Adina Edelman

Adina Edelman – Editor

Mining Your Message for Gold: Developmental and Line Editing for Memoir and Fiction


I have worked on over 90 books, both fiction and nonfiction, at various levels of editing. Right now I specialize in memoir and the following fiction genres: literary, historical, middle-grade, and sci-fi/fantasy. I do not take on projects with heavy Christian content or work that has explicit sexual content or excessive cursing (i.e., they show up as often as commas.)

I'm all about mining the message, digging up the gold in every story—not just the grammar issues. I'm passionate about providing you with honest feedback and making the edit a conversation. I go through your book as a reader, leaving first impressions and candid reactions. I'm not the type to "just do a proofread." If your story needs a full-blown edit, I'll tell you.

I love forming strong connections with my authors and supporting them on their book journeys. If you're ready to unearth your gold, reach out for a sample edit!


"Adina did a phenomenal job not only catching the many grammatical mistakes but also pointing out where the story did not flow well or where the dialogue was not believable. I greatly appreciated that when she said some part of the story didn't work, she explained why and provided suggested changes. In addition to her technical and creative skills, what I might have appreciated most was her professionalism and cheery disposition."

—Phillip Wray, author of The Pontcourt Murders

"Adina was a pleasure to work with and knew how to ask the right questions in order to get me to dig deeper and clarify. Truly a master at what she does. I highly recommend Adina for your editing needs."

—Miriam Hendeles, author of Best Foot Forward

"Adina is an absolute professional and was a pleasure to work with! Everything from the creative commentary of the content edit to the nitty gritty of the proofread was done with thoughtfulness and class... I will be looking forward to working with her again in the future."

—Moshe Gersht, author of It's All the Same to Me

Biographies & Memoirs Inspirational Judaism Self-Help & Self-Improvement
Fantasy Historical Fiction Literary Fiction Middle Grade
English (US)

Work experience


Jun, 2020 — Present

Since starting my book editing business in June 2020, I have worked on over 100 books, both fiction and nonfiction, at various levels of editing. I provide services to small publishing companies as well as self-publishing authors. Publishers I have worked with include Gatekeeper Press, Israel Bookshop, Mosaica Press, Menucha Publishers, Damn Gravity, and Ramses House Publishing.

I hold a B.A. in English and creative writing from Southern New Hampshire University (summa cum laude).

Baltimore Review

Sep, 2019 — Present

-Review and evaluate submissions in poetry and fiction for publication.
-Proofread quarterly online issues as well as annual print issues to ensure quality work, support brand mission, and grow readership through the virtual forum.
-Participate in meetings to enhance teamwork and communication and discuss events, regulations, and goals for the journal.

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