Arjan van Woensel

Arjan van Woensel – Designer

Easy-going and highly experienced designer / art director with many professional accolades and experience under his belt.


Hello, my name is Arjan, born and raised in the Netherlands but living in beautiful New Zealand.

Under the nom de guerre of Tenzing, I help people achieve their publishing aspirations. Together, we explore opportunities and I guide you to your publishing goal until — in the words of Sir Edmund Hillary — you knock the bastard off. I'm the Designer / Art Director who will forge ahead on the path to getting you a gorgeous, publishable book.

Let’s talk about your Everest and see if I can be your sherpa! 🤩

I've got tons of experience in print — the technical side of it as well as the visual aspects of it. I love a challenge and always aim to make a publication stand out. Typography is my forte and I go further than just creating an attractive cover: the perfect typesetting of the interior text is just as important to me.

Over the years, I've won many professional accolades. I'm afraid I seriously lost count of how many design & art direction awards I have won.

I'm a book nerd and built my own library room to keep all my favourite reads neatly together. Think of it as a research library for book design — I'm almost a bit ashamed to admit there are plenty of copies in my library that I bought just because of their looks. Oops! There, I said it.

I love cover designs with loads of character in it — whether that is bold and funny or clean and straightforward or playful and frank.
My designs are not minimalist but rather maximalist: I aim to dramatise the main feeling and style the author wants to get across and I use typography, colour and well-curated photography to achieve that goal.

But I'm at my very best when I can add that emotional layer of suspense and intrigue to the design. I love it when a book makes a statement and is singular in its design. Let's make yours!

↪ Snippets of recent reviews I'm proud of:

“Arjan is such a talent! So much thought went into how and why images were chosen, it really opened my eyes to the creative force of the book cover. I'm certain that his artistry played a role in my #1 new release title. You won't regret a collaboration with Arjan.”
— Cee McDermott

“Arjan is an extremely unbelievable professional. His quality and class of job output are way out of this world. He is extremely patient, painstaking and committed to the project he undertakes. His level of understanding of the job requirement is mind-boggling.”
—Emmanuel Obeta

“Arjan was great. Not only did he come up with several good design ideas, but he also sent them in a fun and clear presentation for me to make my choice.”
— Kevin Mori

“I must say, Arjan's work is state of the art. His thorough involvement, engagement and interaction during the project was second to none.”
— Sohan Gokarn

Contemporary Fiction Historical Fiction Historical Romance Literary Fiction
Health & Wellbeing Self-Help & Self-Improvement Travel Writing & Publishing
  • Eurobest Awards
  • Cannes Lions Awards
  • Epica Awards
  • ADCN Awards
  • Adobe / HOW Awards
  • Best Awards
  • Clio Awards
  • Crowdiate
  • Effie Awards
  • Esprix Awards
  • BFA Communication Design
  • SEO Linkedin Certificate
  • SquareSpace Circle Member
  • Google Analytics
  • Enlightened Warrior
  • ICC Boating License Inland + Coastal + VHF

Work experience


Mar, 2012 — Present

Design and marketing consultant. Starting self-initiated and commissioned branding projects. Translating strategy into visual communication. Growing brands and businesses.

Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences

Jun, 2013 — Nov, 2015 (over 2 years)

Creative Strategy workshop as part of the Entrepreneurship curriculum of the Amsterdam University Of Applied Science.

Doom & Dickson

May, 2000 — Jan, 2006 (over 5 years)

Creative direction, brand strategy concepts and art direction for consumer and business brands. Strategy and management tasks for agency.


Made with Reedsy
Your DNA, Your Life

McDermott, Cee

Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
The Tears of Apphat: Immortal Beloved

Camus, Alain Louis

Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Cover Design Typography Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
Standing Strong memoirs of an Overcomer

Webb Kirby , Sandia

Cover Design Typography Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
The Hussar: The Etonians: Book 1

Jackson, M. Battle

Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
The Casino Caper : An ill-conceived quest

Joyce, Margaret M.

Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design Production Management
Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Cover Design Illustration Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
Faith and Fearlessness

Thomas, M. G.

Cover Design Typography Book Interior Design Production Management
Made with Reedsy
Strong Like Wildflowers

Thompson, Eric L

Illustration Typography Book Interior Design
Made with Reedsy
You Too Can Live Very Long

Twostones, Al

Cover Design Illustration Typography

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Martha J.

Martha J.

Nov, 2023

Arjan and I have just completed our second project, and I couldn't be happier and more pleased. He is a fantastic designer, not only the book cover but the interior as well. So many of my readers have commented on the beautiful cover for the first book, and I expect even more positive remarks on the second cover.
Dana T.

Dana T.

Nov, 2023

I provided a book proposal on this site, and Arjan not only addressed the proposal but also generated additional ideas. His response excited me, and I realized he could push me out of my preconceived ideas and comfort zone. Arjan provided me with multiple cover options and incorporated my feedback. The collaboration was easy and enjoyable, arising from Arjan's easygoing personality and effectiv...
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Arjan V.
Thank you Dana for your kind words! Great you found the collab easy and enjoyable; I always try my very best to make it go that way. And we will totally work together again 😀👍
Rosemary C.

Rosemary C.

Nov, 2023

Arjan has been amazing. He understood what I was looking for from the start and took it up a few notches with his ideas and skill. I am so happy with my book cover and it’s already getting rave responses. I then asked him to do the formatting for my book and again he went above and beyond expectations. I could not have asked for a better partnership for my first self published book.
Arjan V.
👍 Was great to work on your fantastic book Rosemary! I'm sure you'll have lots of success with your publication.
Sheridan G.

Sheridan G.

Nov, 2023

Arjan's excellent communication style helped us discuss concepts well and he created a great book cover as a result! As a first time author I've noticed vastly different styles of communication with those involved in this project. Arjan was one of the best and I highly recommend his technical design skills too. Thanks again!
Arjan V.
🤩 Thanks Sheridan for pointing out one of the things that I put a large amount of effort into. It's not easy to go through a process that involves creativity and design and all those touchy-feely t...
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Michele B.

Michele B.

Oct, 2023

I can honestly say that I’m truly impressed with all of the work that was completed with my book. Arjan, you have gone above and beyond my expectations and I appreciate all that you’ve done to make my book look not only professional, but beautiful. Thank you for all that you’ve done with your creative work and talent. God bless you.
Arjan V.
Thanks Michele, it was a pleasure working with you and creating this great result for your book. I hope you and your readers will enjoy it for a long time.

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