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Allison Rolls – Web Developer

WordPress web designer and developer for over 15 years. I offer beautiful, easy-to-use sites to showcase you and your work.


I've been designing and building WordPress websites for almost 20 years. I specialize in individual artists, musicians, writers, small businesses and non-profits. I have a couple MAs in literature (English and Irish) so I'm always happy to talk books! Mostly I want to help make your life easier by taking the stress out of getting you up and running on the web.

I'll work with you to design and build a brand new website, or to give a facelift to a tired, sagging, out-of-date site. Together we’ll decide what’s best for you and your marketing efforts.

We’ll start with some “discovery” to nail down the general look and feel of your site design, determine what kinds of features you’ll need, and gather content (text and images) for each section of the site. We’ll talk about what content you’ll want to update regularly and how to make that as easy as possible for you – no matter what your level of comfort with technology. Your site will have a modern design, built on a super-fast WordPress theme, and customized to your taste. Whenever possible (or useful), I'll advise on marketing strategy, design trends, technical SEO, grammar, or other areas where I have experience and expertise.

All my basic websites include an SEO plugin to help optimize the site for search engines, a (free) security plugin, a range of typography choices, a lifetime license for Kadence Pro and Kadence Blocks Pro, basic ADA accessibility compliance, and mobile responsiveness. They also include a blog setup, mailing list opt-ins, and social media integration if desired. Extended services might include an event calendar, logo design, social media covers/graphics, ecommerce, custom layouts for book series info or character detail, etc.

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Jan, 2001 — Present

I am a highly experienced WordPress designer and developer, so I know the platform inside and out. I can custom build whatever features are required into your site: purchase links, mailing list signups, photo or video galleries, blogs, e-commerce, memberships, event calendars, custom content sections, or other advanced features - all with an eye to ensuring that you or your non-technical staff are able to update much of the content without touching any code.


Danny Carnahan - Musician, Teacher, Writer

The project was a WordPress overhaul of an ancient website that we'd been patching up for about a decade. WP offered the perfect platform for showcasing Danny's novels, his articles and reviews, and his production credits, with custom displays for each. A super-fun and satisfying project!

Wes "Scoop" Nisker

Scoop Nisker is a 1970's SF Bay Area radio legend who evolved into a Buddhist teacher, monologist, and author of five books, plus a dvd of his live performances. I worked with him to give his crumbling old website a facelift, and later to highlight the launch of a new edition of his best-selling book. We worked together to turn his archived writings into blog posts, to add audio files to his Radio page, and to create a video gallery, so that his live performances could be accessed all in one place.

Boots & Bowtie

Anne and Mitchell are Americans living in the Netherlands. They love good food and they love walking, so they decided to create a blog to help others discover the delights of rambling around the Benelux region of Europe. The ultimate plan is publish a collection of the best hikes as a guide for European walkers, casual and serious.

Jonathan Dimmock, Concert Artist

I've been working with Jonathan for a decade or so, with several iterations of the website. He is an active concert organist and arts administrator, and always has lots of balls in the air. Even though the content of his website ebbs and flows with his various projects, the core content remains clean and secure, reflecting his personality and creativity. Currently, he's got a performance calendar, bios in several languages, discography, audio samples, photo galleries, and a blog. All underpinned by beautiful photographs.

StirFry Seminars & Consulting

Lee Mun Wah and StirFry Seminars, a diversity training company, hired me about 17 years ago to design some flyers and newsletters. A few years later, I re-designed their website, and have been contracting with them ever since as a de-facto webmaster. Lee Mun Wah is a nationally-known teacher, filmmaker, and poet. (We're currently working on his memoir, River of Jade.) The company website includes a course listings and training resources, e-commerce integration, seminar registration, events calendars, monthly news posts and archives, and more. After March 2020, we pivoted to include much more on-line training and events.

Leaping Deer Books

Steve Deering came to me needing a simple website to showcase his forthcoming memoir about his earlier life and adventures in Thailand. He'd worked with a designer on the book cover and logo, so around that we created a one-page site, with lots of room for expansion as needed. Steve is comfortable doing updates to the text, and is working on the technical SEO as well - not bad for a self-professed technophobe!

Sandy Miranda, Cultural Explorer

This was a redesign for Sandy's site to mark the launch of her memoir Tuning In: A Memoir of Transformation Through the Magic of Radio in 2022. The color palette of the book cover informed the colors for the redesigned site. Sandy is a radio personality and teacher as well as an author, so we built in a number of custom sections to highlight past radio shows, her travel photography, and family recipes. I've also worked with Sandy on creating re-usable press release templates and other print material.

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Debby D.

Debby D.

Sep, 2023

I decided to work with Allison because when I submitted my rather vaguely-worded request, she responded with a list of specific work she proposed, and my reaction was that if I had known how to the right words, it was what my website needed. It was like seeing a doctor with a vague complaint and getting an accurate diagnosis. As we went through the process, she responded quickly to my questions.
Allison R.
Thanks Debby - it was a pleasure working with you and learning about your wonderful books!

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