Allison Goldstein

Allison Goldstein – Editor

Jack-of-all-trades editor specializing in literary fiction and academic work (journal articles, book chapters, dissertations).


I'm a freelance editor who loves fiction most of all but is quite compatible with the work of academics, business owners, and other writerly folk. (I will also write virtually anything for hire; so far I've written magazine articles, marketing copy, blog posts, web bios, romance novels, and more, so just ask!)

I see my clients as partners: we both want to take what you’ve written and make it as concise, clear, creative, and compelling as it can possibly be. That's why I'm happy to work with you at any stage of the writing process. Have an idea that needs more development? I can coach you through character profiles, plot outlining, and finding the direction you want to take your work. Have a first/second/third draft? We can talk about your concerns and get it ready for prime time. I'm invested in helping you succeed, so let's have a conversation about your project and your goals, and I'd love to help you get there.

Quick tidbits about me:
Education: I double-majored at the University of Rochester, graduating Magna Cum Laude with honors in English and Brain & Cognitive Sciences. My English concentration was in Creative Writing.

Publishing Experience: I worked for a global publisher for more than six years in both editorial and marketing roles.

Other Interests: I volunteer as a moderator for my local writing group, Jersey City Writers. I'm also an Olympic Trials Qualifier in the marathon, beginner knitter, and half-decent chocolate chip cookie baker, among other things.
Biographies & Memoirs Humanities & Social Sciences Life Sciences Self-Help & Self-Improvement Sports & Outdoors Writing & Publishing
Literary Fiction
English (US)

Work experience


Aug, 2015 — Present

Ambitious and hard-working writer and editor with a passion for literature and an extensive background in marketing and scientific publishing. Experience working in multiple genres, from marketing copy to fiction, with special expertise in academic editing, including journal articles, book chapters, and graduate dissertations.


Sep, 2008 — Nov, 2014 (about 6 years)

Marketing Manager (Life Sciences): Developed global promotional strategy for Wiley’s collection of life science books, with a focus on the areas of biological life sciences and food science & technology. Assessed book proposals as part of publications committee. Created, executed, and monitored the effectiveness of both traditional and social media campaigns, operating with an independent budget.

Editorial Dept (Neuroscience): Managed Wiley's list of neuroscience journals, coordinating with marketing and production departments to retain and grow institutional subscriptions and attract authorial and editorial talent. Also commissioned three books in neuroscience and liaised with authors throughout publication.


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Robert M.

Robert M.

Oct, 2020

Allison was thorough and very timely. Her assistance with my dissertation was outstanding.
Allison G.
Thanks so much Robert! Congratulations again on finishing such a huge project and, of course, earning your EdD.

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