Amy Thomas

Amy Thomas – Editor

An attentive and rigorous editor specializing in nonfiction and academic texts, I have copy edited 75+ books for Routledge.


I have 15 years of experience in academic, indie, and college textbook publishing. I work regularly with international authors providing developmental and copy editing and editorial consultation for nonfiction books and articles. Adept at working with a diversity of styles and voices, I am conversant in a wide range of fields, from cultural and media studies to philosophy and psychology, to anthropology and political science. I love working with academics as well as first-time authors who are driven to change minds and the world—as I know books can do.

Whether you need feedback on overall organization and the development of your text, or help preparing your manuscript to publish and you want to ensure it has that final polish, I offer my expertise. Some of my editorial strengths:

– Flexibility: While maintaining your unique authorial voice, I'll work with you to decide what level of editing is needed. I'll keep my edits light and focus on clarity, if that's what you'd like, or I'll roll my sleeves up and sculpt paragraphs, depending on your needs.

– Formal know-how: I can help you tighten up an article or a book-length manuscript, ensuring coherence, consistency, and flow in each.

– Feedback: Whether it's on the macro level (suggestions on how to better foreground your argument or main themes, perhaps) or on the micro level (punctuation and word choice), I'll offer my suggestions transparently and respectfully and work with you to make sure your writing remains your own and conveys your ideas in the best way.

I can also help with the nuts and bolts of a polished, professional book, including:
- Formatting and layout: I'll bring order to front matter, back matter, headers, footers, tables of contents, and all the rest.
- Style consistency: US or UK punctuation and spelling – I'm fluent in each.
- References and notes: Consistency is key. Over the years in academia and editing for academics, I've worked with them all – APA, Chicago, Harvard, MLA, etc. – and I respect the creative hybrids as well.
Art Buddhism History Philosophy Political Science & Current Affairs Psychology Sociology Writing & Publishing
English (UK) English (US)
  • BA in English and Creative Writing, Dartmouth College
  • MA in Poetry Writing, Boston University
  • PhD in English, University of California, Berkeley

Work experience

Capella University

Jun, 2012 — Present

Writer and editor for the university's external recognition and quality assurance efforts, I create and curate content for high-stakes communications and provide expertise in describing Capella's innovative competency-based education model. I created, maintain, and publish key internal style manuals and a guide for writing marketing copy about competency-based education.

University of Minnesota, Auburn University, Washington College, University of California - Berkeley

Aug, 2005 — Jun, 2012 (almost 7 years)

Designed and taught literature and writing courses: The Romantic Era, Mythologies of Nature (Sustainability Studies), Literary Laughter: A History of Satire.


Jul, 2000 — Present

I offer copy writing, product naming, editorial consultation, copy editing, and proofreading services for corporate, academic, non-profit, and individual clients and am conversant in a wide range of fields. Clients include:
– Routledge, Taylor & Francis, Ashgate academic publishers - I have copyedited over 70 scholarly books in the fields of history, philosophy, literary criticism, cultural studies, political science, international relations, religious studies, and sustainability studies, and I collaborate regularly with international authors and editorial teams
– AVEDA - copy writing and product naming
– Flourish design firm - AVEDA website copy writing and proofreading
– Fusion Hill marketing and design - Optum marketing proofreading
– Milkweed Editions - proofreading novels and creative non-fiction
– Bioversity International - researched and wrote an educational book about agricultural biodiversity
– Individual writers


Jun, 2000 — Jun, 2001 (about 1 year)

I abridged business and management books for online publication.

Bedford/St. Martin's

Jun, 1999 — Jun, 2000 (about 1 year)

Assisted Editor for writing and literature college textbooks.


