Gabriella Williams

Gabriella Williams - Editor

Oxford, UK

Editor for CRC Press. Offering non-fiction content editing, development and proofreading. Experience in Computing, Business and Technology.

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I currently work as an Acquisitions Editor (or Commissioning Editor) for CRC Press / Taylor & Francis, an international academic publisher, and therefore have a lot of experience reading and assessing book proposals, book drafts and manuscripts on a daily basis. In 2020 alone I worked with over 100 authors in various stages of book-preparation, and I'm on track to beat that number in 2021! My experience is in academic, professional and/or non-fiction style books.

I am especially experienced in giving advice on the content and formatting of book proposals, helping to turn an idea into a fully-formed outline. When assessing or creating book proposals, I can explain exactly what information is most important to include, how much information each section should contain, and exactly what an Editor will be looking for when assessing the proposal. I can also help to draft the proposal itself - providing elements such as competitive analysis, blurb restructuring, market analysis, sales potential, content restructuring, and so forth. Once the proposal is drafted I can provide feedback and suggestions for further improvement.

For chapter and manuscript drafts, I can provide development feedback on the content, structure and formatting of the manuscript. This can encompass elements such as text flow, style and phrasing, section ordering, scope, missing content, length reduction, competitive analysis and market analysis. I will ensure that the content of the drafts is in line with your overall specifications for the book. Please note that for development editing projects I will be looking at the drafts purely from a content development viewpoint, rather than a detailed grammatical analysis.

I can also provide a more straightforward copyediting or proofreading service, where I will be assessing the grammar, spelling and readability of the text. This won't provide development advice, but will ensure that your content is clear, well-structured, and comes across in a convincing way.

I currently work on computer science, cybersecurity, networking, communication, IT management, IT audit and emerging technology (AI, 5G, etc) books, and have previously worked on business and engineering books too, so I am particularly qualified to assess proposals and manuscripts in these areas. However, I am happy to look at any non-fiction style book.
English (UK)
Business & Management
Computers & Internet


  • Bachelor's Degree
  • Master's Degree

Work experience

Commissioning Editor / Acquisitions Editor

Taylor & Francis
September, 2017 – Present (over 4 years)

Commissioning Editor for CRC Press (part of Taylor and Francis), working on IT books in Information Security, Physical Security, Networking, Communication and Emerging Technologies. Publishing books for both professional and academic markets, with worldwide reach.

Portfolio (27 selected works)

Crypto Wars

Jarvis, Craig

Mechanical Engineering Principles

Bird, John, Ross, Carl

Cybersecurity Fundamentals: A Real-World Perspective

Thakur, Kutub, Pathan, Al-Sakib Khan

Cloud VR: Technology and Application

Xiong, Huaping, Li, Dawei, Huang, Kun, Xu, Mu, Huang, Yin, Xu, Lingling, Lai, Jianfei, Qian, Shengjun

Gabriella has 5 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Fijeh Aadum
It was such a joy working with Gabrielle, I highly recommend her. She went above and beyond on our project

Fijeh Aadum, March 2022

Sandip Sen
This is the second time I am using the services of Gabriella, and that says it all. She has been a pleasure to work with. Reedsy has also been a great platform with an helpful team, though they must get their software right to avoid payment glitches and make searching more productive at their website.

Sandip Sen, December 2021

Sandip Sen
Gabby was a real find, knowledgable, competent and professional. I had to search almost 250 profiles before I could find her. Reedsy is an excellent platform with Ricardo and his team very supportive, but it’s search function really is not all that great. It’s search gives either too much or too little. So I had to check all nonfiction editors and that took some time. And as I checked each pro...
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Sandip Sen, November 2021

Hemal Patel
Gabriella did an excellent job reviewing and editing my book. My book is on technical subject and is quiet involved, it introduces new concepts, tools and scorecard. It is not an easy book to review. Gabriella did a very good job scanning the book with a fine comb and uncovered more than 100 corrections and some very good suggestions . The book is at a much better place because of her. I am co...
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Hemal Patel, October 2021

Diane Vitry
Our work with Gabriella was an overall very positive experience. She turned around a book to very high standards in a short period of time. We cannot wait to work with Gabriella again.

Diane Vitry, September 2021

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