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Brian White - Web Developer

Lawrence, KS

Web Designer and Web Developer with a background in illustration. Good at seeing the whole brand and how to connect to the social channels.

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I direct my studio’s strategic and creative growth while also serving as a senior designer on most client projects. I have worked in design and communication arts since 1996. I am enthralled by the color, layout, pattern, and typography of branding. I love to bring these skills to clients and businesses. I bring an abundance of national branding industry experience to the table and have developed a strong foundation in interactive brand strategy.

I enjoy connecting and collaborating with outside agencies and design studios that share similar loves in brand, ideation, and interactive design.

I design and build unique custom WordPress sites quickly and effectively for small businesses and individuals. My background in branding helps the projects stay cohesive. Projects go smoothly with me doing the colors, logo, typography, web layout, and web development all with direct communication with a client.

I live with my wife and three kids in Lawrence, Kansas.

Brian and his team were amazing to work with. Enthusiastic, knowledgeable, and FAST. I couldn't send assets to him fast enough or even request a change/edit before it was already done. Very happy with the work they do. Highly recommended.
- Jordan Scott

Brian and his team are responsive, reliable, and highly talented. We had them create new branding, websites, and work with a previous branding design. We love our new websites! They're clear, easily navigated, and we are proud of the way they represent our work. If we ever have questions, Brian is happy to help us.
-Jenny Knight

Brian not only gave me a perfect logo pack, but he helped define my new business. He really cared about designing meaningful symbols that united and represented the qualities of my services. He was also extremely patient and informative regarding decisions and opinions. I love having tools with such depth and really appreciate the talent it took to create them!
-Molly Fritzel

Brian's great to work with, reliable, imaginative, and responsive. He's helped us a lot, and I'm grateful for his professionalism.
-Jim Knight

My son, a marketing exec, recommended Brian and his team to design my website several years ago. Brian did such a wonderful job that when it came time to give my brand a makeover, I went back to him and discovered—to my joy—that he had expanded beyond design, adding development. Brian became my one-stop shop for the full-meal-deal. He designed my website. His team coded it. And I run it, with Brian covering my back by providing maintenance as needed. Brian is a gentle spirit and a kind voice in person and over the phone. Easy to work with. Professional. A gifted designer. I’d recommend him to my mother if she knew what a website was.
-Stephen Miller

Beautiful work; solid construction. I had a specific look I was going for and Brian got it from the beginning. He listened to my ideas, roughed out a few examples, and tweaked items per my comments. The final results were stunning. Polite, no hassles, and aims to please. I fully recommend.
-Donovan Scott

Brian exceeded my expectations. The designs are fresh and captivating but not overdone. Brian White, is a good communicator that helps you develop what you are looking for in the design and creating your brand. Highly recommended.
-Rob Martin

Brian does great work. He has done two sites for us here in Lawrence, KS and when we need an update a few years down the road, we won't even need to look elsewhere. We've found that he has a knack for creating a site that suits your brand. His sites are not only nice to look at, but they are incredibly user friendly on both the front end and back end.
-Sean Hatch

The video that we had Brian and his team edit for us exceeded our expectations. The motion graphics were creative and executed exceptionally well. We were extremely happy with the work that we received.
-Luke Coburn

Great work, friendly people.
Everything was done efficiently and they understand how to give you exactly what you need.
-Tessa Vanooteghem

I've worked with a lot of designers, Brian is by far the easiest and most responsive, not to mention he just does great work.
-Scott Dement

Children's Picture Books
Science Fiction
Short Story
Antiques & Collectibles
Christian (Non-Fiction)
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  • Logo Lounge Books
  • Lux Freelance Award

Work experience

Brand manager / Web Designer / Web Developer

Paso a Paso
July, 2007 – Present (over 11 years)

Brand management, website design and building and updates for Missions based Non-Profit.

Owner / Operator

January, 2001 – Present (almost 18 years)

Brian directs the studio’s strategic and creative growth while also serving as senior designer on most client projects. Brian has worked in design and communication arts since 1996. Enthralled by the color, layout, pattern and typography of branding, Brian loves to bring this skill to clients and businesses. He brings an abundance of national branding industry experience to the table and has developed a strong foundation in interactive brand strategy. Brian enjoys connecting and collaborating with outside agencies and design studios that share similar loves in brand, ideation and interactive design. Brian lives with his wife and three kids in Lawrence, Kansas.

Senior Web Designer

January, 2000 – December, 2000 (11 months)


Instructional Coaching Group

I was hired by ICG in 2015 to redo their website and make it mobile friendly. The build went smoothly and I was able to capture the white space the companies vice-president loved. The site had amazing success over the next year with the search engine optimization and frame work for mobile. By the second year, the site averaged 200k hits! The site's foundation has been pushed and pulled in many ways since the first iteration. All these changes are done quickly and easily with the drag and drop framework. I implemented an integrated youtube channel and other social media outlets to make sure they were getting the most visitors they could. I have now implmented an integrated event registration and certification process.

Dr. Paul White

Custom WordPress site for author Dr. Paul White. The website showcased the book "the 5 languages of Appreciation in the workplace", Dr. White co authored with Gary Chapman.


I was approached by a few professors who were diving deeper into Radar technology after they retired from the University of Kansas. Their startup Aerotenna needed a solid brand base to work off of as they pursued the drone industry. Their products have been testing ice sheet density through octagonal radar arrays, altimeters, micro products, and now they are moving into artifical intelligence. It's exciting to see them grow and push the barriers of what radar technology can do for the human race. I designed and built their custom WordPress site to make it easy for them to update and eventually add physical products for sale.


DJ U4EM Brand Look and website. Music page design for online web site for DJ U4EM. Track selection slider with info slide outs for easy purchase options. One of the most intriguing parts of the brand is the logo which is responsive to the material it is placed on. It changes shape to fit to the medium.

Ticket Pricing Selector

I created an online personal ticket and snow board selection for Laax. Users are able to quickly choose their training package of the day and move into personal choices for gear. Once you are in the gear section, you can personalize it for the day, making sure the selection you are choosing will work for your build.


One of our clients Aerotenna has grown to the point they are branching out into new fields. TriLion was brought on again to help with design direction, branding, and overall creative stategy. We were excited to see how far Aerotenna had gone with manufacturing for drone technology and the new fields they were jumping into. The name Ainstein is a mashup up Albert Einstein and Artifical Intelligence (AI). We are excited to see how the brand continues to grow and build and will be posting Fall booth designs and updates as they are finalized.

Casual English Bible

I built a custom WordPress theme from the ground up for this project with custom search features, easy filtering, and easy to add content sections for Steve, the author.

It’s the birth of an online book series featuring some of the most popular books of the Bible.
What you get:
Translation. Each Bible book translated into everyday English
Notes. Bible background study notes with each chapter
Qs. Discussion questions for Bible study groups to use with every chapter

This is a Bible series and Bible study resources for folks who don’t read the Bible—whether they’re Christian or not. The Bible is important enough that everyone needs a Bible they can read.

Especially people who don’t read it.

The Casual English Bible is a Bible written in casual English—the way we talk to each other. No scholar jargon or preacher clichés.

Idyllwild Inn

Idyllwild approached me last fall to update their site which usually happens every four years. I love working with them and I'm thankful for a good client relationship that has lasted over a decade. This time I cleaned up the site and moved it onto my drag/drop responsive framework that’s easy to update. I wrote a new style sheet for them which will make it easier to update the web site in the future. One fun aspect of the design is they are making buttons directly off my badge designs for people who stay in the theme rooms.

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