Dan Van Oss

Dan Van Oss – Designer

I specialize in Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Thriller covers, and will work with you to make sure your cover is both creative and commercial.


It's now well-known among authors that you *can* judge a book by its cover. It can make the difference between rejection and acceptance, whether it's a reader, a publisher, or a promoter. Here's a quote from one of my customers: "Dan just did a cover for me and I was very pleased. Prompt and professional. This was a title on my backlist which was in need of an updated cover. I had submitted it to RobinReads back in late March for a promo, but was rejected. I resubmitted this week with a new cover and was accepted immediately." - Dave B.

I'd like to help you make your book be the best it can. I love working on covers for all genres, but especially Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Thrillers.

Your project will get exclusive attention. Can’t help it; I'm a detail addict. I won’t stop until every last flare, grunge and text tweak in your design are perfect, whether it’s a pre-made cover, a redesign for an old title, or full custom package.

I've had 20 years of digital design experience, first with a large music company, where I handled the graphic design and layout of their national music education catalog, and next with a large church, where I designed everything from logos to CD covers to weekly series graphics. I also have extensive marketing and web design experience, and I'm a writer myself, so I know the necessity of having a well-presented brand that includes a top-notch, genre-specific cover.
Action & Adventure Dystopian Fantasy Horror Mystery & Crime Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Urban Fantasy Young Adult
  • Fiction Cover Design Award Winner for the July, 2017 Book Cover Designer Awards
  • Gold Star Winner in the August, 2017 Book Cover Designer Awards
  • Gold Star Winner in the June, 2017 Book Cover Designer Awards

Work experience


Jun, 2016 — Present

Parkview Church

Oct, 2004 — Jun, 2016 (over 11 years)

West Music

May, 1989 — Oct, 2004 (over 15 years)


Robots were made to serve us. But now they have other plans.The staff at the Lexington estate were created for only one reason: to serve their masters … literally. Their metal knees were designed for quiet bustling, befitting maids and butlers. Their fingers w... read more
When a routine transport mission goes wrong, Captain Kai Brecken and her ragtag crew have to fight for their lives.Murderous aliens and crooked Alliance soldiers aren't going to get in her way, but her conscience might. When they stumble upon an age-old secret... read more
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A disease called the rot has spread to the United States, leading to a quarantine being imposed on most of California. Victims react in different ways. Most become like zombies, wandering about aimlessly unless they come across someone to bite and spread the d... read more
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Two years ago, detective Mallory Black’s world was ripped to pieces when her daughter was murdered by a serial killer with an unspeakable fetish and the truly twisted desire to carry it out.Now the man who killed Mallory’s daughter is back, and if she doesn't ... read more
The Lion of Khum Jung

Ronald Bagliere

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“Killing is easy. It’s the forgetting that’s hard.”The year is 1923 and Prohibition is the law of the land.Levi Bowman and his four sons struggle to survive and thrive in the remote woods and mountains outpost of Sultan, Washington. It is a time and place gove... read more
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When is it too late to become a good person? That was a question Darien Winfield never wanted to consider. After all, he's had to earn every inch of his success the hard way, with blood, sweat, and tears--none of which his own. His ruthless drive was the only ... read more
Nathan Myers and the crew of the Legacy find themselves at war with the predatory races and murderous corruption prevalent throughout the galaxy. The shadowy criminal figures who stand to lose the most from Nathan's victories, has put a billion-credit bounty o... read more
YOU CAN'T HIDE FROM THE PAST...Stay-at-home mom Kate's life is turned upside down when her husband Diego is stabbed to death, leaving her with no means to support their toddlers. Detectives Cooper and White are put on the case, and their only lead is the unusu... read more
MEET KATIE REID A young woman with a good job and a good life, until she discovers it was all a lie. Now, her desperate search for the truth begins and it will change her forever. A past revealed. A vengeance unleashed.Compelled to dig into a past no one wants... read more
After their recent victory over an incredibly powerful alien foe, Captain John Duggan and his crew are expecting some downtime while the ESS Crimson is refitted. It is not to be.In a war for survival, the Space Corps’ best officer can’t be permitted to languis... read more
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Operation Zodiac - where man becomes machine, and machine becomes man.It's the year 2021, and the U.S. Military has created the ultimate weapon in Zodiac - an elite unit of soldiers using bleeding-edge tech, where mechanized armor and experimental physics comb... read more
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Doug Lamoreux

Flesh eating zombies? Like none you've ever seen. These are The Melting Dead: everything they grab catches fire. Everyone they touch dies. Everything they kill comes back from the dead.A secluded Mississippi River island is the perfect vacation getaway... unti... read more
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Brian L. Porter

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The Reviled are the enemy: merciless and untrustworthy, they embody brutality and devastation. The Fey of the Light have lived with these truths for millennia; daring to think otherwise invites tragedy.Gairynzvl was a Reviled Fey and lived the riotous life of ... read more
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Martin J. Lajoie

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Kate Reid thought her past was long buried, but one man's obsession could threaten her future. "A gripping, psychological mystery" - D. Donovan, Midwest Book Review The nationwide manhunt for a killer begins and the media quickly dubs him the “Highway Hunter.”... read more
All ex CIA-analyst Kurt Vetter wants is some peace and solace after facing loss after loss. But fate has other plans for this reluctant hero. Danger and destruction pull him back into a world he thought he left long ago. Teaming up with Amanda Carter, an enigm... read more

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Riley Q.

Riley Q.

Feb, 2020

This was my second time working with Dan, and he delivered an amazing cover once again. I have received constant positive feedback on the cover of Lost Boys, and now The Cove as well. Dan is extremely professional and very good at what he does. Highly recommend.
Martin B.

Martin B.

Dec, 2019

Dan is not only extremely skilled at creating excellent book covers; he is also fully collaborative and very, very patient. Can't recommend him highly enough Martin D Birch
Mike W.

Mike W.

Apr, 2019

You won't go wrong with Dan. I'll keep using talents for my book covers.
Breanna D.

Breanna D.

Feb, 2019

Dan was very patient an understanding. His work took my vision from idea to beautiful reality, carefully and with great attention to detail. I'm a new author and had no prior experience in working with other professionals to produce a novel. He made the entire experience enjoyable and I learned from it. I am beyond pleased with the result of our collaboration and would love to work with him aga...
Read more
Ashley M.

Ashley M.

Dec, 2018

Dan at covermint.design was amazing. His design ideas were perfect and exactly what I wanted. I will be working with him again in the future.

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