Erik Peterson

Erik Peterson – Designer

Flexible, friendly book designer for the Christian market with over 14 years in-house experience (Tyndale House and Moody Publishers).


Hi! I've been designing and art directing book design in the Christian publishing world for over fourteen years, working across many genres: fiction, spiritual growth, devotionals, theology, leadership, and family/relationships.

In my time I've designed books by many notable authors including Jerry Jenkins, George Barna, R. C. Sproul, A. W. Tozer, C. S. Lewis, Gary Chapman, Kevin Leman, Erwin Lutzer, Alistair Begg, Susan May Warren, and many more.

I can deliver diverse concepts, pushing you to imagine the various possibilities of your book. But if you have a tight, focused vision for the audience I can design to the specifics. Either way, I'll listen carefully to you as you bring the content expertise, and I'll bring the design prowess to make sure the cover attracts the eye and informs the reader.
Biographies & Memoirs Christian Non-Fiction Inspirational Parenting & Families Religion & Spirituality
Christian Fiction
  • Christian Booksellers Association, Publishing University Brain Trust member 2016

Work experience

Moody Publishers

Jan, 2013 — Present

• Design and art direct 40-50 projects year, including all cover and interior design
• Direct creative presentations with authors, agents, editors, and marketers
• Design and art direct the creation of all marketing and promotional materials working with in-house team
• Review and discuss book proposals with broader publication committee
• Manage the development and growth of small creative department

Tyndale House Publishers

Sep, 2003 — Dec, 2012 (about 9 years)

• Design 10-15 book covers and interior designs per year
• Prepare and package files for printer
• Work with team of art directors to prepare creative presentations for acquisitions teams
• Actively contribute to the whole department weekly brainstorming meetings
• For a few years, laid out the quarterly new product catalog: working with template design, gather copy and imagery across departments, reviewing for accuracy, attending press checks, etc.


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Safely Home

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Niven N.

Niven N.

Jan, 2021

I have worked with Erik on two projects now. His insight into my needs was exceptional as if he had read my mind.
Jonathan G.

Jonathan G.

Aug, 2020

I liked that Erik was open to me showing my own concepts for my book. He took the ideas and distilled them down to a simple and marketable design. Through his experience with other Christian-based publishing and knowing what is out there in that genre, Erik was able to present targeted creativity for that demographic and that provided the trust and excitement for my project!
Alexandru Gabriel L.

Alexandru Gabriel L.

Jul, 2020

I felt as if Erik had a secret channel into my mind. He absolutely captured my vision for the cover and the interior of the book. I recommend him wholeheartedly.
Yna R.

Yna R.

May, 2020

Erik is a very talented designer who was able to create a beautiful cover for my project. He is very knowledgable about formatting and was able to answer all of my questions. I highly recommend collaborating with Erik!
ShieldsUP! M.

ShieldsUP! M.

Jan, 2020

What an incredible individual. If you have your work done by anyone else, you're not getting the best product for your buck. Erik is not only incredible at what he does, he's very knowledgeable about the process in its entirety. He didn't just fulfill the task, but went above and beyond to ensure we understood how everything worked. He was patient, kind, and understanding, and held our hand as ...
Read more

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