Cassandre Cadieux

Cassandre Cadieux – Editor

Editor and proofreader who has worked for many clients, including Harlequin. I specialize in romance, women's fiction, and graphic novels.


During the day, I'm an experienced magazine editor, but I moonlight as a freelance proofreader, copy editor and book reviewer. I specialize in romance and women's fiction, but have experience in graphic novels, manga, non-fiction entertainment and personal essays as well. I'm a great communicator and I absolutely love getting to read the books that come through Reedsy. Let me help you use my passion for grammar to help you have the cleanest manuscript possible.
Comics & Graphic Novels Romance Women's Fiction
English (CAN) English (UK) English (US)
  • Book & Magazine Publishing Diploma, Centennial College

Work experience


Oct, 2013 — Present

Edits romance and women's fiction eBooks, manga, magazine articles and advertorials for grammar, spelling, usage, consistency, tone, accuracy, repetition and style for many clients, including Harlequin, Bookmark, Walmart Canada and St Joseph Communications.

St Joseph Communications

Mar, 2018 — Jan, 2020 (almost 2 years)

Rogers Communications

Mar, 2015 — Mar, 2018 (about 3 years)

Rogers Communications

Sep, 2012 — Mar, 2015 (over 2 years)


Three great love stories that started it all…Jane Eyre, Pride and Prejudice and Wuthering Heights are three of the greatest novels in English literature. Now joining them is Pride, Prejudice and Popcorn, a decidedly different take on these classics. You will l... read more
“Introduce me to Dominic.”When Arianne’s husband dumped her for their rich neighbor’s girlfriend, her confidence as a woman went out the door as well. At least her neighbor, Jason, was in the same boat, pouring wine to console her while his aloof self-assuranc... read more
There's a very fine line between blushing bride and mascara-streaked sobbing mess. #beenthereLilly Swanson has been planning her perfect life since she was twelve years old: Meet Mr. Right, have the big white wedding, buy a house in the burbs, and raise 2.5 pi... read more

W, Ira

"Though I've seen more appealing art, the story is deeply emotional and I've enjoyed reading this title."-by NetGalley ReviewerThis matchmaker is hunting for a bride for Prince Stavros…but is an heir really the only thing he wants out of marriage?Gemma is a ma... read more
Their burning passion flamed out and now all that remain are bitter memories and a precious life.When Kate came back to her hometown to care for her sick father, she was distressed to run into her CEO ex-husband, Max, at the hospital. It’s been eight years sin... read more
" A nice rendition of the “wedding in Vegas” trope that will have you cheer for the happy ending."-by Nanni Isabella, NetGalley Reviewer"What saved this story for me was the ending. I laughed so much."-by Gonzalez Elizabeth, NetGalley ReviewerGina’s life has b... read more
The Romance Lover's Guide to Movie Must-SeesIf you adore Sleepless in Seattle and Pride and Prejudice and The Avengers, then you want a movie guide aimed at women like you. Women who enjoy romances and more! You like both a good kiss and a good knockout and re... read more
A reluctant stripper and a damaged bounty hunter lay bare a tale of stolen lives, secret shames and the powerful criminal behind their every shattered dream.Polly:For just one night I needed to turn off the dread I felt every day. I needed to forget that despi... read more
"I warned you this would be dangerous."Trouble has a way of finding me. This time I'm hunting it down—bartending at After Dark, Kansas City's most exclusive gentleman's club. It's a world I've tried hard to escape. But the plush interior and secluded booths ar... read more
"That's the way I like it—hot and wet."Not something I'd typically say in a job interview, but it just kind of slipped out. I blame Ronnie Tate—the woman is sin in stilettos. As bosses go, the sexy ex-showgirl is way more appealing than the Miami billionaire w... read more
Professor Courtney Wells has waited long enough and is going to have a baby on her own. Parenthood isn’t for the faint of heart but she’s well educated, self-sufficient and has finally accepted her limitations where men are concerned. But then she meets milita... read more
A fever dream of desires fulfilled. Nestled in the shadow of the Appalachians is where Gwen Ashby stumbles upon the William Marshall Academy, and she's given a trial position as a literature teacher. The gothic boarding school seems trapped in time yet it feel... read more
Assassin. The very word congeals sheik Malik el Hajjah’s blood. As the sole ruler of Baharah and the last remaining member of the royal family, he knows he’s a marked man. He’s sworn to apprehend the monsters who killed his family. Now one year after his famil... read more
Danger lurks in the valley, and its ghostly source stalks Lilly's nightmares... As the threat of war darkens the skies over 1938 Europe, Lilly Divine trades the burlesque stage for a crumbling mansion deep in the mountainous heart of Wales. Taran House is stee... read more
Time passes, but passion—and vengeance—endureThe erotic memories are not Olivia’s own, yet they shake her to her core. And she knows what it is to be shaken: years ago, a deranged stalker drove her into a life of isolation and distrust. But enigmatic Lucian Wi... read more
He's beneath her…and that’s what she wants.Hotel heiress Madeline Stone has always played it safe and been the good girl. Since the death of her mother, she’s let her father and older brothers dictate her life, but this is her last year of college and perhaps ... read more
He can’t have her. And he can’t tell anyone why. Ski racer Dane "Danger" Hollister does not do relationships, though he keeps his reason a secret. The real-life curse he's inherited from his mother will eventually cost him everything: his place on the Olympic ... read more

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Carrie G.

Carrie G.

Dec, 2020

I have loved working with Cassandre. She is totally professional and good value for money. I will be coming back to work with her again once my next book is finished. Highly recommend her to anyone
Cassandre C.
I can't wait to work with Carrie again on her next project!
Ira W.

Ira W.

Nov, 2020

She is faboulus; she listens and understands what the writer is looking for. It was great working with her.
Vy T.

Vy T.

Oct, 2020

She reached back to me as soon as I set up the request and has been professional and communicative throughout the entire process. I am very please with her work and am looking forward to working with her again!
Cassandre C.
Vy was a delight to work with! Everything went smoothly and there are definitely no complaints on my end.

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