James Buchanan

James Buchanan – Ghostwriter

I help authors achieve their literary goals in the areas of creative nonfiction, memoir, fiction, nonfiction, and thought leadership books.


The books I've worked on have won multiple awards, found agents and publishers, and so far one is in preproduction to be filmed as an eight episode streaming series, another had an option purchased to turn it into a Broadway musical, and I helped secure a representation deal of the literary and movie rights for one recent client.

As your writing coach and/or ghostwriter I will help you:

- Create, tell and sell your story from cradle to bookshelf, which includes finding an agent, publisher.
- Learn how to break through clichés and platitudes to find larger, unheard truths.
- Write real human beings with complex emotional states and motivations.
- See the narrative that excites and entertains a reader.
- Incorporate concepts such as theory of the mind, empathy & sympathy into your writing so you inhabit the psyche of a character.
- Become a thought leader in your chosen field.
- Believe that you are truly an artist able of achieving your literary dreams.

I will work with you to delve into what it means to be a writer and author as well as be available to you to meaningfully discuss your work, answer questions as they come to you, and better understand the business of writing. And I will do all of this for a reasonable fee.

I will also help you create, or write for you, the materials you need to be a published author. This includes:

- List of Prospective Agents and Publishers
- Query Letters
- Book Proposals

And the result of working with me as your mentor, coach, and/or ghostwriter? A lasting friendship, a few laughs, and creative work that opens a world of possibilities to you.
Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Life Sciences Sex & Relationships
Coming of Age Literary Fiction Plays & Screenplays Short Story
English (US)
  • Best Indie Book Award
  • Davidoff Scholarship Wesleyan Writers' Conference
  • Best Book Awards
  • Beverly Hills Book Awards
  • Multiple Journalism Awards

Work experience

James Buchanan

Jan, 1998 — Present

I am a professional writer, ghostwriter, editor, and writing mentor with more eighteen years of professional experience. I have helped clients from the first inklings of an idea through to seeing their book on Amazon and in bookstores throughout the country.


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D W.

D W.

Apr, 2018

James is a delight to work with. He is highly skilled and creative at his craft. His ability to track through plot points, character development, scenes, pacing, timelines, and the overall theme of the story was like having the writing partner I'd been wishing for...all of these years. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!