Jamie Johns

Jamie Johns – Editor

Experienced editor, tutor, and coach passionate about engaging storytelling and vibrant characters. All ages and experience levels welcome!


Whether you're writing a 30-page comic, a memoir, videogame script, or a fantasy trilogy, let me help you make your writing—and even more importantly, your STORY—the very best it can be! Working with me, you will have a mentor, teammate, and cheerleader invested in your story's success.

I specialize in Developmental Editing and Editorial Assessments and possess a sensitivity to language and its usage that makes me adept at Line/Copyedits in a variety of genres and styles, ensuring that language is strong and meaningful for a reader.

Those who work with me often note my creative power and eagerness to explore even the most minute details. This unique attention to detail elevates storytelling to the next level and ensures that your message reaches your readers.

An innate sense of the nuances of linguistics and language, a lifetime of reading, and a passion for storytelling as an art form combined make me the type of editor who understands works far deeper than their surface details. I am someone capable of pulling out themes and ideas within a story that even you, the story's creator, may not have been fully aware of!

I have worked on numerous titles at a traditional publisher that were geared toward multinational audiences, providing both editorial and administrative support. As a freelancer, I have worked on a variety of comic books, visual novels, novels, memoirs, scripts, games, and short stories geared for both independent and traditional publication. This breadth and depth of experience arm me with insight to help you route your story toward your goals, be it for personal enrichment, the underground indie scene, or toward pitching to agents and becoming the next bestseller from a top publishing house.

My interests and specialties include character-driven works of literary and creative fiction, particularly in the Fantasy, Sci-Fi, Romance, and Adventure genres, as well as the Young Adult (YA) and New Adult (NA) genres.

I work frequently with stories that don't fit squarely within singular or more traditional genres, and especially appreciate atypical or unique works that push me to use all of my skills.

I am currently working on my own monomythic NA Fantasy series and am also head writer with an indie game studio.

I can't wait to work with you next!


What others say:

From start to finish, the process Jamie works by is a writer's dream. She goes into full detail. . . constantly asks questions on the plot, the characters, the details of each outline [while] keeping in constant communication with the buyer throughout it all and always being polite and professional.

Jamie's talent for understanding POV structure, wide vocabulary, themes of each chapter, planting the seeds of foreshadowing, exploring relationships, writing engaging action, expressive dialogue and being able to flesh out a world in various ways makes her one of the best writers and editors I have ever met. It is an honour to work with her every time.

Comics & Graphic Novels Coming of Age Literary Fiction New Adult Short Story
English (US)
  • Journalistic Excellence
  • Sigma Tau Delta--NEHS
  • UWSP Academy of Letters and Science Distinguished Achievement Award in Literary and Academic Excellence
  • Masters in Creative Writing -- Fiction from Southern New Hampshire University
  • Bachelors in English from the University of Wisconsin Stevens Point

Work experience

Rowman & Littlefield

Feb, 2020 — Feb, 2021 (about 1 year)

Providing support to the editorial department in a variety of roles, including proofreading and copy editing in Chicago style, ensuring that a book is high-quality and ready for printing/release.


Sep, 2011 — Present

Providing writing and editing services to a wide range of creators in a variety of genres and mediums, from novels and videogames to memoirs, essays, and comics. From initial development to the final polish, I love working with passionate individuals, be they a beginner or an expert!


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Braiding Roses

Stoltenbreck, Elise

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The Ungrateful Rescue

Steve Wedlock

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Winter's Wrath: The Herald's Saga: Book One

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Blood Ties: An Ada Picou Novel

Parr, A.B.

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The Last Sane Awoken I: Freedom

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Beyond Frozen Conflict


Jamie has 31 reviews





Arthur B.

Arthur B.

Oct, 2023

Was a pleasure to work with!
Jamie J.
I'm looking forward to seeing the webcomic once it's completed, Arthur! Best wishes!


Jul, 2023

I really appreciated everything Jamie said. I think she is really open-minded and has great ideas. She helped me with my outline and was my developmental editor. My ideas were really scaled back, around 2000 words; what I wrote was very not defined or formed. She started with asking what I felt would be my weakness in writing and my strength if I recall. I really have only weaknesses and don't ...
Read more
Jamie J.
Working with creators who are just starting to get their feet wet in the writing sphere is something that I am especially passionate about. Finding ways to put ideas and thoughts into words can be ...
Read more
Anthony P.

Anthony P.

May, 2023

I have worked with Jamie on numerous projects and I am beyond satisfied with the outcome of each novel.
Jamie J.
Always a pleasure to work with you as well on each volume in this series, Anthony! I look forward to continuing our work together in the future.
Emily R.

Emily R.

Jan, 2023

I collaborated with Jamie for the first book in my fantasy series (developmental editing) and she was incredible. Very thorough, gave me quite a bit to think about with character arcs, storylines, etc. If you are in need of a fantastic editor with an eagle eye, she should be first on your list!
Jamie J.
It was an absolute pleasure working with you on your debut novel, Emily! Glad to hear that the commentary is giving you ample food for thought as you set your mind to revisions on book 1 and toward...
Read more
Anthony P.

Anthony P.

Dec, 2022

Jamie has been phenomenal to work with. She is communicative, professional, and has an exceptional eye for detail. I cannot recommend her enough.
Jamie J.
Always a pleasure, Anthony! I look forward to continuing to work together on your book series!

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