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Diane Stockwell – Editor

Seasoned professional with 25 years of experience, specializing in memoir, narrative and prescriptive nonfiction, and commercial fiction.


With over 25 years of experience in book publishing, I have worked with authors of women's fiction, popular fiction, prescriptive and narrative nonfiction including memoir, biography and history. With an obsessive eye for detail and a keen sensitivity to narrative voice, I especially enjoy providing a close line-edit to make your prose sparkle! In addition to editing I perform book-length Spanish-to-English translations.

My authors have sold books to Penguin Random House, HarperCollins, Simon & Schuster, MacMillan, The New Press, Beacon Press, Prometheus, Rowman & Littlefield, Down and Out Press and more.


“Diane helped shape the book from early on, and was a constant source of encouragement and advice as I went through the peaks and valleys of the project.”
- Ali Noorani, Executive Director of the National Immigration Forum, author of There Goes the Neighborhood: How Communities Overcome Prejudice and Meet the Challenge of American Immigration

“Diane Stockwell kept me on track with her gentle but firm nudges. With every one of my books, her advice has been spot-on.”
-Dr. Isabel Gomez-Bassols, author of The Seven Steps to Happiness

“I have so appreciated Diane’s enthusiasm for this project, and her advice has been invaluable.”
- Sylvia Longmire, author of Border Insecurity
Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing History Parenting & Families Political Science & Current Affairs Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Mystery & Crime Women's Fiction
English (US)
  • Bachelor of Arts degree, Wesleyan University

Work experience


Jan, 2005 — Present

Provide developmental editorial services, line editing, and proofreading to prepare book-length manuscripts for submission to publishers and for publication. Work with authors published by major houses and independents including Penguin Random House, Simon & Schuster, HarperCollins, Beacon Press, The New Press, Verso, Down and Out Books, Familius and more.


Jan, 2003 — Present

Provide book-length translation services from Spanish into English. Published books include Fidel and Gabo: A Portrait of the Legendary Friendship between Fidel Castro and Gabriel García Márquez, by Angel Esteban and Stephanie Panichelli; and the forthcoming Killing the Story: Journalists Risking Their Lives in Pursuit of the Truth in Mexico, by journalist Témoris Grecko (The New Press 2020).

GLobo Libros

Jan, 2002 — Feb, 2006 (about 4 years)

Published critically acclaimed bilingual illustrated books with read-along audio CDs, Ruben's Rainbow and Ruben's Jungle. Managed every aspect of the production process, oversaw production of the audio cds, handled publicity, and managed sales to the trade, education and library markets.

Kensington Publishing

Jan, 1998 — Feb, 2002 (about 4 years)

Developed a critically acclaimed line of contemporary romance novels, evaluated submissions, recruited authors, negotiated contracts, and edited the manuscripts. Some of the wonderfully talented first-time authors I signed to Encanto include Caridad Pineiro, Berta Platas, Sylvia Mendoza and Lynda Sandoval.

Warner Books

Jan, 1992 — Jan, 1998 (about 6 years)

Acquired books in a wide range of fiction and nonfiction genres for a major commercial publisher, evaluated submissions, edited manuscripts for publication, and served as the author's advocate within the publishing house.


A harrowing and unforgettable look at reporting in Mexico, one of the world’s most dangerous countries to be a journalist In 2017, Mexico edged out Iraq and Syria as the deadliest country in the world in which to be a reporter, with at least fourteen journalis... read more
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WHO ARE THE CHINESE?Through on-the-ground interviews, Ana Fuentes uncovers the real China and offers a panoramic look at Chinese culture from the point of view of its citizens. She spent nearly 4 years living and working in China and discovered a world few hav... read more
Protecting the VoteWhen cybersecurity expert Jake Braun challenged hackers at DEFCON, the largest hacking conference in the world, to breach the security of an American voting machine, a hacker in Europe conquered the task in less than 2 minutes. From hacking ... read more
Dreamers is a movement book for the generation brought to the United States as children—and now fighting to live here legally Of the approximately twelve million undocumented immigrants living in the United States, as many as two million came as children. They... read more
Making America a welcome place for everyone, from long-established citizens to immigrants who have just arrived.This compelling approach to the immigration debate takes the reader behind the blaring headlines and into communities grappling with the reality of ... read more
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More than just the study of a shocking crime, the true story of Robert Solimine's murder by his high-school classmates explores the ruthless social world that teenagers in pleasant suburbs must face, sometimes at their own peril. Original.
When confronted with the challenges of border security and illegal immigration, government officials are fond of saying that our borders have never been as safe and secure as they are now. But ranchers in the borderlands of Arizona and Texas fear for their lan... read more
After fourteen years of marriage, Pilar Valenzuela is devastated to realize that her husband, Danny, is more devoted to his career than to her and decides to move on, but Danny has another plan in mind--to show Pilar that they are destined to be together forev... read more
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Dana K.

Dana K.

Jul, 2022

Detailed, timely, enthusiastic editor. Thanks so much, Diane.
Beth D.

Beth D.

Jul, 2022

Diane got me back on track with her great edit of my query letter and editorial comment on on my book proposal. She clearly knows her stuff and gave me back my confidence to keep moving ahead with my story. I can't thank her enough and plan to work with her again.
Nancy K.

Nancy K.

Jun, 2022

Diane is everything I hoped for in an editor. She edited my stories in a way that make them more alive. With her help, my writing now flows and expresses my ideas in a more vibrant and clear way. Thank you, So much, Nancy Kirkendall
Stacia K.

Stacia K.

Jun, 2022

I couldn’t have asked for a better copy editor than Diane for my memoir. She left detailed suggestions of what I should add and explain better throughout the book. Her level of experience definitely showed!
Edie D.

Edie D.

Apr, 2022

Diane is skilled at maintaining the author's voice and honoring their authenticity. She is respectful with queries that explain her perspectives when she feels she may be drifting from the author's intentions. She has exceeded my expectations on two very different projects.
Diane S.
Thanks so much Edie! I loved working on Paisha's incredibly powerful story. I hope to work with you again soon!

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