Zoe Foster

Zoe Foster – Designer

I’m an illustrator and book designer from Wales. I’m a versatile artist and I’ve worked on Children’s/YA to adult genres.


I’m an illustrator and book designer from Wales with a special interest in literature and folk dress. I’m a versatile artist and I’ve worked on Children’s/YA to adult, including; Historical, Women’s Fiction, Action, Crime, and Thriller. I am particularly skilled at strong author branding on a series as shown in my work on Jodi Taylor, Karen King, and Christina Jones. I worked in-house at an independent commercial and literary publisher, Accent Press, for over a year and have designed over 100 book covers in that time. I've worked with Accent press, Dome Press, and Firefly Press, as well as a number of self-published authors. I've worked on book covers, marketing images and interior illustrations and maps. My favourite genres to work in are women's fiction, YA, and middle-grade fiction.
Comics & Graphic Novels Fantasy Historical Fiction Middle Grade Picture Books Science Fiction Thriller & Suspense Women's Fiction Young Adult

Work experience


Jun, 2017 — Present

I design and illustrated book covers, wraparounds and marketing graphics for a variety of companies and self-published authors.

Accent Press

Apr, 2016 — Jun, 2017 (about 1 year)

I designed and illustrated book covers, wraparounds and marketing graphics for the company.


KIDS ARE VANISIHING IN VICTORIAN LONDON. ONLY TOBY KNOWS WHY.CAN HE SAVE THE CITY BEFORE FALLING VICTIM HIMSELF?After twelve-year-old Toby Carter escapes a brutal workhouse at Christmas, he can’t believe his good fortune. Adopted by a band of travelling perfor... read more
ONE BOY. TWO WORLDS. AN ANCIENT EVIL THAT WANTS THEM BOTH.It’s been a year since thirteen-year-old Toby Thornton found his long-lost family. But already cracks are appearing in his dream life. Forbidden from seeing his magical friends at The Winter Freak Show,... read more
'The Betrothed Sister is like one of its own rich embroideries, cut from the cloth of history and stitched with strange and passionate lives.' Emma Darwin'A beautifully woven tale of an exiled princess’s quest for happiness. Compelling and convincing, the medi... read more
'A wise and lyrical evocation of the lives of women in the aftermath of the Norman Conquest, and high romance in the true sense of the word. A captivating read. -- Sarah Bower, author of The Needle in the Blood and The Book of Love A marriage made in Heaven or... read more
‘Moving, and vastly informative, a real page turner of a historical novel.’ - Fay Weldon The Handfasted Wife is the story of the Norman Conquest from the perspective of Edith (Elditha) Swanneck, Harold’s common-law wife. She is set aside for a political marria... read more
Only One Woman

Christina Jones

Two women, one love story.June 1968. Renza falls head over heels for heartthrob guitarist Scott. But after a romantic summer together they are torn apart when Renza’s family moves away.December 1968. On the night she believes to be her last, Stella meets Scott... read more
Violet Dawn

Alex Hyland

Not My Brother's Keeper

Colette McCormick

A nightmare comes true.Their family turned to stone. Can cousins Lan and Galen figure out how a garage sale-loving troll and a shark-sized catfish help? They better find a way before the sun sets, or all is lost!SPECIAL FEATURES:Included areILLUSTRATIONS-Lavis... read more
What if your imagination could take you anywhere? Literally.Twelve-year-old Simon loves to daydream—a little too much, according to his twin sister Casey, who prefers real-life adventures. She leads the two into their father’s workroom, which is strictly off l... read more
WHEN ALCOHOL MAKES YOU INVISIBLE TO ZOMBIES, A BAR CRAWL COULD SAVE YOUR LIFE.Milo’s fear of everything has held him back for as long as he can remember. He knows university will drag him out of his comfort zone but he has no idea just how uncomfortable he is ... read more
Ribbons in Her Hair

Colette McCormick

The latest sparkling romance from the award-winning author of French Kissing.When Lucy Ashford lands a top job at a leading theatrical agency in London, work mixes with pleasure, as she literally falls into the arms of Hollywood heartthrob Daniel Miller.Handso... read more
One minute life is good and the next it’s over.Ellen has everything to live for, so when her life is cut short by a drunk driver running a red light she is unprepared and so are those that she leaves behind.From the limbo that she now inhabits Ellen can only w... read more
Time For Alice

Tracy Whitwell

To find out what you really want, sometimes you just have to try everything!Alice is pushing 40, and she’s bored. When her husband’s lift home from his blonde secretary turns out to have been something rather more, she wonders what happened to her happily-ever... read more
"Compelling. wasp-tongued and very funny" - Caroline Smailes. Meet Tanz, Geordie actress turned accidental psychic, as she tries to cope with the voices in her head, only to find them leading her towards a crime and into danger...Tanz subsists on wine and cock... read more
Second Helpings is book 2 in the Souper Mum series of contemporary women's fiction for fans of book one Souper mum. This book is best read as part of the series to keep up with the full cast of characters.Exactly eighteen months after her dramatic cook-off aga... read more
“This book will take you on a riveting journey through life’s toughest emotions, with an ending you will yearn to reach.” -- Harry Keeble, Bestselling author of Baby X, Little Victim and Hurting Too Much Who killed Susan Nicholson?Laurel Bowman has started a n... read more
The Soulmate

