Gregory Newton Brown

Gregory Newton Brown – Editor

Editor for several New York Times, regional, and best-selling authors. What beats a well-told story? I'd love to hear yours.


For my first organized foray into writing, I smashed out a vampire romance novel where the protagonist-lovers constantly bared their fangs at each other. I was eleven years old. It was summer. I was reading lots of Bram Stoker. I was madly in love with a sixth-grade crush I won't slander here by naming.

My understanding of storytelling has come a long way since then. I promise.

Some of my past and current clients include BenBella Books, HarperCollins, Random House, Mike Diamond, Alex Hormozi, Christine Kane, John Mann, Ryan Moran, Byron Reese, and Ashley Stahl. Among those clients are several New York Times-bestselling authors, regional best-selling authors, and best-selling authors. I'd love to better help you tell your story, too. As an editor, I love a book that helps people (or companies) find a path towards something more, chooses human value over pure profit, and seeks to disrupt highly-entrenched trends in desperate need of change.

I'm an author as well. My debut novel, The Lowering Days, is available from Harper in the U.S., HarperCollins in the U.K., and Editions Gallmeister in France. My short stories have appeared in several publications, including Tin House, Alaska Quarterly Review, Shenandoah, Epoch, and Narrative Magazine, where I was a winner of the 30Below Prize. I also write reviews for the NYTimes Review of Books.

I hold an MS in Journalism from Columbia University, where I honed my editing skills, and an MFA in English from the Iowa Writers' Workshop, where I studied fiction writing and the nuances of storytelling with some of America's finest writers, including Marilynne Robinson, Lan Samantha Chang, Kevin Brockmeier, Alexander Chee, and Michelle Huneven. ​I started as storyteller, became a journalist for a while, realized I was fiction writer at heart, and developed into an editor as I came to understand the importance of great editing in crafting great storytelling.

So, while my middle school vampire fiction never took off, I have had the good fortune of being on both sides of the publishing equation as an editor and author for the past fifteen years. My goal is always to help authors tell their stories in their voices as artfully and effectively as possible. Writing isn't just the act of composition; it's the act of connecting at both the head and heart level.


Ryan Moran, author of 12 Months To $1 Million, BenBella Books

"My name is Ryan Moran, and Greg Brown was my editor for my first book, 12 Months To $1 Million.

I was nervous about being traditionally published, because I feared that a publisher would edit my words or water down my message. However, my publisher tabbed Greg Brown as my editor, and he single-handedly made the deal worth it. I was shocked at how he was able to preserve my voice while making me sound better than I could on my own.

When I write my next book, I'm not sure that I will allow anyone to edit my words except for Greg. I would enthusiastically recommend working with him."

John and Ana Mann, New York Times-bestselling authors of The Go-Giver Marriage, BenBella Books

"Having Greg as our editor has been an absolutely wonderful experience. It made us both feel enormously solid to have such a thoughtful and perceptive pair of eyes on our work, and Greg’s edits and suggestions were spot on, all the way from slight sentence restructurings to several more major issues of content. It would be hard to imagine a more perfect editor for our little book."

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Aug, 2006 — Present


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Bennett S.

Bennett S.

Sep, 2022

Greg was amazing. I was working on my first book and I felt so comfortable with Greg. He was so transparent with the process and was very patient with all my questions and back and forth. He was able to help give me direction and guidance, not just the editing. I HIGHLY RECOMMEND using Greg and i'm sure I will again also. He was always on time with deadlines and available if I ever needed him.
Gregory N.
Thanks for the kind words, Bennett! It was such a pleasure working together, and your books is amazing!
Adrian S.

Adrian S.

Aug, 2022

Greg is amazing. He was so helpful throughout the process, that I truly feel this book would never have made it to the final stages without his professional help. This was first time doing this and his willingness to answer questions and offer amazing suggestions - was a game changer. I would look no further than Greg for your needs, as he will make sure your book is exactly what you hope it to...
Read more
Gregory N.
Thanks for the kind words, Adrian! It was such a pleasure working together. I love your book!
Tim T.

Tim T.

Jul, 2022

Outstanding partner and collaborator
Kathy S.

Kathy S.

Jun, 2022

I would highly recommend working with Gregory Newton Brown. He is a skilled and experienced editor covering all facets of the editing process from developmental to copy editing. As a first-time author, Greg was an invaluable asset. He guided me through the process and provided support and encouragement. Greg's eye for detail and technical knowledge helped me ensure a smooth transition to th...
Read more
TheLegendOf M.

TheLegendOf M.

Oct, 2021

Unlike any other editor! Greg has the ability to read and edit your work through YOUR VOICE. His suggestions and edits compliment your work and it is all done so through open and easy communication. Thank you, Greg!!! :-)