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Anna Bliss – Editor

Editor of critically acclaimed works of narrative nonfiction, memoir, health and wellness, and more—with 20 years of industry experience


My publishing journey began in New York City with internships at Farrar, Straus and Giroux and Entertainment Weekly, followed by a long and lovely apprenticeship at the literary agency Sobel Weber Associates. Yearning to experience life on the “other side of the aisle,” I moved to HarperCollins as an editor, and was thrilled to find myself on the receiving end of submissions and complete manuscripts. There, I worked in a fast-paced environment with authors of every stripe—from celebrated artists and lifestyle gurus to activists, attorneys, and historians—on a broad range of fantastic books.

Subsequently, I pursued a freelance career that allowed me to return to my New England roots while acquiring projects in an at-large capacity for Lyons Press and, most recently, for The Experiment. Working with visionary authors on their extraordinary true stories—most notably Forrest Pritchard’s Gaining Ground and Start Your Farm, Kerstin Lieff’s Letters from Berlin, and Laura Jean Baker’s The Motherhood Affidavits—has been a joy and a privilege.

Additionally, I am a freelance copy editor and proofreader of both fiction and nonfiction. On my bookshelf you will find The Chicago Manual of Style, Words into Type, Strunk and White’s The Elements of Style, Lynne Truss’s Eats, Shoots & Leaves, and a dozen more gems of fine-toothed editing.

Above all, I enjoy collaborating closely with passionate, talented individuals to raise each work to its highest literary potential. Whether you are at the earliest stages with your book project, looking for a final polish, or at any point in between, I would love to help!
Agriculture Biographies & Memoirs Cooking, Food, Wine, & Spirits Health & Wellbeing History Parenting & Families Self-Help & Self-Improvement
English (US)
  • BA, College of Letters, Wesleyan University

Work experience

The Experiment

Jan, 2017 — Present

Evaluate agented submissions; acquire, edit, and manage nonfiction book projects, collaborating closely with the production, art, and marketing & publicity departments to position each book optimally for its intended market.

Globe Pequot Press

Jan, 2011 — Oct, 2014 (over 3 years)

Evaluated agented submissions; acquired and edited biography, memoir, self-help, and cookbooks for the Lyons Press and Skirt imprints of Globe Pequot Press.


Jan, 2008 — Present

Provide a wide range of editing, writing, and consulting services for publishers, writers, and authors. Develop, line-edit, copyedit, and proofread works of adult nonfiction and fiction. Evaluate manuscripts. Develop book proposals. Write pitch letters, jacket copy, and other marketing copy.


Jul, 2004 — Aug, 2007 (about 3 years)

Acquired, launched, edited, and guided through all phases of production and design a broad range of original trade hardcover books, including narrative nonfiction (political, memoir, cultural history), self-help books, cookbooks, illustrated books, and fiction. Maintained author and agent relations. Solicited and evaluated submissions. Restructured, developed, and line-edited manuscripts through multiple drafts. Collaborated with colleagues in publicity and marketing to position each book optimally. Wrote catalog copy, cover copy, and press releases. Prepared trade paperback editions and special limited editions.

Sobel Weber Associates

Oct, 2000 — Jul, 2004 (over 3 years)

Agented artwork, articles, and books by renowned artist and author Ralph Steadman to major book publishers, magazines, newspapers, and producers, nationally and internationally. Edited adult fiction and nonfiction manuscripts, wrote reader’s reports on submissions, met with authors and editors, and presented projects at weekly editorial meetings. Negotiated all book contracts with major trade publishers and work-for-hire agreements between authors and writers. Managed all author accounting and reviewed royalty statements. Assisted in subsidiary rights submissions and sales. Handled permissions requests and copyright reversions. Corresponded with authors and editors.


What if instead of spending your days wishing for better tomorrows, you steadily filled your life with treasured todays?Author and hope giver Anne McOmber shares simple everyday gifts we can all discover for ourselves, no matter how imperfect and unpredictable... read more
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The wild, combative inside story of the most stunning upset in the history of presidential elections: Harry Truman's 1948 victory over Tom Dewey."Outstanding. . . . by far the best yet about the fateful [1948] election." —Minneapolis Star-Tribune"Coherent, com... read more
One of China's most controversial figures, Empress Wu was its first and only female emperor, emerging in the seventh century during the great Tang Dynasty to usher in a golden age. Throughout history, her name has been defamed and her story distorted. But now,... read more
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In The Bush Agenda, Antonia Juhasz exposes a radical corporate globalization agenda that has been refined by leading members and allies of the Bush administration over decades and reached its fullest, most aggressive implementation under George W. Bush—and Bus... read more
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With the publication of The Raw Food Detox Diet, Natalia Rose popularized the concept of “detox dieting.” Her principles for cleansing and revitalizing the body by emphasizing living foods and proper food combinations caught the attention of Doris Choi, person... read more
When Margarete Dos moved with her family to Berlin on the eve of World War II, she and her younger brother were blindly ushered into a generation of Hitler Youth. Like countless citizens under Hitler’s regime, Margarete struggled to understand what was happeni... read more
One fateful day in 1996, after discovering that five freight cars' worth of glittering corn have reaped a tiny profit of $18.16, young Forrest Pritchard vows to save his family's farm. What ensues--through hilarious encounters with all manner of livestock and ... read more
Calling all Earth kids! Meet Zap, a spunky blue alien from the planet Vox Nova. When a stowaway from Earth sneaks onto his spaceship, he makes lots of mistakes. Is the furry creature friendly? Or dangerous? Zots! Quick, grab a pencil to teach Zap about our wor... read more
“Laura Jean Baker has written a beautiful and brave memoir of motherhood and its discontents, which are indistinguishable from its joys. This is a warmly intimate yet intellectually provocative personal document of originality and considerable charm.” —Joyce C... read more
A totally modern, all-purpose handbook for today’s agricultural dreamers—covering the challenges and triumphs of launching any successful farm—from two leading lights in sustainable farming Do you dream of starting your own farm but wonder where to begin? Or d... read more

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Cassy W.

Cassy W.

Dec, 2022

Anna was professional and offered clear, helpful advice. Her feedback on my nonfiction manuscript was thoughtful and direct. She knows how to critique without criticizing. Her suggestions will improve the quality of my final product and she has helped me see where I can strengthen my skills as a storyteller. I enjoyed working with her!
Eri L.

Eri L.

Feb, 2022

I got to work with Anna on the first book I am writing. She has been very accommodating and professional at each step of the way. I would highly recommend her to anyone looking to have a great editor polish their work.
Erin J.

Erin J.

Jun, 2021

I came to Anna with a full finished manuscript. After reading it, she was able to add significant value to what I had written. She helped refine the tone and message through thoughtful constructive feedback. I would definitely hire her again!
Brett L.

Brett L.

May, 2021

I greatly appreciated working with Anna! Her feedback was just what I needed to improve my narrative and help prepare it for publishing. Anna is professional, thoughtful, kind and genuine and I would recommend her to any writer looking to take their manuscript to the next level!
Jody P.

Jody P.

Apr, 2021

Anna brought care, specificity, empathy and intelligence to her evaluation of my manuscript. I recommend her without hesitation!

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