Jessica Schmidt

Jessica Schmidt – Editor

Proofreader and copy editor since 2014. Specialize in thrillers and self-help. Excited to work with you to polish your book!


I love proofreading and copyediting and enjoy working with authors. Contact me to discuss how I can help with your project! I have been offering professional proofreading and editing services since 2014 and work with clients around the world. I enjoy delivering excellent quality work and customer service while working with new and returning clients.

Author Spotlight

I am the copy editor for two best-selling authors of legal thrillers. I have worked with Peter O’Mahoney since 2019 and have copy edited the majority of his best-selling books including the latest series, Southern Lawyer, featuring Joe Hennessy (which has over 22,000 reviews), but also his other best-selling series featuring Tex Hunter, Bill Harvey and Jack Valentine.

How I Can Help You

My goal is to help polish your book to highlight your content and message—so your readers are impressed by what you have to say instead of being distracted by mistakes and common errors such as grammar, usage or typos. I use the proofreading and copy editing features in Microsoft Word. These "redlining features" help me advise you about spelling, grammar and word usage errors as well as to make comments and suggestions for edits to help clarify your message to better serve your readers.

Contact Me Today!

As a lifelong reader and avid Kindle user, I read constantly and am often distracted by common spelling and word usage errors that could have been corrected by a careful professional proofreader like me! I look forward to hearing about your project and how I can help. Contact me today! I look forward to working with you!

Health & Wellbeing Self-Help & Self-Improvement Technology
Historical Fiction Legal Thriller Psychological Thriller Romance Women's Fiction
English (UK) English (US)

Work experience


May, 2014 — Present

My Areas of Expertise Include:

• I specialize in proofreading and copy editing books that are set in the US but written by authors from the UK, Australia and New Zealand. I make sure the language, phrasing, idioms, humor, etc. conform to US readers' expectations.

• ENGLISH TRANSLATIONS: I have proofread and copy edited the English translation of three classic books originally written in Polish. I just proofread and copy edited the English translation of a self-help book written in German.

• I enjoy working with authors who are not native US English speakers.


Aug, 2022 — Present


Copy Editing
Lion's Den

Hertz, Carlin

Black Knight Ops

Hertz, Carlin

The Black Ghost

Hertz, Carlin

A Summer of the Forest Folk

Rodziewiczówna, Maria

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Daniel V.

Daniel V.

Oct, 2023

My collaboration with Jessica was great. I'm not a native speaker and I was looking for someone to proofread my book and make sure it feels natural to an American audience. Jessica fixed what needed to be fixed and, on top of that, she also made valuable suggestions to improve the readability and flow of the text. She's a very professional and friendly proofreader and copyeditor, and I'm happy ...
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Jessica S.
Thank you for the excellent review, Daniel! I am always happy to help and I very much enjoyed working on your book. Your writing style and the addition of diagrams and your personal experience make...
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Howard S.

Howard S.

Oct, 2023

Jessica was very professional and did awesome work. She made my book even better. I highly recommend her.
Jessica S.
Thank you for the excellent review! I appreciate it! I enjoyed working on your book. Best wishes with the next steps!
Hether B.

Hether B.

Sep, 2023

Jessica was the PERFECT fit! She responded to my request for a bid first; her fee was reasonable, positive, and very supportive throughout the process. As a first-time author, the process seemed intimidating, but Jessica made it fun and very educational! I love her technique of sharing feedback. She didn't just change the text; she asked thoughtful questions, which helped me to understand her p...
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Jessica S.
It was a pleasure to work with you, Hether! We made a great team! I look forward to working with you on your future projects too. Best wishes.
Edwin C.

Edwin C.

Aug, 2023

Jessica did a great job smoothing over rough patches in my sometimes idiosyncratic style, and caught me out on plenty of detail-level inconsistencies. Very grateful for her assistance and would gladly recommend.
Jessica S.
I am always happy to help authors refine and polish their manuscripts to get them ready for readers to enjoy. This was a great project to read and work on. Thank you for the excellent review!

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