Yi hui Chang

Yi hui Chang โ€“ Designer

Proficient in both digital and traditional illustration, I excel in crafting a mysterious ambiance (but open to all the styles ๐Ÿ˜Š ).


Hi, Iโ€™m Yihui.

Iโ€™m an illustrator and graphic designer with 4 years experience specializing in illustrations, brand identity systems and marketing materials for web and print.

Through all of my works, my true passion lies in editorial illustration. As a storyteller and illustrator, I deeply understand the symbiotic relationship between words and images. Through sophisticated illustrations, they enhance the immersive experience for readers, allowing them to fully delve into the atmosphere of books and enrich their imagination of the written content.


Iโ€™m good at both digital and traditional illustration (sketch, watercolor, colored pencil...), tending to create a mysterious ambiance, a vintage style and combine the concept graphic design into my illustration. (In my profile, there are some works available for your reference.)


Discussion 1.

Please inform me of your project type (cover, editorial illustration, etc.) and share some visual references for inspiration. Following this, we will discuss and establish the style for your projects

Discussion 2.

After our initial discussion, I will present 2-3 drafts that showcase varied concepts and aesthetic styles, all aligned with the agreed-upon art direction.

Discussion 3.

During the second discussion, you'll select your preferred option and provide feedback. I will then address all feedback and present a modified version.

Discussion 4.

The final design will be presented, and any final adjustments can be discussed.

** The timeline will be determined based on the nature of your project.


If you're seeking to commission artwork that perfectly encapsulates your latest project, feel free to reach out. Whether you have inquiries, concepts, or specific projects in mind, I'm here to engage in discussions.

I'm enthusiastic about collaborating with you to breathe life into your project, so let's embark on the journey of crafting something extraordinary together!

Anthologies Contemporary Fiction Magical Realism Mystery & Crime Plays & Screenplays Short Story
Education & Reference
  • Bachelors Degree in Applied Art (visual design)
  • Masters in Multimedia Publishing (illustration, comics)

Work experience


Sep, 2020 โ€” Present

- Scientific illustration
- Editorial illustration


Sep, 2020 โ€” Present

Created numerous logos and business cards for various clients, ranging from restaurants, marketing consultants, and fashion brands to vintage brands. Also provided illustrations for a bracelet brand and designed biscuit patterns.

247 Visual Art

Sep, 2019 โ€” Aug, 2020 (almost 1 year)

Graphic conceptualization, printed products, and illustrations for various private and government projects. Full management of exhibitions related to 'Black and Blue Cosmos' (covering interactive, installations, illustrations, statues/sculptures). Responsible for space research, staging, contacts, and ensuring the smooth running of exhibitions.

Creative Design Center of Fu Jen University ยท Contract

Mar, 2017 โ€” Jan, 2018 (11 months)

- Poster and banner design
- Operation of laser cutting machines
- Front desk service personnel

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