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The Ungrateful Rescue


Worth reading 😎

Nancy Drew and the Hardy Boys meet ocean conservation makes for a fun and easy read.

It’s summer in the small coastal town of Stonehaven. Dawn, Ryan, Conner, Terry, and Jenna are all planning on a relaxing summer spent on Conner’s boat, the ‘eggy sue. Camping on the beach one night, they see a suspicious drop off between a van and local fisherman. Now it’s up to them to put the clues together, solve the mystery, and help save the ocean they all love.

This definitely gave off Nancy Drew and Hardy Boy vibes, but with a maritime twist. The story started out a little slow as all our main characters showed up and we got to know them a bit. The characters felt fleshed out with distinct personalities and relationships. Once the plot got going I enjoyed it a lot, but there were still some moments of “quiet” that felt a bit too long for me. Then the end seemed to come on pretty fast.

I really enjoyed the chapter headers that told about many phrases we use in everyday life that originally were used on ships. I felt like this book was not only entertaining, but also had lots of information packed into it. Every once in a while it came off as dry, but most of the time it blended in with the story well. It makes you think about how we as a people treat the ocean and how we could do better.

It was very refreshing to read a YA book without a romantic relationship at its center or even in it at all. Just a group of friends hanging out, having fun, and solving a mystery. Overall I would say that if you have a young teenager looking for wholesome adventure books, this should be on your list. Or if you want an easy, entertaining read I would recommend this book.

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I have loved reading my entire life. When I was too small to read, my dad would read Hardy Boys and Nancy Drew to me. When I got my library card I maxed out the number of books I could get and would routinely stay up way past bedtime to read. I know what makes a good story and good writing.


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Author Steve Wedlock has lived a personal life afloat on the seas, with more than 350,000 miles as master of many vessels, a Marine surveyor, a shipmaster, a builder of schooners, a teacher of seamanship and navigation. Born and raised on the coast of Maine. view profile

Published on October 10, 2021

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