR), Gustavo Gili (ES)
This book is both a history of stencil-based printing techniques, and an overview of the world Risograph printing scene. I had to work closely with the designers and amass a range of information, as well as design infographics and other formats. This was Niggli’s biggest seller of the year.

Silkscreen Masters: Secrets of the World's Top Screen Printers. 2017
Moleskine (EN), Pyramyd (FR), Gustavo Gili (ES/PT)
I was commissioned by Pyramyd, France’s leading graphic design publisher, to write this technical manual and visual study of contemporary screen printing. I researched the process extensively, interviewing over 20 screen printers from around the world, and worked closely with the illustrator of the manual.

Alongside my work as an author, I am an established book editor. This process involves working closely (and diplomatically!) with both author and publisher.

Andrew Bellamy - Analogue Photography: Reference Manual for Shooting Film. 2017
Ars Imago (EN)
I worked very closely with the author on preparing this technical manual for publication: it has received widespread acclaim in the sector.

Markus Gisler - The Silent Magic of the Alps. 2018
Benteli (EN/DE)
A book-length photographic monograph.

Massimo Menichinelli - Fab Lab: Revolution Field Manual. 2017
Niggli Verlag (EN)
I extensively edited this diverse and technical study of the Maker movement.

Various - Poets for Ayotzinapa. 2014
Mexico City Lit (EN/ES)
A bilingual poetry anthology that I edited and translated.

Anna Sacani - Letterscapes: A Global Survey of Typographic Installations. 2013
Thames & Hudson (EN)
A visual study and artistic theory of text-based public sculpture.

One Gear: Converting and Maintaining Single Speed & Fixed Gear Bicycles. 2012
Gingko Press (EN)
I worked closely with the authors on finding the right voice for this complex technical manual.

Finally, as an editor one of my specializations is editing academic papers for leading journals. This requires that I maintain an active expertise and work closely with authors. Recently I have worked a lot in the field of Economics, demonstrating my ability to adopt an appropriate tone and stance in a technically complex field:

Various authors – ‘Financial decisions and financial capabilities in the Andean region’. Journal of Consumer Affairs, 2018

Various authors – ‘Financial Education and Behavioral Finance: New Insights into the Role of Information in Financial Decisions’. Journal of Economic Surveys, 2018

Various authors - ‘Bank Capital Buffers around the World: Cyclical Patterns and the Effect of Market Power’. CEMLA, 2017


Nowhere is the question of existence so tantalizing as in the isolated landscape of a mountainous region. The sublimity of the natural world – thematized since the 18th century – reverberates throughout this volume of photographs. Markus Gisler has an eye for ... read more
In essence, the method of silkscreening is simple: push ink through a stencil to create a reproducible image. However, with ingenuity, screen print artists can produce masterpieces using this simple, cost effective technique. Pairing instruction with inspirati... read more
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HardCover. Pub Date :2013-02-25 Pages: 352 Language: English Publisher: Thames amp; Hudson A comprehensive survey of one of the most creative areas of public art. large-scale typographic installations. this book features thirty-seven works from all over the wo... read more
Poles Apart

james Gray

The surprising, exciting and playful world of contemporary letter art is brought to life in this book. Berlin street artist RYLSEE takes us on a journey through the creative potential of lettering, showing the many facets of this fresh and powerful art form. T... read more
Silkscreen Masters is a groundbreaking project, both a manual on screen printing and a showcase of the worlds leading printers. The manual covers everything from print basics to setting up a professional studio, as well as in-depth features on leading studios ... read more
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