Heather Demetrios

Heather Demetrios – Editor

Over a decade of experience in NYC publishing. Bingeable character-driven stories (contemporary, fantasy, YA, memoir) + revision roadmaps.


I've worked with everyone from NYT-bestselling authors and high-powered literary agents who write on the side to emerging authors who are just getting started. Fiction - especially YA, fantasy, and contemporary / speculative upmarket adult fiction - is my jam. I also love digging into a really good narrative nonfiction or memoir. We combine line edits and editorial letters with in-depth editorial brainstorming calls.

"Heather helped regain and stimulate my creativity and confidence, helped me learn to like revisions, and started me off on the next phase of my writing journey, with lots more tools to help me along the way." - Michelle Hazen, critically-acclaimed author of Unbreak Me and Breathe the Sky

Street Cred: Award-winning and critically-acclaimed author and editor, graduate writing professor, MFA in Writing from Vermont College of Fine Arts. Considered an all-around decent human.

My superpowers kick into high gear at the chapter level, where we make sure each chapter in your book earns its place. Combine that with tools for deepening character and plotting from the inside out, and we've got the recipe for a bingeable story your reader cannot put down.

Don't take my word for it...

Author Deborah Crossland (The Quiet Part Out Loud) on my approach to character and story: "...easily the best thing that ever happened to my writing."

Here's my wish: You walk away from our work together with a strong revision plan that makes you even MORE excited about your book, your writing, and your career. This is HIGHLY curated for you, with editorial support that ensures you can stick the landing once the project leaves my hands. This is not a one-size-fits-all solution.

"By figuring out how my brain tells stories, I felt a lot of anxiety and uncertainty lift, and for the first time I felt true confidence in my ability to complete my work." - Jenna Evans Welch, NYT Bestselling Author

My time as an editorial intern at Candlewick Press turned me into a query bloodhound - I can smell a winner, or a dud, from a mile away. After years of experience writing jacket copy and supporting writers as they work on their query, I'm here to help you make yours wonderfully sticky and unforgettable.

Ready to get the support you need to take your project to the next level - and build a foundation for future projects? Let's do this!

Coming of Age Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction Urban Fantasy Women's Fiction Young Adult Fantasy
English (US)
  • PEN America Discovery Award
  • 2022 Septima Clark Women in Literature Honoree
  • Junior Library Guild Gold Standard Selection
  • MFA-Writing, Vermont College of Fine Arts
  • BA, Theatre Arts: University of Southern California
  • Trauma Sensitive Mindulness
  • Meditation Teaching - MNDFL, NYC
  • Integrative Somatic Parts Work (IFS) - Embody Lab

Work experience

Rebecca Dykes Writers

Dec, 2021 — Present

We help end femicide one word at a time by hosting workshops and retreats, as well as developing resources for writers who are working on ending violence against women and girls. Our most recent retreat was held in November 2022 in collaboration with the Highlights Foundation. I served on faculty for writing and mindfulness, as well as organized the retreat in concert with the Highlights program director. I teach quarterly workshops on writing trauma and develop resources for our website to support writers.

Southern New Hampshire Univeristy

Nov, 2019 — Present

I teach the following courses to a diverse student population that spans all genres: revision and editing, publishing, author branding, and online writing pedagogy in addition to thesis novel prep.


Sep, 2016 — Present

I work 1:1 and in groups with writers on everything from craft to manuscript critique to process and writing practice. My speciality is helping writers craft bingeable stories by creating bingeable characters. I have a special love of writing the perfect chapter, and my approach has helped countless writers finally crack the code on what makes a chapter sing. And what is a book but great chapter after great chapter?

Candlewick Press

Jan, 2012 — Jul, 2012 (6 months)

Responsibilities include reading submitted manuscripts and creating reader reports, writing editorial letters, writing flap copy, writing decline letters, copy editing, and research.


Developmental Editing
Developmental Editing
The Quiet Part Out Loud

Crossland, Deborah

Developmental Editing

Miller-Lachmann, Lyn

Developmental Editing

Albert Mann, J.

Developmental Editing
Raising Rufus

Fulk, David

Developmental Editing
Cherry Money Baby

Cusick, John M.

Editorial Assessment
Developmental Editing
Developmental Editing
The Stellow Project

Becker, Shari

Developmental Editing

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Julie S.

Julie S.

Nov, 2023

Heather is a superstar editor! I am so glad I connected with her to edit my work in progress. She provided me with helpful and usable feedback, tools, and a game plan to get the areas needing work in shape. I can't recommend her enough. I was on the fence about the value of professional editing because it is expensive, but now that I've gone through the process with Heather, I can't believe I e...
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Alexis B.

Alexis B.

Apr, 2024

I worked with Heather on my first YA Fiction. I learned a lot about plot, chapter structure, and "bingable" characters from her. She is a well of knowledge and shares supportive and informative resources throughout your time with her. I was impressed with the amount of resources I now have forever saved on my computer, thanks to her. She gives detailed feedback both in your manuscript and in a...
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Eloise W.

Eloise W.

Apr, 2024

I worked with Heather on a developmental edit of my fantasy novel and it was an amazing experience. From the very start she had a good understanding of my book and my characters, her feedback was all very relevant and tailored to my specific story - nothing felt like a standard response. I received notes on the manuscript plus an in depth letter breaking my book down in a way which really helpe...
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Kerry T.

Kerry T.

May, 2024

As a first-time author, I feel like a baby giraffe trying to take my first steps into the world of editing and publishing. Choosing Heather as my editor was the best decision I could have made for me and my book! Heather is absolutely brilliant! The number of resources she has given me to help me develop my book further and her in-depth feedback on my manuscript gave me clear goals and the ste...
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merle K.

merle K.

May, 2024

i appreciate the way Heather works with writers. She has a way of reminding you about what's important in the process. She rejoices in the accomplishments but also reinforces what needs to be done to address problems. Terrific insight regarding issues we all work to overcome. Thank you Heather all you do to help those of us who strive to "write it better."

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