Warren Layberry

Warren Layberry – Editor

A passionate, intuitive editor who thrives in pursuit of an author's best voice and will work tirelessly on their behalf.


Though freelance work has afforded me diverse experience with all sorts of manuscripts, I am at heart a fiction editor with a deep affinity for crime & mystery, fantasy, and science fiction. I especially enjoy collaborating with first-time authors. Whether working in broad strokes on structural/developmental issues or bearing down on detailed copyediting and fact-checking, I am an editor who tries to inhabit the world of the manuscript in order to bring the writing into sharper focus.

I've worked with a number of traditional publishers in British Columbia, including TouchWood, Brindle & Glass, and Heritage House, and I have been lucky enough to see a number of the titles I've worked on appear on the BC Bestsellers List. There is nothing more gratifying than seeing an author–client of mine succeed and knowing that I have helped play some small part in that success.

When I take on a project, I make every effort to get a sense for the author and their intentions. So many of the subtle ingredients of a manuscript reside with the author that it helps to understand where the author is coming from and what they hope to bring to the table.
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Fantasy Mystery & Crime Science Fiction
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Work experience


Sep, 2011 — Present

Since 2011, I have worked on hundreds of manuscript of all sorts. I have provided everything from proofreading to substantive developmental editing to full-blown ghostwriting. I have worked with unpublished, self-published, and traditionally published authors. For a number of years, FriesenPress was a client of mine; I was one of their early editors, helping to shape many of their best practices still in place today. I've also worked with a number of traditional publishers here on Vancouver Island, including Heritage House, TouchWood, Brindle and Glass, and Rocky Mountain Books, and a number of books I have worked on have found their way onto the BC Bestseller List.


E. J. Hughes (1913–2007) is British Columbia’s best-loved landscape painter. His unashamedly picturesque views of the province are appreciated by art professionals and the public alike.Following the success of his previous volume, E. J. Hughes Paints Vancouver... read more
A young man takes his father to Hawaii, even though he’s been dead for months. An organ player won’t let her newly amputated arm stand in the way of Sunday duties. A grad student decides to take the fate of a homeless man into his own hands. A couple of crimin... read more
The reputation of EJ Hughes in British Columbia is second only to that of Emily Carr. His paintings, collected by every major gallery in our country, fetch more than $1 million at auction. Yet Hughes lived a notoriously private life. Hughes painted scenes from... read more
Summer descends over the picturesque King’s Cove as Darling and Lane’s mutual affection blossoms, but their respite from solving crime is cut short when a British government official arrives in Nelson to compel Darling to return to England for questioning abou... read more
A wedding is on the horizon for Lane Winslow and Inspector Darling. As one of the few Russian speakers in her community, Lane is obliged to act as translator and hostess for Countess Orlova, an elderly Russian woman who has tracked her missing brother to the N... read more
A investigative reporter traces the role of DNA evidence in two groundbreaking murder cases involving young girls killed two decades apart in the same town.In 1977, the industrial town of Port Alberni was shaken by the brutal murder of twelve-year-old Carolyn ... read more
From Idle No More to Black Lives Matter to the Me Too movements and more, one thing is certain: There is a burgeoning collective desire to hear non-dominant voices in subtle, curious, generative ways.The Vancouver-based EMMA Talks speakers’ series amplifies th... read more
Marty, age 57, was given a preliminary diagnosis of ALS by his family doctor. Seven weeks later, the diagnosis was confirmed by a neurologist. Ten months and ten days later, Marty passed away. From day one, Alison, Marty’s spouse of over twenty-five years, kep... read more
In this poetic, poignant memoir, Dene artist and social activist Antoine Mountain paints an unforgettable picture of his journey from residential school to art school—and his path to healing.In 1949, Antoine Mountain was born on the land near Radelie Koe, Fort... read more
pp. x 338, paperback edition
The All Father Paradox

Ian Stuart Sharpe

In 1885, Vancouver Island’s E&N rail service carried coal to smelters and ships, and the towns in the railway’s path prospered as the tracks expanded.Along the E&N celebrates the historic and still-surviving hotels and roadhouses that sprung up near the E&N. W... read more
A collection of humorous essays about Vancouver Island’s unique quirks, from the south end to the north from beloved storyteller, Anny Scoones.Vancouver Island and the Gulf Islands have a reputation for their ineffable charisma, laid-back pace, and distinct gr... read more
Hopheads, rejoice! Take the ultimate beer-lover’s road trip from Victoria, BC’s craft beer capital, to Tofino and Campbell River, visiting craft breweries and brewpubs in between. Your guide? Jon Stott, born and bred in Victoria—and beer enthusiast extraordina... read more
Written with humour and compassion, this is an easy-to-read handbook that has guided over a 150,000 readers through the essential stages of relationship, and helped them respond to the challenges and opportunities inherent in each stage. Chris Moon uses the de... read more
In a world torn apart by economic collapse, Natalie and her husband Richard establish an island of relative safety on a communal farm. Death—by starvation, raiders, and sickness—stalks them daily, and their survival hinges on working together for the common go... read more

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Michael O.

Michael O.

Jul, 2024

Warren has been absolutely amazing to work with. He goes above and beyond and I hope to work with him again soon.
Cassandra K.

Cassandra K.

Apr, 2024

I am in the process of writing my first book. Warren’s advice, editorial notes and guidance has been invaluable to me. I cannot say enough about the quality of his work and his timely responsiveness throughout this process. I would highly recommend him to anyone who asks. Thank you Warren!
Rob F.

Rob F.

Sep, 2023

I worked with Warren for both developmental and copy editing. He was very thorough and offered many recommendations, all of which strengthened the manuscript. Highly recommended.
Joe C.

Joe C.

Dec, 2022

Warren provides great insights and input and my books are certainly much improved having his counsel and expertise. This is the second book that Warren has edited for me and both times I've been extremely pleased with the outcomes. He's thorough and organized and with the style sheets he provides you'll be be in far better shape with Warren editing your book. I recommend Warren's editing servic...
Read more
Michael T.

Michael T.

Nov, 2022

Prompt, professional, good attention to detail.

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