Antoine Verslype

Antoine Verslype ā€“ Web Developer

How to stand out from the crowd? I've been making breathtaking websites to help authors like you for 10 years āœØ Let me tell you how šŸ‘‡


Hello there!

I'm Antoine, a web designer trained in Paris, fluent in English and French with a decade of professional experience.

I've been telling the stories of dozens of start-ups and businesses throughout my career through the art of web design and feel confident that I can tell yours in a way that will strongly connect with your audience and readers.


What I've learned over the years is that there are two main aspects that will get people to engage with your website.

The first one is the reason why web designers are always saying 'make beautiful websites' - it's because people are attracted to beautiful things and it's the best way for them to feel comfortable and at ease. This is an important aspect when they decide if they want to engage with your content, stay on your website and ultimately discover your book. That's why creating a luminous, well balanced and attractive website is so important.

The second element is the user journey, meaning how people engage and move around your website. You need to deliver the information regarding your book in a clear and simple way, always keeping the reader interested. This is done by creating texts which have good readibility, are short, always add value to the whole story, and are presented in bitesize chunks with appealing visual content. You also want people to easily and intuitively navigate your website, easily find their way around and ultimately reach your goal: buying your book!

When you add all these elements together with your unique story and aesthetic, you create a memorable website that will naturally engage with your audience.


I have a preference for making websites with Squarespace because, as it is the leading website building provider, you can rely on having:

- The most up-to-date design features to develop a modern website
- An excellent track record for website performance (which is really important for search engine ranking (being at the top of Google!))
- Robust and effective mobile optimisation
- Many excellent integrated tools to manage all your business in one place.

I also have experience with all other major website builders (Shopify, Wix, WordPress, etc...) and would be happy to adapt to your preferences.


Because of the nature of web design, every project is created individually and will be clearly broken down into each component and requirement before being agreed upon.

For each project you can expect:

- Domain name registration
- Complete design of your website with a user-friendly CMS (Squarespace, Shopify, Wix, etc...)
- Full SEO optimisation (making sure search engines can see and read your website)
- Full desktop and mobile optimisation
- Connecting social media accounts
- Full training to use the platform chosen via video call for full ownership of your website

Complete branding solutions are also available.


I pride myself on delivering clean, appealing and engaging design. Iā€™m a strong team player with excellent communication skills and enjoy delivering my work to consistently meet deadlines and exceed expectations.

Please don't hesitate to get in touch!

**See testimonials in the Projects section**
Architecture Art Design Fashion & Textiles
Contemporary Fiction Young Adult
Works with
Shopify Squarespace Weebly Wix WordPress
  • BA in Design

Work experience


Sep, 2015 ā€” Present

Choosing the right designer can seem overwheming but there are simple elements to look out for such as, do you like the style of the designer? Is their work clear and easy to read? How does their work compare to your favourite websites? Does it look smart and professional?

What you should look for when searching for great web design is the way it makes you feel. Successful web design creates a seamless, engaging and enjoyable journey for the user. It doesn't matter whether the website is selling a book, a house or encourages you to join a band! The most important thing is that you feel at home and you want to stay. Let's build your home on the web together!



It's a continuous pleasure to work with Antoine. As a startup, we sought a UI/UX designer to help us build a consistent yet unique online presence.
We've been working closely with Antoine on several aspects, including the design of our website, our branding guide and other social media assets such as banners.

We can only recommend his expertise and are looking forward to keeping working with him.

Joaquim Tirach - CEO and Co-Founder Gaupa Labs


'We have had the pleasure of working with Antoine for over six months now. He's great at following briefs and takes everything into account to ensure all is clear before starting, during and at the end of every projects. This makes the entire process very seamless and stress-free, and we never have to worry about any last-minute surprises. He consistently delivers projects on time, if not earlier and he's a great communicator, always available to answer any questions or concerns that we have. We're super happy with his work and look forward to collaborating with him on many more projects in the future.'

Martyn Chilvers - Founder, Bluegg


'I could not recommend Antoine more highly! He crafted an artistic logo that perfectly captured the magic of my guesthouse, and the website he built was absolutely stunning. He was always available to answer my questions and make changes and I couldn't believe how quickly he was able to turn my vision into a reality, and the end result exceeded my expectations. If you're looking for a website designer who is both professional and talented, look no further!'

Katherine Hudson - Owner, Wonderland Sussex


'Working with Antoine has been a fantastic experience. He always delivers creative results with little to no revisions needed. He's efficient, responsive and kept us informed every step of the way. We highly recommend him for any project.'

Oli Huh - Operations Executive, Tutor House

WEB DESIGN - James Ellis

Website designed to present the portfolio of a mixed media artist based in the UK. The customer experience was thought through to make it easy to take in the whole body of work while being able to appreciate the small details in the works.

Note: click images to view in full.


I developed the website for this nutrition company. The brief was to create a brand image that would be friendly, trustworthy and engaging while clearly and concisely stating the functioning of this particular nutritional service.

Note: click images to view in full.

WEB DESIGN - Wonderland

This retreat in West Sussex wanted the customers to feel the magic of their beautiful and secluded land while giving a really clear and practical overview of their offering.

Note: click images to view in full.

WEB DESIGN - Ellis & Co

I developed the branding, created physical marketing materials and designed and built the website for this Christmas hampers company. The brief for this brand was classy, slick and luxurious.

Note: click images to view in full.


Koloro is an educational start-up that needed everything to be developed from scratch to be launched from developing the branding to building the website and creating the illustrations for the product.

They wanted the brand to be playful, accessible and colourful as well as putting across their new concept in a clear light.

Note: click images to view in full.

WEB DESIGN - Gaupa Labs

I developed a parallax and designed infographics for this innovative supply chain management company using blockchain technologies to empower businesses and bring transparency to customers.

Note: click images to view in full.

WEB DESIGN - Tutor House

I redesigned the homepage and tutoring pages for this leading UK tutoring company.

They wanted to create a website where their main customers, parents, will feel comfortable and confident. This was achieved through a clean and simple design that delivered their message in a clear and trustworthy manner.

Note: click images to view in full

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