Christopher Reese

Christopher Reese – Editor

Accomplished editor specializing in general and Christian non-fiction. Editor of 60 published books. Here to help you tell your story!


I'm here to help you by expertly evaluating, developing, or editing your nonfiction manuscript. I've worked professionally in publishing for 11 years, and am a published author.

Publishers I've worked for include Moody, Crossway, Kregel, Zondervan, B&H, Lexham Press, and Kirkdale Press.

Other areas of expertise include copywriting, book marketing, curriculum development, social media, Christian publishing, and academic publishing.

Services I offer include:
- Manuscript evaluation
- Manuscript development
- Substantive editing
- Copyediting
- Copywriting
- Written content for books and other publications
- Book/Author marketing
- Book proposal creation and consultation
- Curriculum development

I look forward to working with you!
Business & Management Christian Non-Fiction Education & Reference History Inspirational Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs Writing & Publishing
English (US)

Work experience


Mar, 2017 — Present

I help authors and publishers tell their stories well by crafting written work that is clear, concise, and compelling. Whether you're looking for a skilled writer for publications, an expert copywriter for marketing and sales promotion, an editor for a manuscript, or for expertise in content marketing, social media management or social media advertising, I can help you reach your goals and do the important things you don't have time for.

Drawing on 11 years of successful experience in the publishing industry, my services include:
- Written content for books and other publications
- Course materials and curriculum development
- Repurposing existing content for multichannel delivery
- Copywriting
- Manuscript development
- Developmental editing
- Substantive editing
- Copyediting
- Book/Author marketing
- Content marketing
- Book proposal evaluation
- Manuscript evaluation

Lexham Press and Kirkdale Press

Jul, 2017 — Nov, 2018 (over 1 year)

Marketed 30-40 titles per year, including Lexham Press academic titles and Kirkdale Press trade titles.
• Helped increase Lexham revenue by 55 percent compared to the previous year.
• Created a content marketing campaign that resulted in 12,000 new email subscribers.
• Redesigned the Lexham blog and oversaw content and scheduling.
• Ran Facebook and Amazon ads that produced engagement, link clicks, and increased sales.
• Supervised Lexham and Kirkdale social media accounts.
• Provided direction and feedback for book cover designs.
• Evaluated book proposals for content and market potential.

B&H Academic

Jan, 2014 — Feb, 2017 (about 3 years)

• Develop and implement effective marketing strategies for all B&H Academic titles, leading to highest textbook review copy requests since 2011.
• Manage B&H Academic blog and social media. Created Facebook, Google+, and YouTube accounts from scratch. In the past three years grew blog subscribers from zero to 10,000, email newsletter subscribers from 6,000 to 21,000+, Facebook followers from zero to 30,000+, Twitter followers from 900 to 7,900+, and YouTube views from zero to 14,500+.
• Coordinate the promotion and sale of academic products at academic and pastoral conferences, including ETS annual and regional meetings, T4G, Gospel Coalition, Shepherds’, and Bethlehem.
• Oversee and maintain annual academic marketing budget.
• Oversee design and development of academic catalogs.
• Maintain and grow academic databases and coordinate direct-marketing initiatives.
• Serve on academic acquisitions team, evaluating proposals for potential publication.
• Oversee creation of ancillary materials for academic textbooks.
• Supervised redesign of academic blog and website for improved user experience, functionality, and aesthetics.
• Worked with sales team to bring titles to EBSCO and Ebrary platforms for the first time.
• Significantly increased new title sales through online promotions.

Moody Publishers

Apr, 2012 — Jul, 2013 (about 1 year)

• Oversaw acquisitions and strategic direction for a publishing line with a total annual revenue of $2.3M; identified target-rich environments from which to network with new authors (e.g., meetings of the Evangelical Theological Society).
• Acquired/managed 12 new titles annually, including Loving God with Your Mind: Essays in Honor of J. P. Moreland (eds. Paul Gould and Richard Davis); The Soul (J. P. Moreland); The Moody Bible Commentary; Questioning the Bible: 11 Major Challenges to the Bible’s Authority (Jonathan Morrow); The Psalms (eds. Andrew Schmutzer and David M. Howard Jr.); A Reasonable Response (William Lane Craig and Joe Gorra); John MacArthur Commentaries; Joy and Tears: The Emotional Life of the Christian (Gerald Peterman and Andrew Schmutzer); D. L. Moody: A Life (Kevin Belmonte); Privilege the Text: A Theological Hermeneutic for Preaching (Abraham Kuruvilla); After Acts: Exploring the Lives and Legends of the Apostles (Bryan Litfin); the Dictionary of Messianic Prophecy (Michael Rydelnik and Ed Blum); and Evidence for the Rapture: A Biblical Case for Pretribulationism (John F. Hart).
• Assessed a backlist of 300+ titles for potential repackaging opportunities.
• Developed and maintained the former “Bible Study for You” website (10,000+ views monthly) and Facebook page (29,000+ subscribers).
• Created team marketing budget with accountability for meeting frontlist sales goals; provided direct supervision to manager charged with developing marketing initiatives.
• Cultivated and nurtured author/publisher relationships including the writing/processing of contracts.
• Revised the Moody Handbook of Theology in partnership with the author; began revision plans for Theological Wordbook of the Old Testament.

Moody Publishers

Aug, 2007 — Mar, 2012 (over 4 years)

• Directed the editorial process of updating/revising the New American Standard Bible (NASB) Ryrie Study Bible to the English Standard Version (ESV), including the addition of new text, formatting and graphics.
• Designed, implemented and managed “Inside Pages,” Moody Publishers’ first official blog.
• Prepared, refined and improved manuscripts in preparation for publication; collaborated with the editorial team to develop and establish a set of internal style guidelines for manuscripts.
• Edited academic/reference works including: Moody Bible Commentary, Daniel and Revelation commentaries and Christ’s Prophetic Plans: A Futuristic Premillennial Primer.
• Partnered with multiple authors in guiding and shaping content, organization, grammar and style.
• Interacted with customers relating to the biblical and theological content of the company’s books.


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