Catherine Stickley

Catherine Stickley – Editor

Earth Science author, editor and educator. Business Owner.


I’m an Earth Scientist with over 25 years’ experience of writing and editing in academia and industry. If I’m not peering down a microscope, hammering rocks or analysing data, I’m writing about it. I specialise in Palaeontology and Evolution and have authored over 50 articles both specialist and popular, including for Nature and Science magazines. I’ve edited quite a bit more than that for a wide variety of science publishers. I now own my own geological consultancy and manage another, both in the UK.

Earth Science encompasses a number of the traditional STEM subjects; not just Geology but also Planetary Science, Physics, Chemistry, Biology, Ecology, Maths etc., so my work is never dull, always diverse, endlessly inspiring, and at times surprising. These days I write and edit on dry land although, curiously and on occasion, I have written in the middle of the ocean, aboard an interminable rolling drill ship. I’ve written while on Antarctica. I've written in the Arctic. Writing is the communication life-blood of all science; it needs to be done often, but always well, whoever your target audience is.

I'm looking forward to helping you reach your writing goals for any of the physical sciences, whether it be for the specialist or for a general audience. I can help develop and structure your work during it's initial stages by providing a detailed editorial assessment and/or developmental editing. I'm also happy to provide proof-reading and indexing services during it's later stages, for which I have a keen eye! I am particularly known for delivering high-quality work on time, with accuracy and fairness; all accompanied by a thorough explanation of edits. Since I'm lucky enough to call my hobby my career, you'll always find me enthusiastic.

Need some scientific advice to add credibility to your Sci-Fi book? I can help!

I advocate the public engagement of science. After all, what's the point of advancing science if you don't tell anyone about it? You might just inspire the next generation to do the same.

Earth, Space, & Environmental Sciences Education & Reference Nature
Science Fiction
English (UK) English (US)
  • B.Sc Geology with Astronomy (Leicester, UK)
  • M.Sc D.UCL Micropalaeontology (University College London, UK)
  • Ph.D Micropalaeontology (University College London, UK)

Work experience


Dec, 2013 — Present

I co-own a UK-based geological consultancy providing scientific services to both industry and academia. The bulk of my work is in technical report-writing for a range of private clients, and publication of research articles for public consumption. I report on novel results and ideas from my own research, alongside honest critique of published works. My business is unique among similar consultancies by our long-term expertise that combines both the academic and industrial sectors and, consequently, by the quantity, quality and variety of publications we produce.

I've published with Springer Nature, Cambridge University Press, Taylor & Francis, Elsevier, Academic Press, Sage, AAAS, Geological Society of London, The National Academy of Sciences, Wiley, and others.

Various institutes in the UK, Norway and the USA

Oct, 1994 — Dec, 2013 (about 19 years)

I have worked as a Research Scientist in a number of Earth Science departments including: University College London (UK); Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory (Columbia University, USA); Cardiff University (UK); the Norwegian Polar Institute (Tromsoe, Norway) and the University of Tromsoe (Norway). My work has involved novel research and it's dissemination through publication, public outreach, peer-review/editing for a wide range of technical journals, as International Editor for The Journal of Micropalaeontology (Geological Society of London), funding applications, administration and education.


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Luísa B.

Luísa B.

Mar, 2023

It was a joy to work with Catherine! If all editors were as competent, kind and enthusiastic as she is, authors would enjoy a lot the editing process. I now have a better written and clearer book with more information. I am immensely happy I collaborated with Catherine. I cannot recommend her work highly enough!
Mariette S.

Mariette S.

May, 2022

In my hunt for the right editor, I was so very lucky to have found Catherine. I was immediately intrigued by her breadth of knowledge, particularly her stellar science background, which had a tangible impact on the editing process. Not only was her competence a breath of fresh air, but so was her manner: Goal-driven, detail-oriented, client-focused, a stickler for time, courteous, and committe...
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Klara K I.

Klara K I.

Sep, 2021

Catherine was truly amazing! Her level of professionalism and the quality of the work she delivered were exceptional: everything was thought out, planned, well organized, and most importantly, handled with so much grace. It felt like she was curating an art exhibit--her touch was beautiful, her feedback was so considerate of my goals. I want to write another book just to be able to work with he...
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