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As a devoted reader, book cover design has become a true passion for me. It's the pinnacle of my career, where I feel most at home and exhilarated to showcase the essence of the words within each book I work on!

You'll notice that my work features multiple repeat authors, because I strive to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs. My goal is to provide an exceptional experience and a top-quality product for every client I work with. With over 1000 covers designed, I tackle every jobs with flexibility, efficiency, and an easy-going approach, I am fully equipped to meet all specifications and requirements for any cover that comes my way.

Don't hesitate to reach out with any questions or for a quote. I'm here to bring your book cover vision to life!

Dystopian Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG Science Fiction Urban Fantasy
  • BA in Graphic Design from the University of South Carolina

Work experience


Jan, 2015 — Present

Book Covers are my passion. I left my design job of ten years to pursue my dream as a cover designer!

Print Depot

Jun, 2007 — Present

I've worked at my current job for nine years now. Its a small print shop that caters to a variety of clients, from big corporations like Daimler and Fatz to small businesses and local events. Rest assured I am capable of handling any challenges a cover may bring!


The Hellborn King

Brenning, C.

Whimsical and poignant, Sir Thomas the Hesitant and the Table of Less Valued Knights tells the story of Thomas Farmer who dreams of becoming a knight, sets out to save his brother from the hands of an evil Baron, and uncovers a plot that threatens Camelot itse... read more
The Red Swords came with the sunrise and took everything Shawna Llewan held dear.Her family massacred, her home destroyed, she escapes with nothing but her mother’s heirloom and the desire for vengeance. When she’s found by Dormael, a Warlock of the Conclave, ... read more
The nuclear winter has ended. Survivors cautiously begin to peek out of their underground shelters, each having endured their separate trials. They emerge into a foreign land wiped bare from the ferocious storms and glaciers. The landscape is barren with barel... read more
In the year 2145, the population of Earth has breached 20 billion people. Plagued by pollution, poverty and war, only the discovery of two habitable planets within the capabilities human space travel creates any semblance of relief. Colony missions are arrange... read more
The oddest little town in the Midwest has a thousand demented stories to tell...some of them are horrifying enough to send shivers down the strongest of spines. There’s the tale of a man whose utter fear of germs sends him plummeting to the depths of depravity... read more
When outlaw Suzy Spitfire discovers her father was murdered after creating a super-duper artificial intelligence, she races across the solar system in search of the brain he built—but it’s a rough ride, and she’s soon forced to tangle with pirates, predators, ... read more
Maui was supposed to be a romantic trip for two. But when Grayson Park’s bride leaves him at the altar, a solo trip to paradise seems like just the thing to take him far from his troubles. Then he meets the beautiful and enigmatic Hi’iaka, and his troubles jus... read more
“Hard to put down. From the compelling opening sentence to the last, The Horns of Ruin is much like its protagonist: powerful, relentless and impossible to ignore.”—Miami HeraldWhen humanity ascended, there were three gods. Three became two. Then two became on... read more
Nathaniel Moore is a myth. He's a witch too powerful to exist and too clever to be caught. He's kept himself young for two hundred and fifty years with life-stealing dark magic and left a long trail of bodies in his wake, but no matter how many Chasers the Mag... read more

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Jeremy D.

Jeremy D.

Mar, 2021

Jake is one of the best on here. I would work with him again and again.
Ken B.

Ken B.

Dec, 2020

Jake is great to work with - he listens to my ideas, expands on them, and turns them into wonderful book covers.
Ken B.

Ken B.

May, 2020

Jake is incredible - easy to work with, great communication, superb artwork, and fast. He's absolutely the best, if I could give 10 stars, I would.
Tom S.

Tom S.

Mar, 2020

Jake's designed three book covers for me and they've all been home runs. Takes my suggestions and makes them better than I imagined. A total pro to work with at a more than reasonable price. Highest recommendation!
Marlow Y.

Marlow Y.

Oct, 2019

I've worked with Jake twice now and he was awesome both times. He creates wonderful covers that impress not only me, but my fans. People are already raving about the cover for Trail of Flames, the second book in my series. He's quick to communicate and easy to work with. I'd definitely love to work with him again on Book Three when it's ready for publication. Thanks, Jake!