J. E. Bright

J. E. Bright – Ghostwriter

I'm a full-time freelance writer with more than 120 books published for children and young adults. Let's tell your story together.


Often at parties I'm told, "I've got a great idea for a children's book. All you'd have to do is write it." So here's your chance to hire me and make that happen.

I love writing exciting, fast-paced, inventive adventure fiction, particularly in the fantasy, science fiction, and super hero genres, but I'm equally as interested in family stories, friendship and romance, animals, historical events, and non-fiction researched facts.

Tell me about that amazing idea you've been nurturing as you fall asleep at night, echoing into your dreams. We'll work together to get it out of your head so it can live and exist on the page and in the world for everyone to enjoy.

NOTE ON FEES: It takes me approximately a month to write 5,000-10,000 words, depending on the degree difficulty of the work. I would be writing close to full-time, which means I need to live on these fees almost entirely. So don't be surprised when my quotes are significant. Thank you.
Action & Adventure Comics & Graphic Novels Fantasy Gaming & LitRPG LGBTQ Fiction Middle Grade Picture Books Science Fiction
English (US)
  • ANTM: The Fierce Guide to Life was chosen as one of the 2010 Quick Picks for Reluctant Young Adult Readers by YALSA (Young Adult Library Services Association), a division of the ALA (American Library Association).

Work experience


Jun, 1997 — Present

Writing fiction, non-fiction, novelizations, poetry, calendars, interactive storybook apps, and web content. Author of more than 120 published books.


