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Dawn Frederick – Editor

22+ year publishing professional providing editing and consulting on book proposals, nonfiction books, and query letters


As any new or experienced writer will confirm, getting published takes a lot of learning, regularly exercising those writing muscles, a lot of patience and ultimately a good publishing business plan for their book. No matter what the plan, it's essential one does the necessary preparation - writing a strong book, a pitch letter, and ideally a strong book proposal (for both nonfiction & fiction).

I am a publishing professional with over 20 yrs of agenting, bookselling, and book development experience. I have worked with authors from brainstorming a new idea, to helping strengthen and grow ideas that are a work-in-progress, and finally selling those ideas to publishing houses.

Before joining the publishing ranks, I worked on the frontlines as a bookseller, while also earning my MLIS in Library and Information Sciences at an ALA Accredited school. After working for a library publisher, I switched gears and started working at Sebastian Literary Agency. Eventually it was time to start my own agency, of which I established my own agency with a lot of love and a love of bringing bookish folks together.

Whether you're needing an agent's eye on how to improve your pitch and query letter, or assistance with creating, editing and improving your book proposal - this is a task that I am happy to collaboratively work with you on. Additionally, if you're needing an assessment on your WIP, a developmental read or light proof reading, I'll share my thoughts and suggestions in how to strengthen your book idea. The goal is to work collaboratively and to also help educate on the best practices for your book (and future books). To help any writer I work with to feel empowered to bring their book into the world.

As a seasoned professional, Writer's Digest has recognized the content I've shared on online on the business of publishing & how to get published multiple occasions.


"For more than a decade, I've turned to Dawn for editorial guidance in my writing career. From concept development to final edits, her insight has helped me take my creative works from idea to publication with some of the biggest publishers both nationally and internationally. I strongly recommend her to anyone looking for an industry professional who knows what's required to take a story to the next level." - Jessica

"Dawn has the fantastic ability to work with a client as a true partner and find the best in each project." - Stacey

Contemporary Fiction Middle Grade Mystery & Crime Young Adult
Entertainment Music Sociology Writing & Publishing
English (US)

Work experience

At a writing center

Jun, 2011 — Jan, 2020 (over 8 years)

Taught classes on the business of publishing, pitch preparation (for queries and in-person pitches), book proposals, and more - for the youth and adult classes.

Owner of a Literary Agency (US based)

Jan, 2008 — Present

Boutique agency that works across multiple categories, specializing in both children's and adult's titles, across fiction and nonfiction.

Various Writing Conferences

Feb, 2005 — Aug, 2019 (over 14 years)

Participated as a guest who taught attendees on various publishing topics at conferences in Arkansas, California, Colorado, Florida, Illinois, Minnesota, New Jersey, Oregon, New York, West Virginia ,Wisconsin, and Texas.


Claw Heart Mountain

Oppegaard, David

Some Hell: A Novel

Nathan, Patrick

It's Not Nothing

Denelle, Courtney

Battle of the Bands

Gibaldi, Lauren

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Bradley S.

Bradley S.

Aug, 2023

Very responsive, really collaborative, did multiple reviews of my query letter until it was to both our satisfactions.
Matt D.

Matt D.

Jun, 2023

Dawn was very responsive and fulfilled the brief well.
Alissa M.

Alissa M.

Apr, 2023

What an incredible experience! Dawn was so professional and so helpful. I gained so much from working with her. I can't recommend her enough.
Allison O.

Allison O.

Mar, 2023

I hired Dawn for a review of my query letter. Dawn was REALLY responsive and prompt throughout the process, and had a lot of helpful feedback that took my query letter from not great (let's face it, pretty bad) to something I feel confident sending to agents. I would definitely work with Dawn again!
Laurel Paula J.

Laurel Paula J.

Jan, 2023

Working with Dawn was an absolute pleasure. She truly knows her craft and really helped me to create a document that sparked!

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