Debby Holt

A novel about love, loss and starting again.Widower Henry Drummond is marking time, drifting towards retirement, until he accidentally saves a life.His daughter Maddie is at a wedding with the love of her life. But he is the groom and she is not the bride.They... read more
Can love ever be stronger than fate?What if every coincidence was a tiny miracle? What if our life was already mapped out before birth? What if someone had the power to change the path we were destined to follow?Ella hates her new life in London. She misses Sp... read more
What happens when unscrupulous people take technology into their own hands?When fifteen-year-old Stella runs away from home she comes across a group of teenagers living in a hidden camp. They are the Labs- clones secretly made to replace the body parts of the ... read more
A growing up story with a difference, and a startling debut, The Girl Who Cried Wolf shows the tumultuous transition from teenager to young woman and is a story about believing in something, whether love, faith or simply yourself. Anna Winters is beautiful, re... read more
A heartwarming and well-crafted romantic comedy from the author of SITTING PRETTY. PERFECT FOR FANS OF SOPHIE KINSELLA, SAMANTHA TONG and ANNA BELL.SHE WAS SEARCHING FOR HER FAMILY ... But found more than she bargained for!On her mum’s death, sous chef Polly H... read more
Sitting Pretty

April Hardy

Professional pet-sitter Beth believesher Greek boyfriend, Alex is the one. So when he’s offered a job in Dubai, he and Beth marry so they can move there together. But on the day they’re due to fly to their new life, Alex says their marriage was a mistake and e... read more
The Hazards are an upper-middle-class family, and when only son Jonathon proposes to the working-class librarian, Stella, his mother, Joyce, seems adamant he’d be happier with Cordelia, the more suitable girl next door. Stella’s always believed Joyce doesn’t l... read more
From the bestselling author of The Chronicles of St Mary's. The Nothing Girl has grown up…It’s life as usual at Frogmorton Farm – which is to say that events have passed the merely eccentric and are now galloping headlong towards the completely bizarre. Once a... read more
How far would you go to feel safe again?Abandoned as children, Kat and Jamie were inseparable growing up in foster care. But their bond couldn’t protect them forever.From a troubled upbringing to working in a London greasy spoon, Kat’s life has never been easy... read more
A MICHAEL VIOLET THRILLEROn the surface, Michael Violet is a legitimate San Francisco car dealer. But appearances can be deceiving. In reality, he’s a talented pickpocket lifting the keys to the city’s most luxurious cars.He’s kept his criminal life secret fro... read more
Pleasing Mr Pepys

Deborah Swift

'Deb Willet, Elizabeth Pepys’s maid and the object of Samuel Pepys’s attentions, is finally given centre-stage after 350 years, and her tale was worth waiting for. This is exceptional story-telling.' L. C. Tyler‘Laced with emotional intensity and drama, Pleasi... read more
Meet the notorious Folville family, dashing local gentry of ill-repute.1329. With growing rumours of an outlaw terrorising the Leicestershire countryside, the Folvilles are on edge. When one of their servants is attacked, they are determined to assert their po... read more
Love or money, what would you marry for?Once Amber Wynters would have said she’d only ever marry for love, but then her scheming, no good two-timing ex-fiancé, Rod breaks her heart, AND bankrupts her parents. There is no way she’s going to stand by and watch h... read more
Home is where the heart is...Bob and Amy Phillips and their four grown-up children run Lavender Cabs in the small Berkshire market town of Appleford. Everyone is involved. The business has grown – through three generations – into a thriving taxi and garage bus... read more
From the bestselling author of Tickled Pink A summer novella.It’s the summer of 1969, an exciting time of music and fashion, peace and love. However, the Swinging Sixties appear to have by-passed the village of Ashcote. Seventeen-year-old Clemmie is thinking o... read more
Time Travel meets History in this explosive bestselling adventure series.‘So tell me, Dr Maxwell, if the whole of History lay before you … where would you go? What would you like to witness?’ When Madeleine Maxwell is recruited by the St Mary’s Institute of Hi... read more
Jodi Taylor brings all her comic writing skills to this heart-warming tale of self-discovery.Getting a life isn't always easy. And hanging on to it is even harder...Known as “The Nothing Girl” because of her severe stutter and chronically low self-confidence, ... read more
White Silence

Jodi Taylor

*The first instalment in the new, gripping supernatural thriller series from international bestselling author, Jodi Taylor.* "I don't know who I am. I don't know what I am." Elizabeth Cage is a child when she discovers that there are things in this world that ... read more
Time Travel meets History in this explosive bestselling adventure series.‘Because, my dear Max, you dance on the edge of darkness … and I don’t think it would take very much for you to dance my way.’When an old enemy appears out of nowhere with an astonishing ... read more

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Fiona F.

Fiona F.

Apr, 2021

I loved Zoe’s designs and was very happy with the book cover she produced for me. If I had any money I would definitely use her services again. She is a highly competent and sensitive artist.
Tim W.

Tim W.

May, 2019

Zoe is a delight to work with and the cover she produced for me was brilliant. She understood my needs and understands the publishing world and what is required. I have no hesitation in recommending her and I have already engaged her to redo and old cover for me.
Danielle C.

Danielle C.

Mar, 2019

Zoe does amazing design work!! I would have liked to have been kept more in the loop throughout the process, rather than having to contact her to find out what was going on when delays happened, but she did good work and I was extremely happy with the end result.
Chrissie B.

Chrissie B.

Sep, 2018

I can't praise Zoe enough for her attention to detail and her beautiful covers. She is wonderful to work with and I'm glad I found such a skilled designer.
p.d.r. L.

p.d.r. L.

Sep, 2018

Zoe provided me with four choices of cover. She had listened to what I'd told her about the novel and asked for samples of covers I liked. I'd not thought about doing that, but it made sense, and helped Zoe get to grips with what I liked. All four covers were excellent and it was hard to choose. Zoe was happy to make a small colour change and I'm delighted with the result. Zoe was prompt to ...
Read more

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