Caitlin B. Alexander

Caitlin B. Alexander – Designer

An illustrator with a style that is nostalgic, yet fresh, and charming yet mature! Cover design + picture books. Lover of color + texture.


I am excited and open to book cover projects! I am currently booked on picture books until November 2023.

I'm a freelance illustrator from Austin, Texas and new to Manitou Springs, CO with a style rooted in midcentury influence, through the lens of a modern existence. I focus on a representation of repeat patterns and texture in our natural world, observations of daily life, and messages of strength and acceptance, via hand-lettered typography. This love of smaller details-- a cluster of mismatched city buildings, lush color in an old quilt, variations in a garden-- is what I bring to my work: an appreciation for the lovely little things in life.

Let's open the visual world that your words have brought to life!

Some of my previous clients include National Geographic Learning, the American Federation for Teachers, and Ladybug Magazine. I am a lover of books (even below my reading level) and have a massive collection of inspiration at hand, always!

Self-Publishing Client Testimonials:

"Caitlin's illustrations have transformed the scientific text [of my book] into a charming story of sharing knowledge and collective action to inspire us all to help the world stay cool for the next generation... I just compare [her] art to almost anything else on the market, and it's a different level... [Her] aesthetic is what has made this book so wonderful!" --Marianna Linz, author of "Cool For You"

Biographies & Memoirs
Contemporary Fiction Middle Grade Picture Books Science Fiction Women's Fiction Young Adult
  • Austin SCBWI Portfolio Award, Society of Illustrators Los Angeles Illustration West 49
  • BFA Summa Cum Laude in Illustration from the Savannah College of Art and Design

Work experience


Jun, 2011 — Present

I provide illustration and design services for editorial, advertising, publishing, and small businesses, with a wide range of project scopes and types of clients. Communication is incredibly important to me, and I make sure my clients love the art they are commissioning! In addition to freelance work, I sell prints and products of my own through shops and markets.

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Monna M.

Monna M.

Jun, 2023

The 38 Impossible Loves of Naoko Nishizawa is my debut novel so everything about this process was new for me. I could not have chosen a better cover illustrator and designer than Caitlin. She explained the process in great detail, understood my vision for the cover, delivered great sketches, and created a gorgeous final cover in four different formats (ebook, paperback, hard cover and audio). I...
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Mark O.

Mark O.

May, 2023

I truly enjoyed working with Caitlin. She totally captured the spirit of what I was hoping to achieve. She also communicated in a timely manner, keeping me posted at every step. She is a very talented artist and would recommend her to anyone for cover design and illustrations. Mark
Corey K.

Corey K.

Mar, 2023

Caitlin was a wonderful illustrator and partner to me as I worked on my first published book. She was fantastic at taking feedback and ideas and turning them into a really great product.
Glenn F.

Glenn F.

Jan, 2023

Caitlin is a joy to work with and a true artist when it comes to creating original illustrative material. I have just completed my second project with her (book covers) and am delighted with the collaboration and resulting product. She has an amazing ability to take the crude draft documents I send her regarding my rough ideas and from them she creates beautiful book covers. She gets right t...
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Virinder G.

Virinder G.

Dec, 2022

Caitlin was the perfect cover illustrator for me! She provided excellent communication and I could tell that she really cared about turning my ideas into a physical form that encapsulated my novel. That is a devotion that I did not expect when looking for a cover illustrator. Caitlin allowed me to be free with my ideas and her amazing creativity and experience helped develop them even further ...
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