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Jason Schwartzman – Ghostwriter

Memoir + Nonfiction specialist. Author/senior editor/ghostwriter w/ work in NYT, nymag, Narratively. Catapult Instructor. Dear Sugar vibes.



I'm Jason, the author of NO ONE YOU KNOW, an acclaimed nonfiction collection out in 2021 from Outpost19. I was a ghostwriter on a recent celebrity memoir out from Dutton, and have also worked on 5 nonfiction books independently published through Story Terrace, telling the hidden stories of ordinary lives in polished and professional book form.

My writing has appeared in the New York Times, New York Magazine, Narratively, BULL, River Teeth, X-R-A-Y, and elsewhere. I teach flash nonfiction for Catapult ("The Art of Flash Nonfiction"), edit for True.Ink (a revival of the heritage adventure mag), and was selected for Medium's nonfiction author's program.

My style is inquisitive, encouraging, and focused. I aim to capture the client's voice with a high fidelity so it really feels like YOUR book. My process revolves around core interview time so we can generate the core material of the book before I begin shaping, elevating, writing, and expanding. Then, typically, I would present a sample chapter for discussion, followed by a full draft and 1-2 rounds of revision.

As a long-time nonfiction specialist, I've interviewed bison herders, hot air balloonists, flame dancers, herring scholars, high divers, tango composers​, military nurses, superintendents, among other folks. I'm fascinated by life stories and the unusual paths people take.

Thanks for considering me! Always happy to answer questions.

— Jason

P.S. Selected blurbs + testimonials:

"In the great tradition of wayward oral historians, this compelling debut from a talented new author is a vivid and sentient portrait of everyday Americana and the nature of intimacy. An important collection, well-observed, stitched and told."

— Geoffrey Gray, NEW YORK TIMES Bestselling author of SKYJACK: THE HUNT FOR D.B. COOPER

"NO ONE YOU KNOW is sharply observational, atmospheric, with a clever surprise on every page. This debut is an understated and zoomed in account of what it means to be a person, and Jason is an exciting new voice to watch."

— Chloe Caldwell, author of WOMEN and I'LL TELL YOU IN PERSON

“Jason is my most trusted editor. I actually keep all his ‘notes’ emails saved in a folder because they’re still useful to me months, even years, later. He’s my secret weapon for immediately feeling better and more confident about what I’m working on regardless of the genre or style of the piece.”

— Jessica Granger, Writer / Producer on La Brea

Biographies & Memoirs Sports & Outdoors
Short Story
English (US)
  • Best of the Net Nominee 2020

Work experience


Jul, 2014 — Present

Revived a heritage adventure magazine with an experiential component, plotting innovative editorial adventures like crowdsourcing a racehorse, searching for Genghis Khan’s tomb, hosting an overnight barn dance, racing to Cuba on Patton’s boat, communally selecting a barrel of bourbon, and on, accruing loyal following of active folks.

Interviewed 50+ experts and subjects using journalistic ability to develop rapport and elicit compelling content, developing as-told-to articles along with featurettes on adventurous accomplishments.


May, 2012 — Present

Publisher Collaborations: Dutton (Big 5), Outpost19 (Small Press), Story Terrace (Self-Publishing)

Copywriting, Editing, and Proofreading Clients: Indeed, McKinsey & Company, Quartz, GE,, Quora, Endalgo, Mack Weldon, Paul Evans, INDOCHINO, Bombas, Janji, Story Terrace, Atlas Obscura, Buffalo Trace,, Vivial, Narratively, Bright Money, Bonora Rountree, PatBO, Alluma

Notes on Portfolio books:

-- None of the Story Terrace books I've ghostwritten are on Amazon so I couldn't list those.

-- I worked as an editorial consultant for Saved by an Avalanche and Living in the Shadow of Tyranny.

-- I am a frequent editorial collaborator with Geoff Gray, though I was not involved with Skyjack!

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