Western culture is infatuated with the dream of going beyond, even as it is increasingly haunted by the specter of apocalypse: drought, famine, nuclear winter. How did we come to think of the planet and its limits as we do? This book reclaims, redefines, and m... read more
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Globalisation and migration have created a vibrant yet dysphoric world fraught with different, and sometimes competing, practices and discourses. The emergent properties of the modern world inevitably complicate the being, doing, and thinking of Chinese diaspo... read more
Qualitative Inquiry at a Crossroads critically reflects on the ever-changing dynamics of qualitative research in the contemporary moment. We live at a crossroads in which the spaces for critical civic discourse are narrowing, in which traditional political ide... read more
I wrote “Your Vegan Kid” because I remember raising my first child meat- and milk-free in the early 1990s. Since I was new to both - motherhood and plant based lifestyle and information was scarce, it was a big challenge. Nowadays I’m a mother of 3 beautiful, ... read more
The master poet, Leonard Cohen, once counseled listeners to abandon their own masterpiece and sink into the real masterpiece. Personal liberation is your birthright, but it is no small task. By distilling key insights from Jewish mysticism and Buddhism, modern... read more
Increasingly, American businesses are turning to global markets for growth and profitability. While China offers great business potential, its markets have typically been restricted to only the largest corporations, mostly because navigating China's unique bus... read more
"It takes over 500 pounds of physical force to crush a human skull, yet a mere disapproving glance from another can crush a human soul." ©Workaches Do you want to make better sense of the seemingly senseless behaviors that go on at work? Are you tired of feeli... read more
The Art and Science of the Cannabis Sommelier: evaluating flower for total quality control, psychotropic effects, and variety type designation.Interpening is a multilevel mastery certification in evaluating cannabis quality and determining psychotropic effects... read more
Analyzing the political consequences of the most extensive corruption investigation in recent Latin American history, Operação Lava-Jato, Media Leaks and Corruption in Brazil answers two central questions about the contradictory effects news media has on polit... read more
The Failure of Democracy in Iraq studies democratization in post-2003 Iraq, which has so far failed, due mainly to cultural and religious reasons. There are other factors, such as the legacy of the dictatorial regime, exclusionary policies, the problem of stat... read more
The majority of adult learners are looking to attain their desired academic credentials within the shortest amount of time possible. By implementing competency-based programs, learners are accelerated through their designed program or course.The Handbook of Re... read more
Promoting Cultural Sensitivity in Supervision: A Manual for Practitioners provides a roadmap for practicing and experienced supervisors to promote and integrate cultural sensitivity into the core of their work. This book is organized into four seamless, interr... read more
This book examines how children’s and young adult literature addresses and interrogates the legacies of American school desegregation. Such literature narrates not only the famous battles to implement desegregation in the South, in places like Little Rock, Ark... read more
A wonderful fiction debut, Being Esther gives voice to Esther Lustig, an extraordinary woman who has lived a conventional life, in this touching exploration of aging and its accompanied search for meaning.In spare, refreshingly unsentimental prose, Miriam Karm... read more
Written by internationally established scholars of Thomas Moore’s music, poetry, and prose writing, Thomas Moore and Romantic Inspiration is a collection of twelve essays and a timely response to significant new biographical, historiographical and editorial wo... read more
While Romantic-era concepts of childhood nostalgia have been understood as the desire to retrieve the ephemeral mindset of the child, this collection proposes that the emergence of digital media has altered this reflective gesture towards the past. No longer i... read more
The startling central idea behind this study is that the rediscovery of Aristotle's Poetics in the sixteenth century ultimately had a profound impact on almost every aspect of Shakespeare's late plays”their sources, subject matter and thematic concerns. Shakes... read more
In Mystical Theology and Contemporary Spiritual Practice several leading scholars explore key themes within the Christian mystical tradition, contemporary and historical. The overall aim of the book is to demonstrate the relevance of mystical theology to conte... read more
Transnational learning has become a buzz phrase in European policy-making and in multi-national business. Learning from the experiences of others is an idea that captivates practitioners and academics alike due to its simplicity and availability in a world tha... read more
The Early Childhood Education sector around the world is constantly changing, whether because of the unprecedented demand for ECE services globally, accelerated social change, or the introduction of pedagogical and regulatory practices. Based upon empirical in... read more
This collection of essays explores cultural phenomena that are shaping masculine identities in contemporary Spain, asking and striving to answer these compelling questions: what does it mean to be a man in present-day Spain? How has masculinity evolved since F... read more
The Routledge History of Disease draws on innovative scholarship in the history of medicine to explore the challenges involved in writing about health and disease throughout the past and across the globe, presenting a varied range of case studies and perspecti... read more
An Ancient Theory of Religion examines a theory of religion put forward by Euhemerus of Messene (late 4th―early 3rd century BCE) in his lost work Sacred Inscription, and shows not only how and why euhemerism came about but also how it was― and still is―used. B... read more
Changing health-related behavior is for many people a lonely and isolating experience. Individual willpower is often not enough, particularly in addressing addictive behavior, but research increasingly points to the potential of group identity to shape behavio... read more
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Over the last decade, anti-government demonstrations worldwide have brought together individuals and groups that were often assumed unlikely to unite for a common cause due to differences in ideological tendencies. They have particularly highlighted the role o... read more
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Hollywood’s live-action superhero films currently dominate the worldwide box-office, with the characters enjoying more notoriety through their feature film and television depictions than they have ever before. This book argues that this immense popularity reve... read more
In recent years climate change has emerged as an issue of central political importance while the EU has become a major player in international climate change politics. How can a ‘leaderless Europe’ offer leadership in international climate change politics - ev... read more
Contemporary Japanese Architecture presents a clear and comprehensive overview of the historical and cultural framework that informs the work of all Japanese architects, as an introduction to an in-depth investigation of the challenges now occupying the contem... read more
Today’s technologies and economic models won’t settle for a conventional approach to filmmaking. The Strategic Producer: On the Art and Craft of Making Your First Feature combines history, technology, aesthetics, data, decision-making strategies, and time-test... read more

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Dee L.

Dee L.

Nov, 2022

Amy was very professional, attentive to my needs as an author that wants to write a book that also leads to exhibitions and programming, and great at including feedback and suggestions. I would recommend.
Greg T.

Greg T.

Nov, 2021

Amy is very intelligent and knowledgeable. She gave me honest commentary, just what I needed in an editorial assessment. Highly recommended.
Johanna B.

Johanna B.

May, 2021

I enjoyed working with Amy! I was searching for a copy editor for my new book and my wish was to find the best editor there is. I feel that I found what I was looking for! As a foreign English speaker I felt that Amy was able to clarify my text and give it the final touch it needed. I especially appreciated that she had strong attention to detail, she was punctual and it was easy to communicate...
Read more
Louisa J.

Louisa J.

Sep, 2020

I have loved working with Amy. She is professional, and warm. And a total delight to work with. I have gotten excellent feedback on my work, and my writing is so much better for it.
Nona O.

Nona O.

May, 2020

Amy Thomas is a dream editor! English is not my native language, and my text is complicated to begin with. I also wanted it to be close to my way of expression, so when I give presentations, the book and my talking will not be far apart. With her a poetic ear, she suggested synonyms to certain words in the text – that made my ideas much cleared. She cleared my ideas and deepened them by askin...
Read more

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