Barry Lyons

Barry Lyons – Editor

I am a content editor, copy editor, and proofreader. I specialize in nonfiction books.


I have worked as a freelance editor since the 1990s and currently work on nonfiction manuscripts of almost any stripe: history, politics, science, nature, biography, and memoir (I will not take on manuscripts concerned with sports or religion). In my Reedsy Portfolio you will see a list of several books I've edited (note: the descriptions of these books come from Amazon and have not been edited by me). I do not edit PDFs.

Biographies & Memoirs Business & Management Entertainment Health & Wellbeing History Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs Travel
English (US)

Work experience

Self Employed

Jan, 1998 — Present

Late 1990s–Present

Proofreader and copy editor, primarily for financial and marketing firms.

I'm also a writer. I wrote book reviews for the now-defunct British publication, Prometheus (editorial members included Toni Morrison, Eduardo Galeano, and Henry Louis Gates Jr.). I've written pop music reviews for Earvolution and classical music annotations for Muze and Naxos. I've also written book reviews for IndieReader. My first book, Letter to a Prohibitionist, which argues for marijuana legalization and an end to the War on Drugs, was published via Amazon's CreateSpace service in 2013.


Casper: Suburban Scumbag

Fletcher, Abel T.

best. world. ever.

Savage Wittig, Lauren

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Axel V.

Axel V.

May, 2024

Barry was always responsive and provided me with great insights in the editing process. He not only proofread the whole manuscript but also meticulously pointed out and corrected the grammatical errors, suggested fonts and sizes, pagination, contents, backcover, and formatting altogether. His inputs were essential to produce a good quality output, that, without this professional advice, the res...
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Eichin C.

Eichin C.

Feb, 2024

Barry has done a fantastic job editing my book. He is responsive and states his point succinctly. I strongly recommend his work and value his professionalism without reservation.
Charlie C.

Charlie C.

Feb, 2024

This was the second time I have worked with Barry and another fantastic service. As a British writer creating a book for a US audience I was looking for a copy editor that could take my text and ensure it lands for the American reader, Barry worked quickly through a 360 page manuscript and delivered exactly on time so I could get on with the final formatting and publish. Not only did I recei...
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Rita K.

Rita K.

Feb, 2024

This is my second project with Barry, who is simply briliant. He is not only a great editor, but patient, extremely quick and responsive, and really owns the project as if it his own. Thank you again, Barry!
Norman W. H.

Norman W. H.

Jan, 2024

I appreciated Barry’s straightforward approach and his overall feedback, including his willingness to pushback on parts of my work.

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