David Yurkovich

David Yurkovich - Editor

Los Angeles, CA, USA

I'm an experienced copy editor and developmental editor and have edited > 100 books and short stories. I specialize in horror and sci-fi.

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book editor - journal editor - graphic novelist - publisher - writer

I'm an experienced copy editor and developmental editor. I am the co-owner of a small press with three publishing imprints. We publish literary, sci-fi, detective, and horror.

I began my editing career in 1987, working as a proofreader and copy editor for Lippincott in Philadelphia. In the mid 1990s, following a grant from Kevin Eastman's (Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles) Xeric Foundation, I launched an independent publishing house focused on graphic fiction. In the early 2000s, I relocated to Los Angeles and worked as an editor, and later, as a managing editor, before transitioning to marketing. I've worked as a freelance editor since 2010 and have edited numerous novels and short stories, many of which have gone on to win state or national awards.

Why you should work with me: As writers, we tend to cling to our words as if each is a precious child. I've been guilty of this in the past, also. Having worked with several agents, I've learned that it's okay to let go, and to trust that a skilled editor will be able to objectively spot issues unseen to us because of our closeness to our own words. Ultimately, I would like you to be satisfied with the work I perform, and I will strive to ensure that the level of editing performed matches your desired expectations.

I especially enjoy working on short stories and can generally turnaround works of up to 5k words overnight.

For novels, I recommend working in batches. It's more economical, and it provides authors an opportunity to review as we go and course correct if needed. I look forward to hearing from you!
English (US)
Biographies & Memoirs
Contemporary Fiction
Humor & Comedy
Literary Fiction
Mystery & Crime
Science Fiction
Short Story


  • Xeric Foundation Grant Recipient
  • Delaware Division of the Arts Grant Recipient
  • National Federation of Press Women - Award for Best Novel (Editor)

Work experience

Book Editor

January, 2010 – Present (about 13 years)

Novel and short story editor.


Hearst Business Media
January, 2005 – February, 2019 (about 14 years)

Editing and technical editing, as well as editorial management.


Sleeping Giant
April, 1994 – August, 2007 (over 13 years)

Writer, illustrator, and publisher.

Portfolio (20 selected works)

Exhumed: 13 Tales Too Terrifying to Stay Dead

Yurkovich, David, Brown, Bernie, Cooper, Ellie, Dutton, David W., Hill-Page Glanden, Robin, Goodridge, James, Goyan, Andrea, Reece, Russell, Queen, Josephine, Keeten, Jeffrey D.

Halloween Party '21

Pearce, Dianne

One of the Madding Crowd

Dutton, David W

Equinox: A Devil's Party Press Anthology

Yurkovich, David, Sz Keane, Carrie, Pearce, Dianne, Northern, Bayne, Polo, Mark Alan, Dutton, David W, Crandell, William F, Lewes, TJ, Speizer Crandell, Judith, Yurkovich, David

Less Than Heroes

Yurkovich, David, Yurkovich, David

Death By Chocolate: Redux

Yurkovich, David, Yurkovich, David

Glass Onion

Yurkovich, David

Balance of Fortune

Newmin, Mel Lee

Suspicious Activity

Pearce, Dianne, Crandell, William F., Ochoco, Jonathan, Heron, Robert Lewis, Pratt-Herzog, Patsy, Widocks, Liliana, Dutton, David W, Sarabia, Michael, Sabas, Roberto, Fox, Lisa

What Sort of Fuckery Is This?: Badass Short Stories for Badass People

Pearce, Dianne, Brunskill, VL, Dutton, David, Leamy, Sarah, Vanderlaag, KT, Crutcher, Anthony, Ayres, Bill, Speizer Crandell, Judith, Crandell, William, McVeigh, Maureen

New Santa | Crimson Red

Yurkovich, David

Mantlo: A Life in Comics

Yurkovich, David, Mantlo, Michael

The broccoli agenda

Yurkovich, David

The Waiting Place: The Definitive Edition

Sean McKeever, Mike Norton, Brendon Fraim, Brian Fraim, David Yurkovich

How I Was Adopted: A China Adoption Story

Pearce, Dianne L, Yurkovich, David

David has 10 reviews

Communication & Punctuality
Communication & Punctuality

Dena Linn
David was a pleasure... the best was his feedback, the why of his comments and changes are so important for a writer and some editors don't give you the why, they just change stuff. With David, I learned and that is good.

Dena Linn, February 2023

David Yurkovich
Dear Dena, Thank you for trusting me with your manuscript. You are a terrific writer, and I'm so glad you found my comments to be helpful. I wish you all the best success and hope we might collabor...
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Reply from David Yurkovich

Blaire Five
It was great working with David!

Blaire Five, January 2023

David Yurkovich
Blaire - Thank you for the kind words. The pleasure was mine. Your writing is pure magic and I am thankful to have had a chance to work with you. All the best- David

Reply from David Yurkovich

Ron Coleman
Excellent feedback, very detailed, thoughtful

Ron Coleman, December 2022

David Yurkovich
Hi Ron, It was a pleasure to work with you on your manuscript! Best of luck in your writing journey. David

Reply from David Yurkovich

Amanda McFarland
David is knowledgeable and efficient. His edits were on point and completed before deadline.

Amanda McFarland, December 2022

David Yurkovich
Amanda, it was a delight working with you. Your imagination is unlimited, and you possess amazing proficiency for the written word. I wish you tremendous success on your publishing journey and lo...
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Reply from David Yurkovich

David is highly skilled, detail oriented, and has excellent communication skills. At every point in the project, I knew what to expect and when to expect it. David also really seems to care that his clients succeed. The amount of time and sincere thought he provided far surpassed my expectations. Instead of giving me short answers to each of my (many!) questions, he responded with thorough ex...
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V R, December 2022

David Yurkovich
It was a pleasure to work with you, V. You are an exceptional writer, and reading your manuscript was a highly enjoyable experience. I am touched by your kind words and happy to know that in some...
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Reply from David Yurkovich

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