Fergus McKeown

Fergus McKeown – Editor

Editor with experience in academic works and trade fiction. Proofreading, copy editing and developmental editing provided for all projects.


I have worked on both production and editorial sides of book publishing since 2013, when I started as an editorial assistant at a publishing house specialising in translating contemporary Arabic fiction into English.

From there I moved into a more production focused role at a large academic publisher where I focused on Linguistics, History and Sociology texts. I am currently working as an Editor for a start-up news company, editing news articles, writing leaders and newsletters, while also producing marketing copy for them.

All projects considered.
History Humanities & Social Sciences Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs
Literary Fiction
English (UK)

Work experience

The Market Mogul/Mogul News

Mar, 2018 — Present

● Provided editorial oversight in screening, editing, shortlisting and publishing the best articles submitted by a global network of contributors.

● Experienced in the SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) for hundreds of articles covering a broad range of topics, which frequently featured top in Google News search rankings.

● Participated in regular creative sessions to further enhance the product and reader experience.

● Wrote featured articles on topics ranging from cryptocurrencies and blockchain to global affairs and financial markets, with many of my online journalism featuring prominently on Google News search results.

● Created content marketing strategies and executed these, focused on building the awareness and understanding of a start-up operating in the news media industry. This material included newsletters, articles, social media pieces and the company white paper.

● Provided editorial input on material designed to attract investors, including the initial investor presentation.

● Wrote grant applications for schemes in the millions of pounds, from both the UK and EU government.


Apr, 2016 — Mar, 2017 (11 months)

● Had responsibility for production of over 200 titles a year, including Sociology, Language and Linguistics and Science and Society monographs.

● Implemented new XML-based production workflow across these lists.

● Managed a team of offshore editors, and oversaw manuscript editing.

● Responsible for providing assistance to copy editors, marketing and authors during production.

● Ensured promotional material was available for launches, production schedule was met and that deadlines were not missed.

● Facilitated communication between different departments, ensuring that projects were handled efficiently.

● Handled authors queries and issues, providing solutions and troubleshooting, throughout production.


Jul, 2015 — Apr, 2016 (9 months)

● Managed post-submission workflow for academic monographs.

● Communicated with external vendors, including copy editors and printers, and with other internal departments such as Marketing, Editorial and Design.

● Introduced new tracking and quality checking procedure for new releases.

● Administered and tracked handovers of manuscripts from Editorial to Production.

● Monitored schedules and ensured projects with atypical print specifications were handled efficiently.

● Provided general support and assistance to other members of the Production department, including proofing cover copy, index approval and draft proofing.

Darf Publishers

Jul, 2013 — Jun, 2015 (almost 2 years)

● Involved with all areas of book production.

● Ownership of managing external contractors including printers, editors, translators, typesetters, authors, graphic designers, distributors and marketers.

● Developed release schedules and workflow schedules, and ensuring deadlines were met.

● Experience with managing the online profile of the company, including writing copy, editing and making sure copy was of a high standard.

● Had responsibility of proofing drafts, providing feedback and creating advanced marketing material for upcoming releases.

● Introduced ONIX metadata standard and establishing that standard for publications.


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Based on a large action research project, this book elaborates on how genre-based pedagogy can be extended to engage non-English speaking background students in tertiary educational institutions to develop their academic literacy practice, using online resources.
Drawing on interviews and focus groups with young mothers and fathers, their parents and other relatives, this book provides a rich exploration of the experience of being a teenage parent now, and for earlier generations, closely examining teenage pregnancy an... read more
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Mona K.

Mona K.

Jun, 2019

I appreciated Fergus' proactiveness,and the quality of his edits. He checked off all of my expectations, and more!

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