Alee Anderson

Alee Anderson – Ghostwriter

World-renowned ghostwriter of 35 books and editor of over 950, with past in-house experience at HarperCollins Publishers.


"I consider Alee a godsend!"

—Bob Krulish, When Screams Become Whispers (Morgan James, 2021)

I started working in publishing in 2005 at a small press in Boston. There, I spent my days surrounded by books, digging through the slush pile hoping to find a gem. The thrill of the hunt never left me as I continued my career at Thomas Nelson Publishers in Nashville. There, my love for great content evolved into a passion for discovering new authors, helping them tell their stories, and working to shape their careers. When Thomas Nelson was purchased by HarperCollins, I got to see a different side of the publishing industry—working for one of the Big 5.

Now, as a ghostwriter, I focus on writing non-fiction books and proposals that sell. My clients have been published by Thomas Nelson Publishers, HarperCollins, Hachette, BenBella Books, Simon & Schuster, and more, and are represented by some of the top literary agents in the industry. I love visceral storytelling and live for books that can’t help but change you. Books like A Wolf at the Table by Augusten Burroughs, Educated by Tara Westover, and Where the Crawdads Sing by Delia Owens.

I am especially passionate about working with individuals who are processing grief and trauma. Following my own experience with traumatic loss, I joined The Dinner Party, a worldwide community of 20- and 30-somethings who have each suffered the loss of a parent, partner, child, or close friend. I spent three years as a leader with the organization, which taught me to gently conduct triggering conversations and to carefully extract universal truths from my clients' struggles. Not only does this elevate the narrative, it simultaneously reshapes the individual’s relationship to the pain associated with trauma and loss. In the recent past, I have partnered with clients unpacking sexual abuse, death of a loved one, violent attacks, spiritual warfare, rape, and chronic illness. I am especially moved by clients looking to use their experiences to catalyze systemic change.

I do all this from my lovely, yet wild home in Nashville, Tennessee. My husband, Jimi, and I have three young children, Madeline, Lucas, and Amelia, a cat named Stanley, and two giant black dogs named George and Kevin. I am a genuinely happy person who strives to build safe creative relationships free of judgment. I have found that my overlapping abilities to talk through trauma, write creatively, and meticulously manage processes make me a highly-effective, sought-after partner.

If you are interested in exploring what we can do together, please reach out. I’d be honored to sit with you and dream about how we might use your story to change the world.

A note on fees: I charge $85,000 for a memoir up to 65,000 words and $17,500 for a book proposal.

Biographies & Memoirs Inspirational Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Chick Lit Contemporary Fiction Mystery & Crime
English (US)
  • BFA Writing, Literature and Publishing

Work experience


Nov, 2012 — Present

I write non-fiction, including memoir, self-help, and self-improvement books. I specialize in working with individuals processing grief or trauma, helping clients create art from the ashes of loss.


Jan, 2009 — May, 2015 (over 6 years)

Performed all duties facilitating the publication of trade, reference, and curriculum books. Managed projects to guarantee on-time, simultaneous delivery of print product and e-book. Edited manuscripts in Chicago style.


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Jeff S.

Jeff S.

Feb, 2024

Alee was the clear choice! In the process of making a decision about moving forward with my book I figured my first step should be to connect with some professional writers. I interviewed several on three different platforms. I knew I needed a ghostwriter who was not only a great writer and had great reviews, but someone I connected with and showed a clear interest in the project. Alee stood ou...
Read more
Tessa W.

Tessa W.

Dec, 2023

From day one, Alee was professional, communicative, and great to work with. We connected quickly and she was able to provide much needed guidance and insight into my project. Alee is a talented writer with in-depth knowledge of the publishing industry. I would highly recommend working with Alee - I look forward to working with her again soon!
Alee A.
I am so grateful that we got the chance to work together, Tessa! I can't wait to partner with you again!
Julie M.

Julie M.

Nov, 2023

Alee is an incredibly talented writer and was invaluable in helping me to first distill and then present a complex, winding, and painful story that unfolds over the course of a decade. Without Alee, I would have been overwhelmed at trying to put together an outline to organize my story into a book that is both coherent and compelling. Furthermore, she suggested a structure that alternates each ...
Read more
Alee A.
Julie, thank you so much for your kids words. I have absolutely loved working with you. I can't wait to collaborate again in the near future!
Randi K.

Randi K.

Jun, 2023

What can I say about Alee? Alee has been my everything during our partnership in this endeavor. Alee is wonderfully compassionate, honest, empathetic, and really cares about her clients. Alee has gone above and beyond my expectations, and in the process has become a good friend. My book is about trauma, and this is Alee’s specialty. She took my broken thoughts and memories, and turned them i...
Read more
Alee A.
I am so grateful to you, Randi. I am blessed beyond measure to have gotten the chance to partner with you on Voices Carry. This is just the beginning!
Carolyn L.

Carolyn L.

Jan, 2023

Alee was a true gem! She was able to help my book reach its full potential by supporting my vision and putting up with all my grammar and formatting errors! Every time I thought I couldn't add another paragraph or create another chapter, she gave me the confidence, coaching and mentoring I so desperately needed. Honest communication! Always there when I needed her. Easy to reach. Thank y...
Read more
Alee A.
I am so grateful to have gotten the chance to work with you, Carolyn. YOU are the gem!

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