Deep in the ocean, TOPO THE OCTOPUS plays some relaxing music for AQUAMAN. Suddenly, a huge whirlpool appears in the distance, threatening the city of ATLANTIS. Without a moment to lose, AQUAMAN leaps aboard his SUPER-SEAHORSE, STORM, and jets toward the liqui... read more
Famous American Folktales gathers the most famous and shared folktales. Beautifully illustrated, it is a perfect book for bedtime. It will include: "The Phantom Train of Marshall Pass,"" Sasquatch," "The Maid in the Mist," "Paul Bunyan and the Hard Winter," "M... read more
This follow-your-own-destiny romance series lets the reader choose her fate. Will her decisions lead to terminal embarrassment...or a delicious first kiss?You share an instant connection with Mike, the star of your school's rival soccer team. Too bad he's dati... read more
A solar flare suddenly erupts near astronaut HANK HENSHAW'S space shuttle, killing him. But that wasn't the end for HENSHAW he survived, and in the process, developed the ability to fuse his consciousness with machines. HANK blames SUPERMAN for his tragic fate... read more
Superman is taking the DC Super Friends on a tour of his arctic home, known as the Fortress of Solitude, when a distress signal alerts them to drones attacking Gotham City, Metropolis, and a moon base! Will the Super Friends be able to stop the drones in time?... read more
Lost in DigiWorld!Yipes! Devimon has broken up File Island and the Digidestined are each trapped on a different mini-island, drifting in the ocean! Sounds pretty creepy, huh? Not when you've got a fierce digi-volving Digimon as your personal bodyguard, it's no... read more
The perfect adornment for the bookshelves of today’s modern gentleman, The Bow Tie Book is the first illustrated book devoted to the classic menswear accessory. "If you have a swagger, a bow tie can be a badge of courage…The bow is not for the timid of heart…b... read more
Gone for good? Max is on a mission to save Alex, who is stranded on the home planet. Alex may be lost or wounded -- or worse. To get Alex back, Max knows he'll need one of the Stones of Midnight. If only he knew where to find one... Liz understands that Max ca... read more
Get ready to party!Junior year is coming to a close, and there's only one thing on Jessica Wakefield's mind--snagging the hottest prom date in Sweet Valley. But who could be worthy of the most devastatingly gorgeous girl at SVH? Jessica and her best friend, Li... read more
All young Vikings must prove they are fierce and strong enough to fight dragons. But Hiccup isn't as brawny as his friends and fails miserably at dragon training. So he invents a new weapon that can take down the fiercest dragon in the sky—and when it actually... read more
When Bruce Wayne and Dick Grayson attend a charity magic performance, they discover an archenemy has a few tricks up his sleeve! The Joker hypnotizes the entire audience, and only Batman is immune to his mesmerizing powers. As the Joker's twists on classic mag... read more
There's never a dull moment in LEGO(R) City! In this new LEGO(R) CITY 8x8, three crooks have escaped from Prison Island. Can the cops catch them before they get to shore? Find out in this funny, action-packed adventure featuring original illustrations!
American Fun Facts is one big book gathering all the important facts everybody should know! For example: What is the tallest mountain? What are the most popular sports? How did the United States get its name? Would you know all the answers? The graphic illustr... read more
An all-new LEGO(R) DC SUPER HEROES adventure! Join Batman(TM), Superman(TM), Wonder Woman(TM), and more as they take on LEGO DC super villains in this hilarious and action-packed story.
Join Splat the Cat in New York Times bestselling author-artist Rob Scotton’s Splat the Cat: The Big Helper. When Splat’s parents give him a list of chores to do, Splat worries that they will take forever! But when Splat puts his mind to it, helping out becomes... read more
After vowing never to put his loved ones in harm's way again, scientist Dr Bruce Banner flees to Brazil in search of the cure to the gamma radiation poisoning in his blood that turns him into the uncontrollable creature The Hulk.
Brad Myers has never been happier. A junior at Webster High, he's madly in love with his girlfriend, Caitlin Dawes; his band is booking a lot of gigs; and he's doing great in school. With all the positive things going on, Brad has everything to look forward to... read more
Fasten Your Seat Belt...Welcome to the NASCAR Unlimited Division, where the competition is intense and the racing is extreme. Unlimited racecars are the ultimate in high tech, built to reach unheard-of speeds, perform incredible stunts, an take on impossible o... read more
The city of Metropolis shivers when it feels Mr. Freeze's icy touch. But never fear: BATMAN, SUPERMAN, and the rest of the DC Super Friends will melt this coldhearted villain's frosty plans! This Step 2 Step into Reading book is easy—and fun—for boys ages 4 to... read more
The first in the Care Bears 8x8 storybook series re-introducing the popular Care Bears and their caring and sharing world of Care-a-lot!In What Makes You Happy, children will learn what brightens each and every Care Bear's day.Children will love to read about ... read more
Journey to the world of magical horses . . .A beautiful water horse, Coral is destined to meet a special girl in need of her guidance. Coral must lead the young girl to important discoveries that will change the course of their destinies forever.
The immortal super-villain VANDAL SAVAGE is loose! He has escaped prison and fled to the timeless tombs of Egypt, where he raises an army of living mummies. HAL JORDAN, as GREEN LANTERN, soars into the shifting sands to defeat the zombie-like rampage, but VAND... read more
The DC Comics Super Friends—Batman, Superman, and Green Lantern—show off their amazing powers as they rescue a high-tech space satellite in this colorful board book, perfect for little super heroes. A big meteor is heading right for an important communications... read more
A gigantic kaleidoscope in the CENTRAL CITY Museum turns into a fearful weapon at the hands of the colorful RAINBOW RAIDER. He uses the device to hypnotize the entire city, which is just his first step to controlling the whole world. The FLASH’s super-speed is... read more
Big heroes for little boys, the DC Comics Super Friends—Batman, Robin, Superman, The Flash, and Green Lantern—literally come flying off the pages of this colorful book, thanks to the action pop-outs on each spread.When the Joker decides to release all the wild... read more
America’s Next Top Model is a runaway runway series and must-see television for millions of teens and tweens. Young women of various backgrounds, shapes, and sizes are mentored by today’s top fashion stylists and industry experts. With chapters that focus on b... read more
Winx Club is an exciting animated show on Nickelodeon that follows Bloom, an ordinary girl who discovers she's really a fairy with extraordinary powers. When a trio of evil witches called the Trix threaten to take over the magical universe, it's up to Bloom an... read more
When a half-man, half-bat creature attacks Gotham City, the police think Batman has gone mad. To clear his name, Batmanhas to defeat the fiendish foe.
The secret recipe for a million-dollar mozzarella is stolen aboard a European train trip. Should Scooby-Doo and the Mystery Inc. gang investigate or end their vacation early? Will the gang stick together or split up? Does Scooby find the missing cheese or eat ... read more
The Chipmunks and The Chipettes are on a fabulous cruise ship when disaster strikes—and the singing sensations find themselves stranded on a deserted island! In this exclusive for her fans, Brittany tells all.

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