Ember Hood

Ember Hood – Editor

Professional editor for six years, and I love my job. I specialize in genre fiction—sci-fi, fantasy, romance—and queer stories.


Hi, my name is Ember and I'm a professional editor. I have been working in the publishing industry for over five years and have edited dozens of books in that time. I focus mainly on fiction, doing line edits, and copy edits.

Over my editing career I have worked across many genres, but my main passions are speculative fiction and fantasy, particularly fantasy romance, twisted fairy tales, magical realism, historical fantasy, and the supernatural.

I'm passionate about stories and genuinely love getting to help an author shepherd their vision into the world. My expertise in the English language is only part of what defines my editing style—I've also spent my entire life studying storytelling. I'm versed in a lot of different mythologies and traditions, and I love learning new things.

And finally, I am dedicated to helping the literary world embrace diversity that is still sorely lacking. As a queer woman I am passionate about telling LGBTQIA and generally queer stories. I want the world to see main characters all over the spectrums of gender and sexuality. And also skin color, body size and shape, ability, age, ethnic and cultural backgrounds. We need these stories in the world.

Contemporary Romance Fantasy LGBTQ Fiction Magical Realism Paranormal Romance
English (US)

Work experience

Blackstone Publishing

Oct, 2017 — Present

I work with authors to complete line edits and copy edits of their fiction and memoirs.


Trinity Sight

Givhan, Jennifer

Block Seventeen

Kimiko Guthrie

Jubilee: A Novel

Jennifer Givhan

The Last Sword Maker (Course of Empire Series, 1)

Nelson, Professor of French Studies Brian

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