Heather O'Connell

Heather O'Connell – Designer

Helping you negotiate the complex world of book production, turning your creative vision into a commercial reality.


I am an experienced production professional, offering project management, production services, strategic buying and workflow consultancy.

Over the years I have worked on children's novelty books, high profile novels, non-fiction and everything in-between.

I provide a tailor-made service for my clients, to make the complex world of book production simple and easy to understand, helping them to avoid some of the costly and time-consuming mistakes that can be so easy to make.

I use my extensive network to ensure that their books are produced by the people best suited to their needs, making sure they get value for money and meet their schedules.

For my larger clients I develop buying strategies, to make sure every pound counts and help them to create the most appropriate workflows to meet their business needs.

Recent projects include:
The concept and delivery of the 'What's so Special about' dinosaur series for Dragonfly Press. (A full colour, illustrated series of children's non-fiction picture books.)

The production for Mayer le Boeuf, a small non-fiction author/publisher.

Production and operational support for Fridhem Publishing, a new micro-publisher of Scandinavian fiction.

I also teach the production and ops module on the UCL Publishing MA programme and provide production training to those working in the industry.
Health & Wellbeing
Picture Books

Work experience

Harper Collins

Nov, 2009 — May, 2010 (6 months)

Penguin Publishing

Oct, 2004 — Nov, 2009 (about 5 years)


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Rubina M.

Rubina M.

Jul, 2018

Heather is an outstanding professional. She is extremely knowledgable, enthusiastic and adds value to every project. We have really enjoyed working with her. She is quite simply the best in the business. Highly recommended.
Heather O.
Thank you so much for such a lovely review.

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