Daniel Simpson

Daniel Simpson – Ghostwriter

I help authors tell transformative stories, especially about yoga and similar disciplines, drawing on experience as a scholar-practitioner.


Whatever you're writing, I can help you refine it. I specialise in yoga and related traditions, but I'm interested in all kinds of non-fiction stories – in a previous career, I was a foreign correspondent.

My particular talent is developmental editing, shaping a narrative that communicates ideas as effectively as possible. The voice will be yours, but I can tighten the style so it's clear and compelling.

I'm the author of three books (most recently The Truth of Yoga and The Roots of Modern Yoga) and I've worked with other writers on memoirs, academic analysis and reportage. All three were combined in McMindfulness, by Ron Purser, which I edited.

I hold an M.A. in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (from SOAS in London), and have been studying yoga in various forms since the 1990s. I also teach courses on yoga history and philosophy at the Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies, and via my website.
Biographies & Memoirs Health & Wellbeing Religion & Spirituality
English (UK) English (US)
  • M.A., Traditions of Yoga and Meditation (SOAS, London)
  • M.A., History (University of Cambridge)

Work experience


Jan, 2020 — Present

I demystify yogic traditions for a general audience.

Oxford Centre for Hindu Studies

Sep, 2016 — Present

I teach online courses for the OCHS and on yoga teacher trainings.


Jan, 2005 — Present

I help authors and organisations refine their ideas and produce written work.

The New York Times

Mar, 2002 — Mar, 2003 (about 1 year)

Balkans Correspondent. I resigned when my editors supported the invasion of Iraq.


Sep, 1998 — Apr, 2006 (over 7 years)

I worked as a bureau chief, editor and writer on three continents.


A lively and razor-sharp critique of mindfulness as it has been enthusiastically co-opted by corporations, public schools, and the US military.Mindfulness is now all the rage. From celebrity endorsements to monks, neuroscientists and meditation coaches rubbing... read more
Blowing the whistle on media complicity with power When Patrick Chalmers joined Reuters as a foreign correspondent, he thought he'd found the ultimate job in journalism. Inspired by the agency's commitment to freedom from bias, he looked forward to a career of... read more
Ever dreamed of changing the world? Daniel Simpson shows how not to do it. His memoir charts a gonzo career at The New York Times. Ambitious and idealistic, he was hired to report on the Balkans but quit within months, freaked out by his editor s zeal for star... read more

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