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Colleen Sell – Editor

Highly skilled editor with extensive experience, working collaboratively with authors and publishers to craft impactful, marketable books.


My editorial career of more than three decades includes seven years of editorial management and broad experience in book & magazine publishing. As a freelance editor and writer since 1999, I have edited 160+ books in numerous genres, including 40 volumes of the best-selling Cup of Comfort anthology series. I've also authored and ghostwritten several nonfiction books, including the national bestseller One Simple Idea (McGraw-Hill).

I currently offer line editing, copyediting and proofreading services to authors and publishers. I also offer editorial evaluation, developmental editing, and ghostwriting services on a limited basis.

Recent projects include:

— The Healing Series, Mary Ruth Velicki, Alley Press: Healing with Spirit, 2021; Healing with Awareness, 2019; Healing through Chronic Pain, 2013 (1st ed), 2019 (2nd ed). Developmental & copy edit, proofreading. Currently collaborating on the author's fourth book.

— Feminist Fairytale: A Woman Leader's Guide to Surviving Sexism, Beth Rogers & Allison Mayer-Oaks. Editorial assessment, chapter outline. 2020.

— Finding a New Normal: Living with Chronic Illness. Suzan Jackson, 2020. Copyedit.

— Ramping Your Brand: How to Ride the Killer CPG Growth Curve, James F. Richardson, PhD, Premium Growth Solutions, 2019. Developmental & copy edit, proofreading.

— Target Funding: Discover a Proven System to Get the Money & Resources You Need to Start or Grow Your Business, Kedma Ough, McGraw-Hill, 2019. Proposal, ghostwriting, edit, proofreading.

— ReducedEffort Changeover: The LEAN Way to Quickly Reduce Changeover Downtime, Ron Heiskell, ReducedEffort LLC (1st edition), 2018; Taylor & Francis (2nd edition with new chapter), 2020. Developmental & copy edit, proofreading.


"Targeting a wider audience has worked perfectly for me, and it was Colleen who saw this opportunity. She helped me attract the right audience and fulfill my book’s true potential!"

--James Richardson, PhD, Ramping Your Brand

Please see Dr. Richardson's article "Writing for the Right Audience."

"Colleen S.'s attention to detail is matched only by her knowledge of the publishing process. I've continually found her to be one of the most responsive authors and editors I've ever worked with."

—Meredith O'Hayre McCarthy, Managing Editor, Adams Media/Simon & Schuster

"My book, One Simple Idea, reached #1 in three Amazon categories, was in the top 20 of all books sold on Amazon, and received over 50 five-star reviews within a few weeks of its release. This never would have happened without the great work of Colleen S., my ghostwriter. She made my content easy to read and found my voice."

—Stephen Key, One Simple Idea and One Simple Idea for Startups & Entrepreneurs

"Colleen has remarkable command of the English language. Her comments and questions helped me clarify and expand the messages in my books, and her changes made the text accurate and easy to read while maintaining my voice."

—Mary Ruth Velicki, 3-volume The Healing Series

"Without you this book would not exist. You understood what I was trying to say and said it eloquently. Thank you so much for your tireless editing and wonderful writing."

—Ron Heiskell, Reduced Effort Changeover

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English (US)

Work experience


Sep, 2012 — Jun, 2014 (over 1 year)

As editor-in-chief of GRAND: The Lifestyle Magazine for Awesome Grandparents (part-time, freelance), my responsibilities included:
* Content management: editorial calendar; sourcing, acquiring, and curating contributed content; developing content in-house
* Sourcing and managing columnists
* Editing and proofreading
* Writing: celebrity profiles (cover stories) and departments
* Photo editor (multi-media): sourcing and acquisition of images as well as audio and video content

Adams Media, a division of Simon & Schuster

Jan, 2001 — Dec, 2011 (almost 11 years)

As the work-for-hire anthologist/editor of the national best-selling Cup of Comfort book series, I:
* Developed the series in collaboration with the publisher
* Solicited and vetted more than 75,000 submissions
* Compiled and edited (developmental and line) 40 Cup of Comfort books -- 39 anthologies of personal essays and one annotated cookbook (recipes, stories, cooking tips, photographs)
* Copyedited Christian-themed volumes compiled by other editors. Compiled and edited the final Christian-theme Cup of Comfort book.
* Wrote the Cup of Comfort blog, bimonthly e-newsletter, and website content
* Promoted the series via hundreds of media interviews and bookstore appearances


May, 1999 — Present

* Line editing, copy editing, proofreading: nonfiction books (all genres), fiction books (all genres), and magazines (consumer and trade)
* Developmental editing: nonfiction books (all genres)
* Book proposal development: nonfiction books (all genres)
* Editorial Evaluation: nonfiction book manuscripts
* Ghostwriting: nonfiction, corporate legacy books, magazine articles, online content
* Anthologist: curation, editing: creative nonfiction / personal essay
* Editorial management: books, magazines, print & digital media
* Copywriting: book marketing (cover, dust jacket, description, synopses), corporate communications

Note: Prior to becoming an independent (freelance) editor and writer, I moonlit as a book editor (remote) for various trade publishers while holding staff positions as a magazine editor, technical writer, and copywriter.

Aster Publishing

Jul, 1994 — May, 1999 (almost 5 years)

As editor-in-chief of two award-winning consumer magazines—Biblio: Exploring the World of Books (monthly) and Mercator's World: The Magazine of Maps, Exploration, and Discovery (bimonthly)—my responsibilities included:
* Content acquisition, development, and management
* Art direction and management
* Maintained editorial and art/design budgets
* Managed all in-house editorial, design, and production staff
* Sourced freelance writers, illustrators, and photographers
* Editing and proofreading
* Occasionally wrote feature articles
* Collaborated with advertising, marketing, and circulation departments
* Created promotional material
* Represented magazines at trade shows and promotional events

Biblio was named #3 of the best new magazines of 1995, by New York Times' magazine editor.
Mercator's World recipient of Folio award for design excellence.


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Suzan J.

Suzan J.

Dec, 2019

Colleen is an experienced and meticulous editor, and her efforts definitely made my book better. She was devoted to the project and stuck with it as long as was needed to get it just right.
Colleen S.
It was my privilege and pleasure to collaborate with Suzan Jackson on her new book, which I am certain will be of great comfort and value to people who are living with chronic illness. Sue is a ta...
Read more
James R.

James R.

Oct, 2019

Colleen is a wealth of editorial experience and constantly learning. She brings a keen editorial eye not only to structure but to the finer details of phrasing. She is effective at challenging authors as well, when that's required and even cites research to educate them. I'm convinced I'm a better a writer now for having worked with her. Can't recommend her highly enough!

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