Diane Wordsworth

Diane Wordsworth – Editor

Freelance editor and proofreader since 1996.


I'm a freelance editor and proofreader working for up to eight different international clients at any given time, including a well-established well-respected UK publisher of non-fiction, for whom I've edited and proof-read hundreds of non-fiction history and military books. I also edited novels for them for a short while when they experimented with publishing historical fiction.

I save each electronic file under a master on Word and then make a copy prefixed DMW. This is printed off so I can carefully work on a hard copy, and any amendments are then transferred to the electronic copy with tracked changes switched on so that you can see them and accept or reject them. This means your work will receive a double pass in the first instance as I transfer the changes. I can also provide a 'clean' copy with all changes and comments accepted.

Business & Management History Self-Help & Self-Improvement Writing & Publishing
Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction Historical Romance Mystery & Crime
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Jul, 1985 — Present