John Anderson

John Anderson - Editor

Burnaby, BC, Canada

I offer an editorial service for comics creators who want to improve the quality of their storytelling.

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I've been a comic publisher since 2010. Our titles have been nominated for an Ignatz and two Eisners. I know a thing or two about what makes a good story and how to find it.

As a publisher, I have a better eye for what will work in graphic novels. This skill has been honed by reading literally hundreds of pitches over more than a decade, separating out those stories that work from those that almost work.

I recognise that each creator is unique and needs to be encouraged in a manner that brings out the best: some by gently leading them, and some by giving them a kick up b*m.

I want to see good stories. That's why I went into publishing: to elevate those stories worth reading to a place where they can be read.
English (CAN)
English (UK)
Comics & Graphic Novels
Science Fiction
Comics Non-Fiction

Work experience


Soaring Penguin Press
January, 2010 – Present (almost 13 years)

Portfolio (3 selected works)

Sugar: Life of a Cat

Baeken, Serge


Rowntree, Winston

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