Candida Hadley

Candida Hadley – Editor

A social justice–oriented non-fiction editor who loves helping authors express themselves with strength, passion, and clarity.


I have been a nonfiction and academic editor for 14 years. I worked as a developmental editor with an independent political/academic publishing company for 11 years before going freelance full-time three years ago. Though I edit all manner of nonfiction, I am particularly interested in writing projects that critically interrogate pressing social issues, such as racism, colonization, white supremacy, capitalism, poverty, gender and sexuality, and the like. I provide development editing, copy/line editing, and proofreading.

While many of the projects I've worked on are written by academics and students, I have also edited more general interest books and memoirs. These projects have also addressed issues of equity and justice in all its myriad forms.

I have graduate degrees in Globalization Studies and Religious Studies from McMaster University and have taken a variety of editing courses. Before becoming an editor I spent almost a decade working as a qualitative and mixed methods researcher in the university sector.


"Candida, you are one of the most gracious people, and I want you to know how much I appreciate your compliments. All my communications with you have been more than positive, they have been a pleasant experience. I think you feel and understand how personal the memoir I have written is, and you have a special intuitiveness and sensitivity about writers in general."

Berna Bolyn author of Among Wolves: A Memoir (Reedsy collaboration)

“Candida is an amazing editor. She suggested many, many changes that immediately and powerfully clarified what I had been trying to say. In her comments to me, she challenged me to do better, to be more critical, and more intellectually rigorous while she somehow simultaneously made me feel very much capable of those things. She deeply challenged me to do better while encouraging me and boosting my confidence, helping me feel capable of meeting the challenges she set. Both direct and gentle, she helped distill my muddy thoughts and messy ideas into something I feel very proud of. She encouraged me to put more of myself into the pages, to tell the story I want to tell, to let my own voice emerge. She guided me in ways that have made me a better writer, communicator, storyteller going forward. The book will have my name on it, but it was a collaborative endeavour with Candida through and through. I am really, really grateful to her and excited for any writers out there who get the chance to work with her!”
Jen Gobby is a scholar-activist currently doing a postdoc at Concordia University and the author of More Powerful Together: Conversations with Climate Activists and Indigenous Land Defenders

Biographies & Memoirs Education & Reference History LGBTQ Non-Fiction Middle Eastern & Islamic Studies Political Science & Current Affairs Sociology
English (CAN) English (US)

Work experience


Jan, 2020 — Present

I work with individuals, publishing houses, and non-profit organizations doing development and copy editing
I work with students, helping to edit papers, theses, and dissertations
I work with first time authors, helping them navigate the publishing industry

Fernwood Publishing

Apr, 2009 — Apr, 2020 (about 11 years)

Fernwood Publishing is an independently owned political publisher that produces books for both trade and academic markets
I worked with professors, professionals, and students, development editing their books
I edited award-winning and best selling books
I edited books within the social sciences, particularly within Indigenous/settler studies, anti-Black racism, gender and sexuality, and critical social work


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Catherine C.

Catherine C.

Dec, 2023

Candida Hadley was a dream to work with. She made many comments and suggestions that helped me fine tune the end result, and along the way I learned so much about the editorial process. I chose a Canadian editor because it is the English idiom and spelling I am familiar with, and I chose Candida Hadley specifically because she was vulnerable enough to reveal her emotional response to my writing...
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Candida H.
Thank you Cathy. As always, your way with words shines through! This is a truly lovely review. It was such a pleasure to work with you too.
Sanford J.

Sanford J.

Sep, 2023

Candida is fantastic. She improved the document a lot. She was personable, timely, and communicated very quickly. There are no negatives. She did grammar and notes. I would recommend her without reservation.
Candida H.
Thank you, Sandy. What a generous review. It was a pleasure working with you!
Paul B.

Paul B.

Jun, 2023

There was a smile on my face as I read and re-read Candida’s edit of a query letter and her review of the proposal for my narrative non-fiction book. My head was nodding in assent and I actually said, "Yes, yes." out loud to some of her most helpful and detailed comments on the proposal. In addition to being an excellent editor, Candida is a fine teacher. I particularly appreciated the way she...
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Candida H.
Thank you, Paul, for this very kind review. It was a pleasure to work with you and on your important project. Wishing you all the best as you move forward with it!
B B.

B B.

Jul, 2021

It's always been a pleasure working with Candied, both personally and professionally. I had the story, she helps me make it better for the reader. And sometimes even seems to tap Into what I really wanted to say but was subconsciously holding back. Candida is a unique human being and I consider myself lucky I found her.
Candida H.
Always a pleasure to work with you, Berna! I feel lucky to have been able to work with you as well. Wishing you all the best with your book.
B B.

B B.

Apr, 2021

I feel forchionet I got to work with Candida, and getting to Know her Personally.

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